Issue #20 of Backwoods Home Magazine. March/April, 1993

Issue #20

March/April, 1993

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Cover 20

Note from the publisher


   The new power of the mass media is eroding the freedom of the press

   Smoked turkey, smoked brisket
   Soups and stew for late winter

Original poems:
   Richard Lee Rose
   John Silveira
   June Knight

Book Reviews
   How to find and buy your business in the country
   Secrets of plant propagation
   Hand-taming wild birds

Video reviews:
   SAS Survival Techniques

Person Profile:
   Kurt Saxon’s lessons in survival

   Sunelco — dealers in the sun

Just for kids:
   Help for nature’s nursery



  • Land regulations are making it harder to move to the country

Country life

  • Barn cleaning
  • In praise of the rural post office
  • Recycle those old clothes into a braided rug
  • Farm ethics

Alternative energy

  • Using a “producer gas” generator to create electricity
  • The sensible, integrated photovoltaic energy system

Self sufficiency/Money/Jobs

  • What you should know about gold
  • A chronology of gold in American history
  • Making a living as a writer
  • Using photos to sell your writing
  • Making and selling tire gardens


  • Cleaning and maintaining your firearms


  • High beds and high production…with less work
  • Using hybrids and creating your own varieties
  • Roll your own biofertilizer
  • Hotbeds — an old but still sound method to help you get a jump on the growing season
  • Friendly alternatives for insect and pest control


  • Hamfests — overlooked goldmines for hobbyists an collectors
  • Alternative education — learning in the real world
  • A homeschool assignment

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