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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The 22nd Year
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6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial: California conservatives missed a chance to speak up for “all” constitutional rights

20  Making a Living: Mike and Barbara Fultz: Entrepreneurs

27  The Gee Whiz page

44  Do you remember when… Office on the mountain

46  Ask Jackie: Chickens, apple trees, cast iron, saving seeds, planning a homestead, etc.

55  Lenie in the kitchen Cheesy fish chowder

68  Ayoob on Firearms: Gun semantics

76  Irreverent joke page

80  Letters

84  The last word:
Getting the state out of marriage

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Cover 127
Don Childers, BHM’s longtime artist, painted this nostalgic winter scene using gouache paints, a medium he has favored ever since we went to a four-color cover (our magazine is printed using only cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks).


8  Sitting pretty as the economy tanks
By Jackie Clay

25  Woodstove cooking
By Cindi Myers

38  Cooking with a cast iron stove
By Cynthia Hummel

57  LED lighting, part 1
By Tim Thorstenson


28  Building Eric’s house, part 4
By Dorothy Ainsworth

40  Build a chicken tractor
By Connie Rabun

Farm and Garden

50  Growing onions
By Sylvia Gist

Food and recipes

22  Canned bacon — roll your own
By Enola Gay

33  Healthy, hearty, meatless meals
By Linda Gabris

73  Wee skillet treats
By Linda Morehouse