Issue #175 cover


In this cover by long-time BHM artist, Don Childers, the rebirth of the print issue is represented by the growing seedling. Like this young tree, Backwoods Home Magazine plans on thriving and growing for many years to come.

6  Publisher’s Note

7  Editorial:
Joint replacement surgery is normally a good choice, except for one nightmare

39  Ask Jackie:
Pressure canning in summer, starting cold generators, getting rid of weeds, canning liver, etc.

51 Ayoob on Firearms:
Takedown guns

58  The Irreverent Joke Page

93  Letters

93  Classified ads

94-96  BHM anthologies & books

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8  Making a successful move to your dream homestead
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

14  Find your country home
By Don Lewis

21  A young couple moves to the country
By Jessie Denning

32  Canning safety: Keep up on the latest recommendations
By Michele Cooper

46  Preserving herbs
By Kristina Seleshanko

65  Cozy, easy-to-knit moccasins
By Gail Butler

68  Roasting coffee on a wood stove
By Lorinda McKinnon

76  Electrical troubleshooting with confidence
By Rick Brannan

84  Living with cougars
By Margaret Mills


Food and recipes

45  Sweet sandwich bread
By Melissa Souza

61  Tourtière: A versatile meat pie
By Jenn Sprague

62  Unique homemade jerky
By Tim Murphy

70  Hearty, healthy grain bowls
By Linda Gabris

86  Cooking with turnips
By Habeeb Salloum


Farm and garden

26  The benefits of garden planning
By Patrice Lewis

35  Build a raised garden with concrete blocks
By Dorothy Ainsworth

38  Toads for the garden
By Tom Kovach

40  Build a top-bar bee hive
By Jereme Zimmerman

56  Raising your own beef
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson


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