Issue #29 of Backwoods Home Magazine. September/October, 1994

Issue #29

September/October, 1994

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Cover 29

Note from the publisher


   Bad laws, good solutions

Periodical Review
   The Caretaker Gazette

   Making sourdough bread
   Old-fashioned desserts

Just for kids:
   Some summertime secrets

Original poems:
   John Silveira


Making a living

  • Here are some home based businesses that are worth trying
  • You have to shovel crap before you learn to be the boss
  • Grow and independent living with a cut flower business
  • Odd-jobbin’ can be a country goldmine
  • PV as a country business? — if you’re a jack-of-all-trades
  • Here’s how to start a part-time, one person mail order business


  • Use your own sawmill to cut lumber prices
  • Here are three ways to build a stanchion

Country living

  • Outlaw wisteria

Self sufficiency

  • A local barter network creates new options
  • Try an ex-military truck for rugged, reliable service
  • Install a remote telephone line


  • Raising goats as a business is a profitable and fun venture


  • Help your children to read by teaching them the phonics basics


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