Ah! Evening and the work’s all done… (well kind of…)

Even though our killing frost happened a couple of weeks ago, I'm still busy canning.  Some days, it's a bit too busy.  For instance, two days ago I canned up spaghetti sauce, chili with...

Reader’s Question: Root cellars, heating, and wood cookstoves

Dear Jackie You were kind enough to answer a quetion I asked a few years back regarding buying land in BC - we have since realized that we definitely can't afford to buy land in BC or...

There’s another homesteader in our family!

My daughter-in-law, Kelly (Bill's wife) had a tiny, very healthy baby boy. Right in the middle of a good old Minnesota blizzard! Bill kept me posted by cell phone from the...

Photos for NL


When it’s chilly, I can chili

We're having more typical fall weather.  Finally!  It only rains every other day now, but the temps are falling with the leaves.  And because it's been cooler in the new greenhouse, the...