Issue #53 of Backwoods Home Magazine. September/October, 1998

Issue #53

September/October, 1998

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Cover 53

Note from the publisher


   Do we need a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights?


Ayoob on firearms:
   National junior handgun championships

Think of it this way:
   If we can’t throw out our outmoded Constitution, then let’s have the NBA run the U.S. government

   You must understand venison to be able to cook it successfully
   Whole-grain sourdough recipes
   Have some all natural desserts on a stick
   Try this end-of-summer fare

Original Poems
   Jim Thomas
   John Silveira

Irreverent jokes page


Building / Tools

  • Try this gravel road waterbreak
  • We built our solid rubble road out of the debris of a carwash
  • Build quick and inexpensive slabwood outbuildings
  • Make these inexpensive wood surface clamps
  • Build a simple through-the-wall woodbox

Making a living / Saving money

Farm / Garden

  • The manure heated hot-bed — an old-tyme Yankee jewel
  • For good compost every time, observe these few simple rules

Country living


Independent energy

  • Quiet your noisy generator with an automobile muffler


  • Herb scented candles

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