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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Poly-Ticks’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, April 8th, 2016
  • Talk about swords into plowshares! California city government v*tes to turn a former prison into a cannabis oil factory.
  • Super high-tech tiny house. Pretty cool. (Helps to be a boatbuilder and cabinetmaker.) But c’mon. How much did it cost? (H/T MJR)
  • :-) How not to take a gun selfie.
  • And speaking of selfies, I assume this study (which concludes — wow, whodathunkit? — that narcissists are more likely to post and crave feedback on selfies) must have been funded by government. Not ours, fortunately.
  • And speaking of governments: who’s named in the Panama Papers? Named so far, we should add. The silence on U.S.-based clients of Mossack Fonseca is like waiting for that second shoe to drop.
  • OTOH, the astute Megan McArdle says that what the papers reveal so far is a positive reflection on capitalism.
  • Ronald T. Richie. He was the 911 caller who got the perfectly innocent John Crawford SWATted and killed. Maybe he’ll finally pay a price. Maybe.
  • Sheesh. This article on why women should v*te for women makes me not ever want to v*te for a woman again. Well, not that I ever gave a crap about the sex of a candidate. And not that I’d ever v*te for a woman if the woman were Hillary. Or Dianne. Or … well, most of them.
  • But the good news is that even Salon says Hillary’s world is collapsing around her.
  • I really hate questions like this. But with the weekend coming up, here’s some food for thought during your leisure hours: Are we living in a computer simulation?
  • Just because we were talking about flame-throwers the other day …
Claire Wolfe

Weekend links and news of the weird

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Sorrys in advance for being unable to remember now where I got some of these links. I’ve been saving them up for a while. So thanks to The Usual Suspects. :-)

  • Wanna set up a pot business? Become a nun.
  • Chase Bank holds funds and reports customer to the feds for paying his dog walker.
  • Joel got to this one first, but it’s too pure-and-simply wonderful not to re-blog: the mystery of the squatter in the woods who came and left with no trace. Ghostery to the max!
  • But this … once again takes “small-space living” to crazy extremes. Only in San Francisco. Or New York City. Or London. Or other places that have become hellholes for normal people.
  • Kevin Wilmeth comments on my TZP “constitutional carry” piece and gets it exactly right: “The only downside I can see, honestly, is that celebrating a good thing for what it is, isn’t going to help the sort of prag mindset that still can’t distinguish between long-term strategy and true pre-emptive surrender.”
  • “Sorry, but the real unemployment rate is 9.8%” Srsly? you think it’s that low?
  • Oh brother, someday this crass little millennial will regret his stupid, arrogant words about old people and guns.
  • OTOH … ouch. Stupid, angry people and guns are another matter.
  • Finally, an accurate scale model of the U.S. government. Only not dangerous enough. Or complicated enough. And more purposeful, even if nobody has any idea what the purpose is.
Claire Wolfe

Got them old post-caucus Easter Peeps blues …

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

‘Lection News

Yeah, I’m late to the news, but boy that was a lot of v*ters feeling the Bern last weekend. If Hillary and her superdelegates manage to hold on to the nomination through sheer force of establishmentarianism, what’s her slogan going to be?

“Almost a mandate!”

“Not a mandate, but I still won, suckers.”

“Corruption pays!”

“Suck it up; you’re stuck with me.”

“You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to trust me. But you better v*te for me in the general election ’cause the alternative’s even scarier.”

“Mine’s still bigger than The Donald’s.”


Speaking of The Donald’s, is it true that Larry Flynt has invited Trump to come in and have the item he boasted of at that debate “scientifically” measured?

Friends who came over for Easter brunch swear it’s so. I didn’t even realize Flynt was still alive.

But if so, his slogan is easy: “Still tasteless after all these years.”


But as somebody hinted in comments a few weeks ago, our motto is likely to be more along the lines of “Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right … or vice versa.”


Peeps! And microwaves.

It being Easter, my guests turned up with a box of Peeps (BLUE Peeps, thus the title of this post) and a chocolate “Peter Cottontail,” complete with storybook (which is currently in the freezer along with the choco-wabbit).

And my friends had NO idea about the almost magical properties of Peeps when fired upon at the range! Oh boy, have they got some fun ahead — and now, post Easter, all those Peeps will be half price.

My friends had, at least, heard rumors about what happens if you put a Peep in the microwave (an experiment I declined to try, referring them to YouTube, where everything possible either already has been or will soon be done to some poor Peep).

Before leaving they confessed they had once put a container of gasoline inside an operating microwave in the middle of a field, testing the theory that the vapors would eventually expand from the heat, possibly ignite, and blow the microwave to smithereens. Or at least blast the door off. When nothing happened, they then shot at the microwave with .22s and ended up murdering the microwave’s motor before discovering whether the gasoline would turn the appliance inside-out.

“It’s a guy thing,” the husband explained. I’m not so sure. The wife and at least one set of parents participated.

Ah! Good, clean fun. It’s sad how dead set the fedgov is on preventing anybody from blowing anything up, even such educational purposes.


Both my friends used to have jobs in county government and even though they’re out of that now, their F*c*b**k friends are still heavily into law enforcement and other such interesting activities. He was shaking his head over the authoritarian “right-wing” rantings of one local police chief (“but at least he’s pro-gun, so that’s something”).

As a lot of others have done lately, my friends have de-politicized themselves, and they’d like to be away from the ranting. But once you’re on FB, how do you (dare) unfriend a police chief? This could be very bad for your long-term health.


Their de-politization extended even to getting rid of their old Loompanics books and their copy of The Anarchist’s Cookbook on the theory that if they’re not actually going to do anything subversive they don’t want to get caught with “subversive literature” should TS ever HTF in any personal way.

Only problem is, of course, that virtually any literature beyond Maeve Binchy novels and Fifty Shades of Gray can get you labeled subversive when Authoritah has a mind to do the labeling. The Hunger Games or Harry Potter? Tres anti-authoritarian. Encouraging kids to rebel against established authority. Books on edible wild plants or expedient shelters? You crazy survivalist, you. Nice little Mormon guides to putting food by? Reloading manuals? And Boy Scout manuals! Oh my, don’t even think about the implications of those.


Speaking of literature (and other things), thanks for continuing to use my Amazon links with such enthusiasm even durning this time of “lite” blogging. I’m doing my darnedest to keep the blogging as worthwhile as ever, even if it’s not every day. Your v*te of confidence is much appreciated.


Oh, one last thing. I’ll have a piece at The Zelman Partisans Tuesday morning. It should post about 5:00 a.m. I’m prepping this ahead of time so can’t directly link to it. But it’ll be there. Enjoy. (UPDATE: Didn’t post until 10:30 since I screwed up. But hope you enjoyed the new post by Carl-Bear and the poll Nicki posted earlier.)


So … what acts of violence have you committed against poor, helpless Peeps, elderly microwaves, or other inanimate objects?

Hope you had a great Easter.

Claire Wolfe


Saturday, March 19th, 2016

Reading true-crime stories (yes, one of my secret vices), I’m repeatedly struck by the way victims are often complicit in the horrors committed against them.

I’m not talking about the woman who takes a strange man home from a bar or the family that fails to lock its doors when a burglar is on the loose (though them, too). I’m talking about victims who feel personal loyalty to “friends,” relations, leaders, and professionals who are doing them obvious harm.

I’m talking about patients who stand by a quack doctor even though she’s obviously killing them to get their money and possessions. (She killed many more).

Or the followers of a preacher who’s degrading and controlling them for his own sick benefit. Jeffs. Jones. Creffield. The horror stories go back at least to the middle ages and more likely to the dawn of human time.

I’m talking about people who repeatedly believe obvious, manipulative sociopathic liars. (The link is to a Joseph Wambaugh book that details one of the creepiest examples of manipulation and self-deception I’ve ever read about. But obviously it’s just one example of thousands.)

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Claire Wolfe

Who’s worse than Hillary and The Donald?

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

I was thinking the other day that if The Hillary and The Donald* actually end up as the D and R nominees, it’ll be the first election in U.S. history where half the v*ote is an “anybody but Hillary” protest and the other half an “anybody but Donald” backlash.

Can you think of a more repulsive matchup ever? Not that any aren’t repulsive. But this one’s worse than Nixon v. Humphrey** for complete lack of … well, anything good.

This guy’s got it right. I’ve always believed that if you have to have elections, cutting up a phone book and drawing candidate names at random makes much more sense than the way we (okay, “we”) do it now.

Wanting to hold office ought to be an automatic disqualifier. And never has an American election demonstrated that more clearly than The Slime v The Mouth, 2016.

Never Yet Melted got it right on the subject twice this week.



* Capital T as in “The Black Plague” or “The End of the World as We Know It.”

** Note: That was another election in which, with the nation and the world in chaos and on the verge of shattering change, both parties managed to throw up (and I use the term advisedly) the worst sort of creepy mediocrities.

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Yes, even when ‘Netless, I manage to pick up some newses. Enjoy.

Claire Wolfe

The things you notice when you’re living real life

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

It’s been busy — but mundane — in the 10 days since I suspended home Internet. Mundane is good. I like mundane. In fact, the virtues of downright boredom are sadly unappreciated in this busy-busy day.

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Claire Wolfe

A couple of amusing newsings

Friday, February 26th, 2016

You’ve may have heard that establishment GOP pol Lindsey Graham said his party has gone batsh*t crazy. And as proof of that, you may also have heard that Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump. Apparently out of spite against Marco Rubio. Or something.

But one politician who wisely declines to endorse Trump under any circumstances is former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who says he has no intention to pay for Trump’s f*cking wall.

Good man, that Fox. Any chance one of the parties could draft him?

Sorry for the bad language. But on the other hand, it may be a good sign that politicians have finally driven each other to fits of cussing, rather than merely driving us to cussing at them.


And while Forbes says you really can’t be arrested merely for not paying your student loans, it appears that if the fedgov gets serious about the matter, quite a few doddering ancients could get busted.

But that makes perfect sense, in a day when even the upwardly mobile … aren’t.

Enjoy our “interesting times,” guys. Now I’m signing off the ‘Net and returning to sanity for a few days.

Claire Wolfe

Basking, bonkers, or bit of both?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Well, both. Saturday I woke up without Internet. And I’m looking at going ‘Netless for six months. Although I suspended service mostly to economize, I was both looking forward to ‘Netless peace and feeling nervous about cutting back my means of livelihood.

Since waking up that first morning I haven’t really worried about the earning-a-living part. That’s manageable. I’ve done it before, after all. But you know what really drove me crazy? It was the day of the Nevada Democratic caucuses and I couldn’t play political junkie.

I have only one potential means of getting news: NPR on a clock radio. But I can’t bear the racket in the house and I’m way past the idea that I should have to wait until someone else chooses to deliver the news I want to hear on their schedule.

How 20th century!

I’m okay with NPR in the car, but Old Blue’s radio doesn’t work, so that’s that.

Gasp. Newsless. Utterly newsless. As bare of news as one of Joel’s plucked chickens is of feathers. On a day that might make political history. Madness!

I couldn’t even get a weather report. And what if there’s a tornado? A hurricane? A rain of frogs! It could happen — and who’d warn me to expect frogs splatting down from the sky? Or even mild tadpole showers? No one, that’s who.

I missed simply sitting down with the computer during breaks. And Saturday I needed breaks from all that cleaning and drilling and cussing.

There’s solitaire. But it’s not the same. Of course, the caucuses turned out as boring as, and more predictable than, solitaire. Good thing I didn’t waste all that time tracking live blogs, eh? But I so wanted Hillary humiliated. Oh well.


That said, Saturday was also a beautiful day. Nice enough to leave the door open for the critters to wander in and out and the fresh February air to destuff the house. Working in the kitchen with paint stripper, followed by Goof-Off, followed by Brasso, and all accompanied with Elbow Grease (TM), clear air was much appreciated.

As was the sheer focus on getting things done.

Habit kept drawing me back over to the computer before I’d realize, “Oh, there’s nothing there” and get on with life.

I was achy by evening, but satisfied. Habit is a cuss to change. And it’s odd earning a living on a machine that also serves as the closest thing to an unhealthy addiction I’ve ever had. Not an ideal combo, that.

But I could get used to this. By Sunday I was starting to and Monday I was so busy I didn’t miss home Internet at all. There’s the library. It let me schedule this post and look up how to fix old mortise locks.

Even if I need to spend an hour or more at the library some days, it’s nice to be able to walk away from the constant noise and buzz and intrusion of the thing, too. To put a box around the endless, everywhere Web. Limits. It’s more about that than it is about trying to escape it altogether. Establishing a zone of peacefulness. I can already feel that.

But by damn, when I want to look something up on Wikipedia, boy is it a nuisance to know I have to delay gratification, maybe even by a couple of whole days, can you imagine??? Oh, the deep inner torment!

Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

I was going to post this yesterday before home Internet disappeared. But have I mentioned it was a crazy week? So, belatedly, the library’s wifi system and I present today’s links:

  • “Why I left Islam and now help others who are doing the same.”
  • Learning to become resiliant (even if the trendiest publications are so over resiliance).
  • Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Sanders
  • Modern-day Milgram shows … well, no very big surprise.
  • But speaking of following orders, what the hell kind of government would do this — or even think of ordering thugs to do such a thing??? (Another look at it with more detail. Both stolen from Wendy McElroy.)
  • And speaking of unsurprising things, why are we always supposed to be so shocked when, generation after generation, war after war, the fedgov perpetrates atrocities upon its own soldiers, then not only denies doing so, but even denies care to the poor saps?
  • And if you prefer more peaceful thoughts, you can download high-res versions of 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints, courtesy of he-knows-who-he-is in comments.
  • Finally, I’m not linking because I expect you to care about Nevada or South Carolina caucusaries or primuses. I’m linking it just because the name of Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, always makes me laugh. I mean, is that name straight out of Atlas Shrugged, or what?
Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
  • In case Donald Trump wins, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, will roll out the red carpet to Americans. No word on where we’ll go if anybody else wins, but to hell in a handbasket seems a likely option. (H/T MJR)
  • “Nino at the Bridge.” Quote: You know your country has big trouble when the death of one man tosses your political reckonings, your expectations, your fundamental understandings into the briar patch … (Yes, the author’s a bit more enamored of the Constitution that you probably are, but Scalia was a good man.)
  • Borepatch: Don’t buy a Samsung smart TV. I think I’d make that don’t buy any smart TV unless you can easily take it offline. Big Brother will be listening.
  • There are good reasons Europe’s Jews are so nervous. And this article covers only the “right” half of them.
  • You mean Radio Flyer is still around? Here I thought they disappeared with coonskin caps and the original hula hoops. But boy, their little red wagons sure have changed.
  • Since so many hereabouts are so fond of things that go boom, whoosh, and pow, I present Josh Bloom on fluorine: the element from hell. Complete with videos!
Claire Wolfe

Saturday links

Saturday, February 13th, 2016
  • The deeper story on those undemocratic superdelegates supporting Hillary. And the background on how superdelegates came to be.
  • Electorally, the big question is will the dogs eat it? (Given that dogs will eat both vomit and sh*t, maybe they will.)
  • OTOH, the backlash has begun. Michelle Alexander writes in The Nation that Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote that the media considers so inevitable for her.
  • The new frontier of negative interest rates. You know, if I didn’t realize this stuff is for real, I’d think articles like this one were parodies. Or bizarre fantasies. Oh, the weird world of economics!
  • LOL, and here you thought the media just fawned on HRC because they choose to. Sometimes, though, they’re simply following orders.
  • Another flash story via MJR: “Walkers: Akira and Brenna.”


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