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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Arts and Aesthetics’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Anybody have any idea …?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

… what these are? Or more pertinently, how they were originally used?

They’re tin and appear to be of a kind and vintage with old stamped metal ceilings. I picked up a baggie full of them at a thrift store yesterday for $1.50 and despite what I said about using only items already on hand, I think they’ll have a place in my funky table project. I see gold spray paint in their future.

But I’m curious about their history and purpose.



Claire Wolfe

Basketweaving, leather tooling, drugs and other therapies for staying sane

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Ah, the good old days at the Funny Farm. But that’s another story. No basketweaving, these days. No therapeutic leather tooling. No drugs (damn)! But I did spend this weekend on other mental-health therapies.

To wit …

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Claire Wolfe

Circular rainbows! Oh my!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

So I was sitting at a window eating lunch when I looked up and saw … what? A horizontal rainbow???


Yes. A rainbow streaking in a level line across the southern sky. But when I got my camera and went to take a picture of it, I discovered I hadn’t seen anything yet.

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Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, June 20th, 2014

That fascinating musical group Ok Go (they of the mind-bendingly geeky videos and the slightly forgettable music) have done it again. They’ve released their first new video in several years. Despite its sad dearth of dogs, this maze of optical illusions done in their standard one-shot (or so they make it appear) technique is still pretty awesome.

Claire Wolfe

Floor Score!

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

I scored surplus hardwood plank flooring from an out-of-work contractor.


This is real, 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring. Not laminate. Not “engineered” hardwood, but the real deal. Ain’t it pretty?

I’ve just laid pieces down on the floor to get an idea of what I might do, so don’t get all bothered yet about things like “wrong” lengths or placement.

I’ve got 2.5 boxes of 2-1/4″ width oak, two boxes of 3-1/4″ width oak and just under two boxes of 4″ Lyptus (a hybrid eucalyptus, plantation-grown in Brazil; sustainable and all that). So I have to get a little creative about how I put it all together. I’ve been messing around with possible layouts.


The two widths of oak work perfectly together. They’re the same brand. I just have to make sure my design doesn’t run me out of one plank width before the other. The Lyptus is more problematic. It’s a different brand and while the oak tongues fit fine into the Lyptus grooves, the Lyptus tongues don’t quiiiiiiiite fit into the oak’s groves. So most likely I’ll end up with a simple Lyptus border and an oak middle to minimize tongue trimming and cussing over fit problems.

This is for an entryway, only 85 square feet. I have about 120 square feet o’ stuff, so should have plenty of flexibility in working out the puzzle.

I had to “cheat” a bit and buy one box of the oak at full retail at a floor store to have enough of both widths. Even so, we’re talking less than $1.70 a square foot overall. Normal is $6-$10 a foot for these materials. Of course the installed cost, figuring wastage, nails, etc. will be closer to $2.50 per square foot, but I won’t complain about that!

Now I have to figure out how to do blind nailing. (And yes, I know there are special gadgets for that, but this is such a small space I doubt it would be worth making two trips to the Big City to rent and return one.)

Anyhow, cool, eh?

Claire Wolfe

Evidence that the small-house movement has gotten just too, too trendy

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Five tiny houses currently for sale. Starting at a “mere” $145k and ending at a tres reasonable $1 million. Get ‘em while you can. ;-)

Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014
  • Apparently neither the Fourth nor the Second Amendment apply when it’s for your own good. (H/T PB from comments.)
  • The real problem, of course, would be solved by getting rid of government schools and all their rigid one-size-fits-allism. Still, this short video is an interesting analysis of what’s being done to boys. And to society’s future. (H/T MJR)
  • Related to the story Gunny alerted us to the other day, the intended target in that Texas case has been ordered to recant her statements to the press. As a condition of parole. Can you spell “First amendment abuse”?
  • What if female bodies in classical paintings were photoshopped as they are in modern ads? Ugh! (Amusing, but still ugh. Also: naked lady alert. But it’s okay because it’s Art.)
  • So you think nobody’s manipulating the metals markets? Here’s a known case where Barclays (remember them from the Libor manipulation scandal?) deliberately screwed with the gold market to cheat one of their own customers out of $3.9 million. Braaaazen.
  • Oh, so that’s what that new “trigger warning” BS is all about. Been hearing that phrase and wondered if it was some new antigunnery. Nope. Just more politically correct, infantilizing silliness from the crowd who believes their widdle feewings should never be hurt. No doubt, though, that anything more dangerous than a plastic spork will “trigger” some poor soul’s hysteria.
  • What Americans are really afraid of. Hint: It’s not terrorism. Anybody else notice that four of the top five and five of the top eight basically amount to the same thing? Or are at least as closely related as the Dionne Quints?
Claire Wolfe


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

And while we’re at the cool little houses, how about some funky treehouses? Including a few you can rent for the night?

(Tip o hat to ML for the creativity and the smiles.)

Claire Wolfe

$20,000 houses

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

From the Rural Studio at Auburn University.

Claire Wolfe

Passions (and the avoidance of)

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

This is going to be another of those disjointed, self-revelatory, “pondering the meaning of life” things I’m compelled to post once in a while. If you don’t like those, don’t click on the “more” link. I’ll be back with something more “lite” soon enough.

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Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
  • As you suffer through your taxes (or their aftermath), be of good cheer. You have much less chance of being audited than you’ve had in years.
  • Church in a wealthy community installs a “homeless Jesus” sculpture. Woman reports the bum to cops.
  • Notice to thieves: It’s not a good idea to burglarize the Pena household.
  • In many places this would not be news. In darkest blue, gun-loathing New Jersey, it’s a bigger miracle than seeing Jesus’ face in a tortilla. (H/T jw)
  • I think some school officials are going to be in trouble over this Sure hope so. (PT, who sent this, said she was reminded of Tonio Carolina from Hardyville. Yeah, me, too!)
  • Bet you didn’t know that Jim Bovard did stand-up comedy. But he pretty much did that at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum. Little rough in the first few minutes. Gets better as it goes.
Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
  • Beaded guns. Yes, very, very weird.
  • Cops in Hawaii assert that they really, really, really need that law that allows them, and only them, to have sex with prostitutes.
  • So what exactly did Erdogan think would happen when he tried to ban Twitter? Didn’t somebody say something about “can’t stop the signal”?
  • I see the point. Larry Page would rather leave his billions to Elon Musk than to charity.
  • Dog names (per jed in comments). Belladonna Squishypup. Definitely beats Maggie. Or Max.
  • Okay, now I’ve gotten some fabulous deals at garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, rummage sales, or jumble sales as this article prefers to call them. But I must admit I’ve never just picked up some random little item for … $14,000??? Fourteen thousand dollars? At a junk sale? Are you kidding me? Still, if that’s your idea of a bargain, well, in this case, you’re amazingly correct.


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