Issue #165 cover


This cover by Backwoods Home Magazine’s longtime artist, Don Childers, features a young girl watching a small herd of cows. In the distance, the orchard is beginning to blossom and a patch of wildflowers bloom in front of the house. Spring is here! Later, her parents will milk the cows and she’ll get to play with the newborn calf.

6  Publisher’s Note

7  Editorial:
Fake News and the growing irrelevancy of mass media

49  Ayoob on Firearms:
Economy guns from blue chip makers

57  The Irreverent Joke Page

58 Lenie in the kitchen:
Lemon scones, pound cake, and pie

55 The gee whiz! page

61  Ask Jackie:
Rose hip juice, pickled peppers, elderberry wine, rancid brown rice, wood chips as mulch, etc.

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8  The economics of homesteading
By Patrice Lewis

14  Digging a shallow well
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

36  There’s no such thing as free land!
By Setanta O’Ceillaigh



43  Communications during a grid-down event
By Jeffrey R. Yago


Food and recipes

23  Make vegetable noodles
By Linda Gabris


Farm and garden

19  Growing produce in Zone 0
By Johanna Melchiore

28  A good rooster
By Renee Peek

31  Home-grown eggs
By Allen Easterly

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