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Cover 60
Using several Apollo mission views of the Earth available on the internet, and a globe of the world, artist John Dean oriented the planet just so North America could be seen in its entirety, and carefully mapped out this view on canvas while using the color and detail schemes available from the Apollo photos. Placement of the small models of Saturn, Mars, Venus, and a distant galaxy add emotional impact to this dramatic oil painting and make planet Earth an inviting place to the distant viewer.

Places to live

8    The good life on the Big Island   By Skip Thomsen
Do you dream of living inexpensively in a paradise without heating bills, where the people are friendly, the prices are cheap, and the living is easy? Then follow Skip Thomsen for some surprises to The Big Island of Hawaii.


16  &nbspHow big is the solar system   By John Silveira
Just how big is our solar system? John Silveira provides plans fora model that can be used by homeschoolers to see just how vast space is. In it he uses nothing morethan a basketball, some pebbles, and maybe access to a local football field,


41   Medical kits for self-reliant families   By Jackie Clay

To provide for her family, Jackie Clay has designed three medical kits, a large one for home, an intermediate one for long trips, and a small everyday kit for the family’s vehicles

73   The Water System, Part 3: Gold and Silver   By Michael Hackleman
This is the last installment of Michael Hackleman’s three-part series on water. In this issue he explores “demand” and “storage” systems suitable for self-sufficient water systems.

Country Living

39   Reflecting on a life in the woods, and looking ahead   By Marjorie Burris

Farm and Garden

30   Practical livestock for the homestead   By Amelia Porter

Amelia porter considers the most practical beginner’s choices of animals for the new homestead. They include rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, and pigs.


52   Tips and tricks for the kitchen   By Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt lets us peek into his vault of kitchen “tips and tricks” to make the hours we spend in our kitchens more fun and more productive.


62   The greatest American who was never President   By John Silveira


87   Try this simple slow cooker  &nbsp By Robert L. Williams