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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Seventh Year
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Note from the publisher


The new frontier


Think of it this way:
Just how good a bet are those lotto tickets?

Where I live:
Salvaged wood makes a good goat shed

Ayoob on firearms:
My choice for the ideal backwoods gun is the four-inch .44 Magnum handgun

Homesteading on the electronic frontier:
Find information fast on the Internet

Salads for winter
Try these bread recipes that are part of our heritage — and still delicious today
Beans — they may be a poor man’s meat, but they are also a gourmet’s delight

Book Review:
The Ayoob Files




  • Here’s a cold storage house as good as our ancestors built
  • Propane is a multi-purpose fuel, and it has many key advantages

Self Sufficiency

  • You can earn a college degree without ever leaving home, thanks to TVs and computers
  • Our homestead motto: Make-do
  • For this resourceful couple, primitive survival skills are a path to self sufficiency


  • How I’ve started my child in a program of homeschooling

Country living

Making the move

  • When it comes to land contracts — be careful! Here are some critical points to remember


  • The Fuyugaki persimmon — it really is “food for the gods”
  • These are Jacob’s sheep
  • Shiitake muchrooms for food and for cash — you “plant” them by inoculating logs
  • Try these smaller breeds of multi-purpose cattle


  • NASA says these plants will help clean the air in your home
  • The amazing aloe