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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Guns and Gun Rights’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Midweek links

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
  • “Why Linkedin will make you hate Microsoft.” Wait. What? You don’t already hate Microsoft? But seriously, if they really do what this NYT article says they’re planning, we’re talking whole new levels.
  • Wow. Beer can, mama bear, and don’t-forget-the-dog save a woman during a long ordeal. But note what she really wishes she hadn’t left at home.
  • Have you ever sensed that, the great All-Powerful Fact-Checker of the Intertubz, sometimes needs fact-checking itself — particularly on political issues? Turns our you’re quite right. Look who’s providing those political “facts”. Makes me sad. Snopes has been a valuable resource and this is slowly destroying their credibility. (H/T OdS)
  • Oh, the poo, poo widdle antigun politician. And of course he merely joins the ranks of fellow hypocrites. (That second article is actually about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the Clintons turning the White House into “a brothel.” Quite gross, really. It mentions Hillary’s fondness for firearms only in passing.)
  • And speaking of non-hypocrites: history’s top-10 snipers. (H/T DA)
  • And Nicki gives it good and hard to an antigun ignoramus.
  • Registering women for the draft? Sigh. I suppose it was only a matter of time. But if we must have the sort of bogus “equality” that puts women into combat, could we at least do away with the kind of bogus inequality that makes any young people, let alone all of them, slaves eligible for government disposal?
  • Wendy McElroy’s new book on ending rape-culture hysteria is finally out in print. Was only an ebook until now.
  • I know these rainbow #shootback posters (Gadsden style!) are old news now in Internet time since Shel put them into comments last week. But they are sooooo beautiful. And so much wiser and more honest than the O-admin’s craven claim that censoring 911 transcripts from the latest murder-for-Mohammed was done “for the victims”.
Claire Wolfe

Gun-rights restoration when the cops don’t agree and the feds are sloppy record-keepers

Friday, June 17th, 2016

I have a friend who’s a big, bad felon. You know, one of those eeeevil villains who’s not fit to own a firearm (Unlike Florida jihadi Omar Mateen, who was vetted multiple times by the FBI, found totally a-okay, and breezed through the NICS background check).

My friend’s felony record still stands, but in the state where he now lives (not the one where he committed his savage depredations), he discovered he was eligible to have his rights restored. He went to court and he became a “real” citizen again.

He was raised around firearms and always enjoyed them. Being a serious freedomista he also understands the connection between guns and liberty. So on both counts he was delighted at the prospect of purchasing his first pistol.

Court order in hand (and having waited sufficient time for the order to make its way all the way through the system), he went into a gun store for the very first time in his life. He had a great time checking out various sidearms before settling on a big Glock. Filled out the application. Looked forward to taking his purchase home.

Denied. “Red bar bigger than the gun,” he told me. Heartbreaking.

But it gets worse. A week later, state police showed up on his doorstep on a Sunday afternoon, threatening to arrest him — now or at any time. Yes, now or at any time. Either the state police or the feds can do the honors now that he — this vicious felon — has dared tried to buy a gun.

“Talk about entrapment by estoppel,” he sighs. “This is text book.”

The state cops knew about the court order. They had a copy. But tough luck.

His lawyer says the law is on his side. Even the district attorney says the law is on his side. Both have written letters to the state police confirming that. But the state police will do nothing to clear him through NICS — while being perfectly willing to arrest him now that NICS has wrongly said no.

He says, “I read something about 78k denials for felonies last year (I think), and wonder how many of them are folks like me who spent thousands to get pardons, expungements, restorations at the state level, only to have the feds still deny because they just don’t update their records. According to this USA Today story
there is no working appeals process, so once you’re in [the NICS system as a prohibited person] you’re in.”

Now he either faces a long, expensive legal battle, which he may not win, or a lifelong ban coupled with threats to his safety and his freedom.

His state doesn’t allow private sales, and even if it did he wouldn’t take the risk now that the cops are watching him.

I’m writing to ask if anyone has any experience with something like this. I’m pretty sure my friend will come in, answer questions and otherwise participate in discussion on this.

Oh. And about that eeeeeevil, deadly felony that makes him totally unfit to protect his home or go plinking at a quarry? Thirty-plus years ago he was convicted of possessing $40 worth of crank and $3 of cocaine.

“Yup,” he says, “$43, I didn’t forget the zeroes, weren’t any. Never been a violent person, either.

“I’d like to find out whether I’m alone or if others suffer the same fate, and if so to bring some light to it. It would feel like I helped if we can prevent someone else from falling into the same trap.”

Claire Wolfe

This might be a good time …

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

… to invite your gay, lesbian, bi-, and trans- friends to the range.

Or tell them about The Pink Pistols if they live near a chapter or someplace where a chapter could start up.

UPDATE: Or better yet, from Brad R. in comments sign up to give free training.


This weekend’s foul murderer seems almost custom-designed to fit everybody’s hysteria agenda.

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Claire Wolfe

Creepy little jihadi mass-murders gays while media aims at innocent gun owners

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

I hadn’t heard the news when I posted earlier. Fifty killed and 53 wounded last night at a gay nightclub in Orlando. I probably wouldn’t have let that links post go live if I’d known, but there it is.

The NYT, in an article I won’t link to, tried to spin the slaughter as some “confluence” of terrorism and a strictly American phenomenon of mass shootings. (Has the NYT not read any news from Europe or Africa the last few years?)

But even the Times, in an article loaded with scary gun photos, admits that mass murderers usually pass background checks — while nevertheless giving off abundant signs of their evil nature and evil intentions.

The latest creep is no exception. Heck, this guy was even some sort of “security” official and a wannabe cop. But also a wife-beater, a vocal racist and homophobe, a target of an FBI investigation, and a past honoree of the TSA’s no-fly list. And somehow the fedgov never noticed this guy was Not Good? Nobody noticed he was Not Good? But of course, none of that is what matters. What matters is that you and I and millions like us have eeeeeeeeeevil guns. And of course — the guns did it! Not some violent loser who imagined his vicious god was on his side.

Funny how, at the same time they’re so eager to spout “facts” about “assault rifles” the MSM are busily hedging on whether or not the perp was actually an “official” jihadi. (It also appears that the guy’s own employer gave him a free pass because of his religion. A co-worker repeatedly tried to alert their employer that the soon-to-be killer was an unhinged loon with lots to say about all the groups he hated. But the creep kept his job. Apparently just Because Muslim.) Can’t offend those murderous religious fanatics, you know. Must be fair — except where the subject is guns.

Hold onto your hats, fellow gun owners. And hold onto your firearms, your ammo, and most of all your principles. We’re headed for a bumpy ride.

Meanwhile, we can hope that all 72 “virgins” the perp plans to rape in the afterlife will actually be used up old crack wh*res with multiple STDs.

Claire Wolfe

About that “bullet” box …

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

If you haven’t already v*ted in the TZP poll on the subject, there’s the link.

I also have a TZP article on the flap over Larry Pratt’s comment on that topic.

Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016
Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, May 27th, 2016
  • Jim Bovard writes in Reason on the high price of security theater. Then he went on C-Span to talk about it, too.
  • Which takes us to Richard Rahn’s “Kill the regulatory parasite.”
  • Oh, Katie, Katie, Katie. You went the full Rather. You should never go the full Rather. And at least he didn’t make phony-baloney excuses.
  • A recent study says that the threshhold-based blood tests used by states to determine whether legal pot users are impaired or not aren’t based in sound science. This wild-and-crazy pro-pot-user claim comes from those mad radicals at … the American Automobile Association. AAA.
  • John Tamny: if we love the big banks (“we” meaning not you and me, necessarily), we must love them enough to let them fail.
  • Obama, foreign aid, promises, and corruption in high places.
  • Speaking of smartphones (as we were earlier this week), reader F. sends this cheery word that F*c*b**k’s admission that it’s listening to you via your phone’s microphone while you’re using its app may be only part of the even creepier, much creepier, truth.
  • How much creepier can things get? Advanced tech is not the only thing we have to worry about. How about nuclear capability coordinated by eight-inch floppies??? For you young things, eight-inch floppies were already obsolete when I got my first computer in 1982. (H/T MtK)

I normally like to end links posts on a cheery, or at least a “lite” note. But there seems to be no joy in Mudville or anyplace else today. I need to go look for some cute dog videos or somesuch.

ADDED: Well, wait. I didn’t have time to look for any cute dog videos. But since today’s theme seems to be “creepy as all get out,” I remembered this story about … um, men who live as dogs. Yes, not cute. But the best I could do today, sorry. I suppose we’ll soon be hearing these “pups” demand special restroom privileges. (And a big thanks to Cat for turning my stomach.)

UPDATE #2: Is this our future? (Stolen from Never Yet Melted.)


Oh! But wait! That chart doesn’t include self-identified canines who have sex with any of the other 31 “genders.” Racism! Specisism! Haters! Privilege!

Claire Wolfe

You can fool enough of the people all the time

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

It was the premise of the Politico article that drew me in. It was the claim that politics of 2030 would be shaped by the ghastly presidential election of 2016. There would be big changes to come.

Given the tumult of the times, I don’t doubt that one bit. The contest between The Hillary and The Donald, and all the odd and shifting v*ter alignments and policy preferences around it, is bound to reverberate into the future. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about. I wondered if others were coming to similar conclusions. So I read.

And read. It’s quite a long article.

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Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
  • Wow whotta way to go! And what a perfect song to be performing at the time. (H/T L.A.)
  • Twelve ways to increase your anonymity and security online. Very geeky and hardcore, but very good. (H/T Shel in comments) And for the non-geeks: is there a path forward for those who want online security but quail at the thought of TOR or an offshore VPN?
  • You ’60s and ’70s people — you Illuminatus! fans — want a blast from the past? This was obviously written a long time ago when Robert Anton Wilson was still alive, but the crazy life of Kerry Thornley is always worth a re-visit.
  • Is F*c*b**k controlling the news its users see? Are there reporters naive enough to be thinking otherwise? This becomes more and more of a problem as billions turn to a narrower range of online sources for everything. FB: the new MSM.
  • Of course, it could be worse. It could be Google.
  • Ninth Circuit court — the previously infamous 9th Circuit — says there’s a Second Amendment right for gun stores, too. (Or rather, an individual right to be able to acquire guns.) And the WaPo, the always infamous WaPo, prints the recaps of both Eugene Volokh and David Kopel. Oh, the times they are a’ changin’ …
  • So. Do you think the whole Obama in the girls’ bathroom thing will hold up in the courts? And isn’t it downright embarrassing, as well as tyrannical, that a president is involving himself in this (you’ll pardon the expression) sh*t?
  • Historian asks if the myth of the Constitution could be made real.
  • Gosh, it’s a good thing all the big issues like terrorism and border security have been solved. Otherwise, this would just be a wildly nutty act of mission creep by the DHS.
Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, May 13th, 2016
  • Be patient, citizens! That is an order! Your government is hard at work protecting you. (I do rather wonder what those TSA lines snaking up and down escalators look like. Or worse, feel like to stand in, especially if you’re stuck at the top or bottom where the stairs disappear. But not enough to want to go to an airport to see for myself.)
  • Speaking of gummint “protection,” be glad you didn’t run into this employee of the Federal Protective Service.
  • Whoo. gutsy woman!
  • Militias going mainstream? So sez The Guardian with a surprising minimum of tsking about it.
  • But not to worry. Plenty of tsking is still to be had in government schools. This time over a rather creative paper gun.
  • We are shocked. Simply shocked. Facing minimum-wage hikes, Wendys is adding self-serve kiosks, with McDonalds not far behind. Yeah, kids; that minimum-wage that nobody thinks you’re worth is a real benefit, isn’t it?
  • What? You mean Google Streetview spycars aren’t always tools of the gummint?
  • I’m sure you’ll be shocked at this news about Hillary Clinton’s emails, too.
  • But howzabout this news on those Hillary emails? Seems the Kremlin has a gigantic trove of them, grabbed off those insecure servers …
  • After constantly squeaking through the courts, Obamacare has received the hoped-for blow … from a judge who immediately suspended her own ruling pending an inevitable administration review. Sigh.
  • Kewl. Ten life hacks using carabiners. (And evertbody’s got carabiners around, right? They’re right up there with WD40, duct tape, hose clamps, and Goof Off for usefulness.) (H/T TSO)
  • Weekend read: the Ukrainian hacker who became the FBI’s greatest asset — and biggest problem.
Claire Wolfe

End of week links

Friday, May 6th, 2016
  • It is surely a mixed blessing to have time to design your own headstone. That’s a wonderful monument, though, and the Vanderboeghs could use some help getting it made. Kudos to Kurt Hofmann for a quote deserving of such immortality.
  • “Trump: Why it happened and what comes next” by David Stockman. (How come presidential advisors never sound either this smart or this liberty-minded while they’re presidential advisors? Only afterward?)
  • Yes, indeedy. We should always believe our heroic protectors when they tell us they need tools like Sting-Ray technology to catch terrorists, child-abductors, and the like. Sure thing.
  • Herschel Smith says goodbye to politics. He and I (and probably you) come from different places in the political spectrum, but I’m proud to be his friend-I’ve-never-met.
  • Andrew Sullivan’s blind spot.
  • And you think you’re having a bad day? (NSFW; it’s Nicki, after all. But it would still be NSFW even without Nicki.)
  • Pro-gun mom whose kidlet shot her in the back gets a very fitting alternative to criminal prosecution.
  • Sometimes even writers at the New Yorker think about the real world and ask good questions: What would happen if GPS failed? (A bunch of over-dependent individuals should also be asking what they’d do if their personal GPS devices failed. Or why they’re so dependent on technology that so often misleads them.)


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