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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

My BHM gun-hiding article is online

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

currentcover140Nobody ever tells me these things. I hadda find out from Ragnar’s Freedom Outlaw F*c*b**k page.

Anyhow, my cover story from the current issue of BHM, “Hiding a gun: The rule of threes,” is online.


Also, Ragnar praises new-made Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence — not just for her acting, which is outstanding, but for her Capital-A Attitude. Amen, Ragnar! Lawrence always comes across as a regular person with a great sense of humor and wacky wit. Likes guns, too. And doesn’t like PETA. And jeez, she’s Katniss Everdeen. How much more perfect can an actress be?

23 Responses to “My BHM gun-hiding article is online”

  1. Bear Says:

    Wish I’d known the complete article would be online. I’d have settled for that (or a PDF).

  2. Claire Says:

    Bear — They literally never do tell what articles are going to go online. In fact, I’d guess that they don’t even decide what they’ll put online until the last minute. Anyhow, thank you for the photos! And isn’t it nice to have a paper copy of the issue, in any case?

  3. Bear Says:

    I wasn’t blaming you, Claire. Just saying they could’ve saved the postage. Hard copy can be OK, but… heck, the vast majority of my library isn’t hard copy anymore (“survival” and craft stuff being the main exception- I hate dragging the Kindle out to the forge and anvil). I don’t even have hard copies of some of my own books. I even started digitizing some of my older work last year to be more “permanent”, travel being hard on paper.*

    In this case, it was just one photo; and since I’d read the draft, I was most interested in seeing which photo you used.

    * Actually, for several of those, I just had to look up the digitized and pirated articles already on the ‘Net. -sigh-

  4. Kent McManigal Says:

    Related only tangentially, because of its origins in BHM, I wanted to say I watched “Safety Not Guaranteed” last night and I enjoyed it a lot.

    OK. Back to important stuff. ;)

  5. jed Says:

    Nice job, Claire. In particular, now that I know the proper name for that anti-rust paper, maybe I can buy some, without having to buy a big roll of it. Hmmm, Amazon search turns up sheets, but still in case quantities. Well, there’s Zerust squares. Might have to see about a group buy on a box of small sheets.

  6. Claire Says:

    Oh, I should also note (should have noted in the original blog post) that this is an article that absolutely couldn’t have been written without you guys. There’s a credit at the end of the article, but just in case you don’t get that far, some of you will recognize your contributions.

  7. IndividualAudienceMember Says:

    Jennifer Lawrence, And Likes guns, too. And doesn’t like PETA.

    Wow. Not a common jewel. Like just a few I know, …and know of.

    And there’s this too, “And what are Lawrence’s future plans? She is “thinking about buying a house. And a big dog. And a shotgun.””

    It’s just refreshingly shocking to read about People like that, especially from Hollywood, I thought almost all of them were braindead.

    Tell me agian why harems are illegal? Was it because King Soloman waged war? Sorry, I digress.

  8. David Says:

    Didn’t you do an article along time back about a guy that buried a gun
    and tried to find it a year or two later and all his ladmarks were either
    not there or had grown? I think I remember it took a week or two till he
    found it.

  9. David Says:

    Sorry I replied before I read the article.

  10. Pre-press veteran Says:

    I’ve been wondering – IF they ever do find the money, manpower & time to create a database of the last 20 years worth of 4473 forms to collect the serial numbers of all those guns sold with the people who bought them… (and I think they’re going to run out of people to borrow money from before then – OH and don’t forget about typos during data entry)…

    won’t we want to start some kind of “trade” process? Not a sale… I’ll trade you this Henry for that Remington kind of thing? Or start playing poker betting our guns? Something along that line?


  11. Jim B. Says:


    I’d be up for that. I’ll raise you 10 BMG rounds. : D

  12. Steve in Colorado Says:

    Great article. It would be good to discuss ammo storage also. I have to admit that most of what I know is based on hearsay and not facts. I understand the reliable life of the current non-corrosive primers is 20 years. After that you’ll get more and double strikes, hang fires and other issues. I had heard that the commies stuck with corrosive primers since they had a 100 year shelf life. If so a Mosin Nagant rifle or two along with a spam can of ammo would make a good stash. They are reliable, reasonably accurate and rugged. They’re still cheap.

    I live in a fairly dry state with lots of old mining sites in the mountains, mostly on public land. Those sites would be great to hide since they are full of of the metal scrapped equipment. You’d just have to make sure that it wouldn’t be in an area that would be of interest to rock collectors or state employees closing open mine shafts. Those are the two sorts of people who would be digging there.

  13. Bear Says:

    @Pre-press veteran: “I’ve been wondering – IF they ever do find the money, manpower & time to create a database of the last 20 years worth of 4473…”

    Don’t have to. They’ve been collecting that data for many, many years. They used to claim it was OK because they weren’t inputting it into a computerized database, just scanning and digitizing it, but I think they stopped pretending that, too. And the FBI was saving the NICS check data.

    “and don’t forget about typos during data entry…”

    The ATF already has an answer to that: Their databases are 100% perfect (they even produced training materials to coach agents to make that claim in court for the NFA registry… at the same time they ran a program to correct database errors). Therefore, any typo isn’t a typo and the accused is a liar… if he survives the no-knock ATF/SWAT raid.

    Ever wonder why the feds are so opposed to “cop killer” bullets “designed to penetrate LEO body armor” when their criminal use is statistically non-existent? It’s the future use they’re worried about.

    It’s worse than you think it might be, and it has been for a long time. Thanks for noticing.

    @Steve in Colorado: “I understand the reliable life of the current non-corrosive primers is 20 years.”

    So I hear. But I’ve shot up many a round of old, non-corrosive surplus with nary a misfire. I’ve never seen a real test or chemical analysis on old primers; if anyone has a link, please share. Storage conditions make a difference, of course. I wouldn’t recommend that you pile your ammo beside the woodstove for years. I’ve seen some anecdotal reports of tests with ammo that was kept in vehicles for years; it looked like the constant vibration broke up powder grains and affected burn speed, but not enough to cause malfs (and nothing that seemed to affect primers).


    How do I check and see if I am getting a subsription to ”Back Wood Home

  15. Bear Says:

    @Walter Bedlien: “How do I check and see if I am getting a subsription to ”Back Wood Home

    Check your mailbox?

    Or ask Heather Adams ( ) ?

  16. Historian Says:

    primers are affected by temperature, humidity, and petroleum. Powder the same; keep ammo cool, dry, and away from penetrating lubricants.

  17. pdxr13 Says:

    Meaning, UNLOAD YOUR WEAPON BEFORE SPRAYING WITH LUBE. Hand wipe each round clean before re-loading in wiped weapon.

    Rotate carry ammo out regularly (even though it costs more than FMJ), and get to the range on a regular basis so your fingers don’t forget how the weapon works. Rifles, too.

    Save your brass, even if you don’t reload. It’s almost money.

  18. Woody Says:

    More progress on 3D printed AR receiver.

  19. LarryA Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in a formal gown flip the bird.

  20. David Says:

    @ Steve in Colorado
    If not to personal what part of Colorado?
    might be good to know some like minded people.

  21. Pre-press veteran Says:

    Bear: I’ve noticed for some time. But while I keep the reality of what is possible (and just how awful it it) in the “active file drawer” in my brain… the possible still isn’t the here & now, at least where I live. I don’t have to let it be my reality… until it is.

    Meanwhile, hon… there is life to be lived, and lots to do (and learn, for me)… to feel like I’m even close to “ready” for the day the possible becomes reality.

    I’m too old to play soldier – but I gotta tell ya – I certainly am feeling a little better about my odds, after learning some more about strategy and tactics.

    This week’s media hoo-hah, looks to be indicating that worm might be turning on the relationship between our fearless leader and the media. Maybe. We’ll just have to wait & see… but wouldn’t that be entertaining for a change?

  22. Scott Says:

    Great article, Claire. Sort of related-years ago, I built a time capsule as part of a college project-I used a inner capsule of ordinary schedule 40 PVC pipe/cap/cleanout plug(4″, I think), and an old stainless steel filter container from an old industrial water softener. Imagine a cigar tube six inches in diameter and about three feet long, and you pretty much have the picture. Since water was designed to flow through it, I used brass plugs with Teflon tape to seal up the water inlet/outlet. Total cost? My time, a can of PVC primer, and cement. It’s still there as far as I know…

  23. Bear Says:

    @: Pre-press veteran“This week’s media hoo-hah, looks to be indicating that worm might be turning on the relationship between our fearless leader and the media.”

    Media hoo-hah? Which one? The media ignoring lies and dead victims, or getting angry because they didn’t get to interview Tiger Woods with Obama? Woodward throwing a tantrum, then admitting the “threat” never happened, as pretty much all but two or three other reporters in the world excoriated Woodward for even the little he said?

    The “reality” isn’t merely possible; it’s happening and has been for many years. Maybe it hasn’t directly affected you yet. Maybe they won’t come for you.

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