Issue #3 of Backwoods Home Magazine. February/March, 1990

Issue #3

February/March, 1990

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Cover 3

  • Backwoods computers — Vehicles to independence
  • A third world answer to a backwoods power problem
  • What is the future of solar electricity?
  • From the foundation up — House building is forgiving
  • North Dakota self-reliance is Ted Neumiller’s heritage
  • Making an independent living by caring for children
  • Herbs — an alternative way to health care
  • Framing house walls is a cinch
  • Examining the oat bran studies
  • A first time horse buyer’s guide
  • Find wanter, wire or cable by dowsing with wire coat hangers
  • Kids like the backwoods too!
  • Just for Kids — Making a can telephone, Growing sprouts
  • Letters to the editor
  • As the “Green Revolution” loses credibility, organic gardening makes a comeback
  • A Greenhouse offers advantages for the organic gardener
  • Well water update
  • Backwoods Home recipes
  • Canning meat
  • Is it safe to eat the Fish/Shellfish pulled from out coastal waters?
  • Praise fora once perfect food
  • Ticks and Lyme diseasee — A crippling combination that is difficult to detect
  • House insulation pays and pays and pays and…
  • “Zugwang” — a short story

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