A visit to the apple man, Beryl Novak

Because we're starting a new homestead and planting lots of fruit trees, I was tickled to meet a self-taught fruit tree expert while shopping last year. Since then, I've been to his homestead up...

Ladyhawk comes home

  Well, today our friend and neighbor, Jerry Yourczeck, drove his truck and trailer down to my son, Bill's place with me, to pick up the Friesian filly I've been paying on all winter.  I...

Reader’s Question: Why Minnesota?

Howdy! Just wondering why you decided on Minnesota to homestead in? Thanks! Appreciate your wisdom & learn MUCH from your writings... Thanks! Jul Amidon Brimson, Minnesota There were lots of reasons we decided on Minnesota when we were...

Reader’s Question: Root cellars, heating, and wood cookstoves

Dear Jackie You were kind enough to answer a quetion I asked a few years back regarding buying land in BC - we have since realized that we definitely can't afford to buy land in BC or...

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