Issue #31 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 1995

Issue #31

January/February, 1995

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Cover 31

Note from the publisher


   James Madison’s warning is more important now than ever

   Write your own curriculum
   Home School: Another Choice
   School Mom (software)
   Safe-Trek Outfitters
   Imprimis (periodical)

    Choosing flavor enhancers to make everyday eating an adventure

Just for kids:
   Hard working worms

Original poems:
   Patricia Soule
   Sophia M.M. Burt
   Robert C. Larson



  • Here’s a simple device to improve rough roads
  • How to make knives and sheaths
  • Here’s how I built a 1000-gallon septic tank
  • Try a gravity flow water system
  • Women and kids build a straw bale wall
  • Make your own tool handles


  • Homeschool your kids using apprenticeships
  • How to earn your college degree outside of the traditional classroom
  • Homeschooling our teenagers in the backwoods was one of the best decisions we have ever made

Country living

  • Driving and keeping your car running in winter
  • Adopting a wild horse
  • How to cope with winter blues
  • When Irish eyes are smiling — a love affair with Kerry-Dexters
  • Cookstove lore
  • Excessive overhang


  • Whether they’re new or historic varieties, some apples just belong in a country garden

Guns and hunting

  • Backwoods firearms


  • Make quick-as-a-flash “winter warm wear”


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