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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixth Year
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Cover 33

Note from the publisher


Newt Gingrich — man of history

Think of it this way


Home brew your own beer
Sandwiches for summer
Herbal vinegars — extra zip in your cooking

Just for kids:
Life on the damp side

Original poems:
Lorne Inglehart
Annie Duffy
John Earl Silveira
Marjorie Burris




  • Here’s one way to build a solar-heated shower
  • Build cheap, temporary shelters for your homestead’s temporary needs
  • Metal framing — no more mildew. termites, rot, fungus, shrinkage, fire or knots
  • Don’t throw away them bricks

Self Sufficiency

  • Here are a few tips on maintaining and diagnosing small engine problems around the homestead
  • Here’s how one couple battled government over an unfair tax assessment — and won
  • Want a fun way to cut those food bills? Grab a rod & reel
  • How to work with brokers, lawyers, title insurance agents when you buy country land

Country living

  • Here’s how to start your own small town theater company
  • Thoughts on a snake
  • A death on the farm
  • City boy, country boy


  • Greens — delicious, nutricious and easy to grow
  • Here are a few handy props for air-drying your herbs
  • Leave space for peppers
  • The headless chicken and the family picnic — what a sight!
  • Raising goats can be profitable


  • The price of self defense


  • Want a different look? Try sponge painting