Issue #45 of Backwoods Home Magazine. May/June, 1997

Issue #45

May/June, 1997

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Note from the publisher


   A news magazine worth reading


Ayoob on firearms:
   The M1A — a rifle that makes a statement
   Here are some answers to often asked questions of anti-gunners

Think of it this way:
   Prohibition: then, now and always

   Greens and rhubarb are spring tonics
   Do you have a good recipe for stir-fried rattlesnake?
   Barbecue — it’s America’s national cuisine

Book Reviews:
   Any Shot You Want: The A-Square Handloading & Rifle Manual
   The Complete Credit Book
   Unintended Consequences

Original Poems:
   Ryan Thornsberry
   Cheryl Denise
   Sheryl Nelms
   Melissa Sullivan



  • If you build your own (legal) house, you’ll have to deal with the permit process
  • Get low-cost, high quality lumber by investing in an inexpensive planer
  • Lay vinyl flooring the foolproof way
  • Build an inexpensive but durable jackleg fence
  • These double-steep half stairs save space


Farm / Garden

  • Try alfalfa for bigger plants
  • Grow sweet Tetsukabuto squash


Country living

  • I found that special somebody, and you can too — with safety
  • Mom’s wash was rainwaterclean
  • There’s still a lot of life left in old trees

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