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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Another round of thanks

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Speaking of Amazon (as unfortunately we were earlier today), I owe another round of thanks!

  • For the DVD of one of my old faves, Lagaan, another thank you to the ever-generous Anonymous.
  • And I’ll enjoy stevia-sweetened ketchup for a long time to come thanks to RB.
  • “Mmmmmm!” say the dogs. “Peanut butter-flavored rawhides. Woof-woof, MC!”
  • And JG & Family … that cool collapsible steel cup is going straight into my bug-out bag as soon as it’s finished complementing my Christmas tree.

I had to close my Amazon wish list and will never be able to use it again. But you have been incredible Santas.

A few gifts are still on their way, so I’ll have yet more thanks to give.

I’m starting to get quite worried about two items. So if you’re the so-far secret Santa who bought either the Bainbridge fireplace or the Energizer starter-compressor-inverter thingie, I hope you’ve been tracking the shipments and know where they are. If you haven’t, please check, because they are among the missing.


I also need to add: Despite my recent bad experience with the Amazon Associates program, I’ve never known Amazon to treat a customer badly. And they do have some of the best prices anywhere. So I hope you’ll continue using my regular Amazon links for your shopping.

(UPDATE: I still don’t know and probably never will, why Amazon is flagging some orders as ineligible for commissions. But if you have ever sent anything to me from my wish list, it might be best not to use any of my Amazon links until I can get a better handle on what’s happening. Their rep assures me that my account isn’t in danger from these mysteriously “flagged” orders; but since I’ve heard otherwise I’m not believing it unless I have better info.)

3 Responses to “Another round of thanks”

  1. Don Says:

    Claire, I don’t know where else to send you this so I’ll do it here. I just got back into Joel’s site. Even using your link, it hasn’t updated for several days. Refreshing didn’t work for me. I didn’t see your suggestion until today, and had already tried it myself. Thanks for trying to help.

    I’m a BHM subscriber and found you here. I read through the archives and found Joel from there. Both blogs are excellent, thank you.

  2. Claire Says:

    Don, I wish I had some help. Reloading the page works for me. The only other thing I can think of is perhaps clearing browser cache, then revisiting Joel’s page afterwards.

    He had some awful news last night and this morning. Which I’ve just blogged. So I hope you can go directly to his blog via those links.

    Thank you for your great compliment. I do my best, and I agree Joel’s blog is wonderful in its wit, desert wisdom, and sometimes its terrible honesty.

  3. Claire Says:

    Okay, Amazon has now deepened the mystery. Worried about those two items and nobody speaking up about them, I called customer service (which, for customers, actually is service).

    Purchasers: You can rest assured that Amazon is good at protecting your security. They refused to tell me anything — except that yes, the items were bought from my wish list — but they were not shipped directly to me.

    The nice rep, Mary Pat, said this usually happens because people want to wrap the presents and deliver them in person. But that’s pretty strange in this case.

    Sweet Mary Pat wouldn’t even tell me if the items ever reached anybody’s address. So all I can do is go on wondering. And thank the Santas for the added Christmas suspense if/when the items come down the chimney.

    I’ll quit worrying about it now.

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