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The coming ice age

By John Silveira

Issue #139 • January/February, 2013

I'm putting my apocalyptic ice age novel, Danielle Kidnapped, on Amazon's Kindle and also producing a paperback version on Amazon's website. (See the ad on page 65.) The next two books in the trilogy will be titled Danielle Discovered and Danielle Betrayed. They're about the crash of civilization that follows the onset of the next glacial epoch in the earth's history and a young girl's determination to keep herself, her baby sister, and ultimately the man she falls in love with, alive. In a deeper sense, the novels are about what happens to human dignity and freedom, the kinds of people who will prey on you, and the kinds who will become unlikely heroes in the face of catastrophe.

"An ice age?" you ask. (I can hear you laughing.) "It's global warming, John! Ask Al Gore."

But here's a piece of news Al Gore isn't going to tell you, nor are a great many liberal academics or media people: We have been in an ice age for the last 2.58 million years — and it's not over yet. The only reason we're not up to our ears in ice, right now, is because we're in an interglacial epoch—a warming period between glaciations—and unless the ice age is actually over, another glacial epoch is coming. When? No one knows. It could start this year or it could start 10,000 years from now, and when it happens it's going to come on fast, and it won't be pretty.

Is global warming real?

The global warming advocates (most of whom are unaware that we're in an ice age) are fond of saying, "The science of global warming is settled." The fact is, like the Theory of Relativity, quantum mechanics, evolution, and anything else that's meaningful in science, global warming is a theory. Theories are never "settled." But the trouble with the theory of global warming is that, as it currently stands, it has less scientific footing than those other theories. But that's not the way the politicians, bureaucrats, and capitalists who intend to cash in on it present it. They present it as virtual certainty which, someday, it will be, no matter what we do, but they don't really know. The fact is, there's too little data to determine if the earth's in a long-term warming trend or if any warming that may be being detected is just part of the regular cyclic hot-and-cold weather that's been occurring for the last 10,000 years, i.e., when the last glacial epoch ended, or if the ice age itself is ending.

So, to my way of thinking, there are only two takes on today's climate. On the one hand, if the ice age is finally ending, the earth is going to warm up no matter what we do. Period. The glaciers atop Greenland and Antarctica are going to melt as the planet reverts to the warmer climate that existed for tens of millions of years before the current ice age began. We could shut off all our factories, stop all our burning of fossil fuels, and even stop breathing and we won't — and can't — stop the warming period that's going to follow this ice age.

On the other hand, if the ice age isn't over and there's another glacial epoch coming — and there have been more than a dozen during this ice age — we'd better pray that all the CO2 we've been pumping into the atmosphere can stop it because that may be the only thing that saves most, if not all, of humanity.

What will happen if an ice age begins?

The scientific evidence indicates that when a glacial epoch begins or ends, it will be obvious in just a few short years. At the beginning of the last glaciation, the British Isles apparently went from a climate much like today's to being buried under 100 feet of ice in two decades. Soon after, much of North America and Europe were under as much as two miles of ice. That includes almost all of Canada and much of the northern United States. Worse, in even earlier ice ages, the earth got so cold that the entire planet was one huge snowball, i.e., there were glaciers from the poles to the equator. Could that happen again? The future is all theory. My own guess, based on things too detailed to go into here, is that the next glaciation will not cover the entire planet. But just covering most of North America and Europe, and much of Asia, is going to bring changes you're not going to like.

The liberals are right about one thing: Climate change is coming and the earth is about to either get warmer or colder, but it's going to happen no matter what we do. It always has; it always will.

So, lay in food, guns, and medical supplies, and make sure you wear a sweater because I think the glaciers are coming, again. And read the Danielle trilogy. It may give you a hint of how desperate things may get.

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