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Cover 5


  • Editorials – Flag burning, Sobriety checks

Building a home

  • The James T. Hiteman Old Tool Revitalizing Process
  • Build your own ferro-cement water storage tank
  • Recycled materials add flavor to an Oregon home

Alternate energy

  • The Hot Line Solar Collector returns
  • Jack Stewart know solar
  • Wind generator Questions and Answers
  • Use SolaRoll to heat your swimming pool
  • The case for a generator-based electrical system
  • Weaning yourself from a generator


  • Identifying and dealing with poison oak and ivy
  • A botulism update for babies
  • How cities affect the weather
  • The summer it snowed

Country living/Crafts/Cooking

  • Kilroy was here
  • Canning blueberries
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • The “New” Vegetarian cooking
  • Just for Kids — granola and the moon
  • Shanghai — a short story