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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixteenth Year
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7  Editorial:
That old survivalist mumbo jumbo and 10 reasons why it makes sense

76  Ask Jackie:
How long to hang meat?, freezer-burned meat, acidic tomato sauce, squash and spaghetti sauce, horseradish recipe, canning cabbage, dangers of water bath canning, etc.

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63  Ayoob on Firearms:
Firearms: tools of rural living

74  Claire goes to the movies

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Cover 91
This issue’s cover is a watercolor by BHM’s own artist, Don Childers. The theme is appropriate since we have articles in this issue on ice fishing and pickling your catch by Linda Gabris, and two others on bait alternatives by a new writer, Gary Gresh. The only problem we had with the cover was that in the preliminary pencil sketch Don faxed to us, there were three fish laying on the ice next to the hole. In the final version the fish are gone. But notice the dog’s well-fed look. We think we know where they went.


Building and tools

8  The art of chimney building   By David Lee

David Lee says, “An efficient chimney extracts more heat from your firewood.” But the chimneys he designs and builds are not just efficient, they are marvels of beauty and can even enhance the sturdiness of your house.

52  Build a trail   By Claire Wolfe

Claire Wolfe had about half an acre of her property overgrown with blackberries, brambles, and other weeds. What began as a project to just cut a swath so she could harvest more berries turned into an ongoing trail-building adventure that has made once inaccessible land her own little Eden

Alternative energy

35  Build your own solar-powered water pumping station   By Jeffrey Yago

ometimes, because of remoteness, a solar-powered water pump just makes sense. Jeff Yago explains how he designed and installed just such a system and tells you what considerations you should make if you decide to install one yourself.


18  Practical preparedness planning   By Jeffrey Yago

Every family should have preparedness plans to meet life’s uncertainties, whether they are earthquakes, storms, terrorist attacks, or whatever else may befall you. Jeff Yago discusses sensible plans and preparations that may just help you pull through.

26  Catch your own bait   By Gary Gresh

29  The supermarket bait shop   By Gary Gresh

41  Starting over — again, part 2   By Jackie Clay

After moving onto their new land in the dead of winter, Jackie Clay describes how she and her family had to do road maintenance, build a goat barn to protect their animals from predators, lay the foundation for the house, start a garden, put in fruit trees, and a host of other things so they can start life over—again.

72  Walking on thin ice is risky business   By Tom and Joanne O’Toole

90  Killing weeds with boiling water   By Tom Kovach

Food and recipes

61  Pickled fish and rollmops   By Linda Gabris

69  Maple syrup   By Habeeb Salloum

Country living

57  Breaking ice on hard water fishing—a cool introduction to a fun sport   By Linda Gabris

Farm and garden

48  Blueberries: delicious and easy to grow   By Alice Brantley Yeager