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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #156

Building a dehydrator

I just read your article on building a dehydrator (Issue #143, September/October, 2013). I had one of those round plastic ones and it served me well as long as I didn’t use it too often, but I like the one described in your article. I will perhaps at some point gather the courage to try to make one.

As the materials for the trays were being described, I thought about linen as a possibility.

I think I will try this when I make my own dehydrator. Thanks so much for the information on how to do it!

Susan Earl
St. Denis, Saskatchewan

Wasp traps were a godsend

You were a great God-send in Issue #155 (Sept/Oct 2015) with the article “A tale of two wasp traps” by Ted Kobara. I was getting stung by the ones who invaded my porch too regular. I did as the article pointed out and I got revenge upon them. It seems like a little thing but when one is blindsided by chemicals these days it was great.

Jim Zalewski
Pentwater, Michigan

“Stupid people” article

Your most recent issue of BHM just arrived (Issue #155). I read your “My View” and enjoyed it immensely. What you said is what those that know me have been hearing me say for years. The comments about Greece were right on the money. The statement about the deterioration of our economy, due to the non-producers living off of the producers was dead on. I brought up the subject of the situation in Greece to some local officials, and their comments were, “I don’t see how something in Greece could have any bearing on us here in Arizona.” No comprehension of the now-global economy at all …

… How did the situation with the Gold Beach school band ever work out … ?

Randy R. Westfall
Golden Valley, Arizona

Music is back in Gold Beach. The school district just hired an experienced teacher with a vision to build back the music program. We’re delighted! — Lenie

My library carries BHM

I requested my local library carry BHM. They did! But I can’t stand it; I have to have my own copies! You’re the best!

Lydia Osborne
Valparaiso, Indiana

Thanks for the free subscription

Thank you for the gift subscription last year. Things had been tough already, but then shortly after the magazine subscription began, I fell over a Black Lab and broke my hip and leg which is now held together with a titanium rod.

I can’t ever begin to tell you how much your magazine helped me during my recovery. Seeing it in the mailbox was definitely a cheering bright spot to the day.

Enclosed is my check for renewal. Thank you for your help.


You’re welcome. BHM is happy to provide a one-year subscription to those in temporary economic need. The money for these subscriptions is donated from other readers. Free subscriptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. — Dave


I have been reading Backwoods Home for about seven years. Dave Duffy’s review on how America can be saved from stupid people is right on target. I conduct survival classes on being prepared (free) to those that want to learn. It almost sounds like one of my lectures. Unfortunately, only a small percentage will do anything except a read and toss. Also if John Silveira ever decides to run for President he is guaranteed one vote … mine. I was also impressed with the gee-whiz page on trees. You would think that a PhD in Chemistry from Duke University would have included that knowledge. Last, but certainly not least, was the plan of storing canned goods on the wall. Great idea. Simple. Keeps the first-in/first-out rule a no-brainer. I see it all of the time in the grocery stores’ soup aisle. Why didn’t I think of that? Keep up the good work.

Victor Hundt
Franklin, Tennessee

I love Backwoods Home and am in process of closing/purchasing a German Farm Haus in Texas where we will complete a self-sufficient, almost off-grid home. Read Jackie Clay’s Starting Over book, and am ordering this one [Homesteading Simplified] as an encouragement treat. Lots of 90 degree Learning Curve Jumps (even though I have a Harvard MBA degree in Finance, which has helped somewhat …). In short: “No one ever said we had to do it the regular way.” Backwoods Home is excellent. Have many old, well-loved magazines of yours … with notes from repeat reads. 5-Stars. At least!

Kathryn Charlotte Swiss
Fredericksburg, Texas

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