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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #77

Prisoner subscription

I am writing this letter to reply to your letter dated 5-29-02. I must say that I am very disappointed in your actions in having refused my money for a subscription to your publication.

First let me say that I am a prisoner who is serving 188 months for a conspiracy charge, having had my constitutional rights trashed, my freedom taken, my family destroyed by this out of control tyrannical government of yours.

I also want to point out that I have been reading Backwoods Home for years, and that since being incarcerated over these last several years reading Backwoods Home has been a great source of inspiration to continue on with my hopes and vision of returning to the woods, and the lifestyle that I so long for each day in Big Brothers Gulag.

So it is after sending in my $21.95 that I earned working in a sweatshop slave factory at 1 dollar an hour so that I can receive your great magazine of articles on the importance of protecting our constitutional rights, and how the government is getting out of control, and having truly believed you meant what you wrote about what we need to do to protect what’s left of our rights, I find that you are just so much bullshit.

Since 9/11 I see that you have caved in to the pressure of the gestapo and are now following the party line. You must be very proud comrades, hail Bush. I must say I am glad that you sent me back my money because I don’t like giving my money to cowards.

First I have never had any problems with my subscriptions, second articles on guns are not a problem in the feds, we receive Gunworld, Field & Stream, Shotgun News, etc., etc. So therefore I must assume that you buckled under pressure before there was any. I am sure you can justify your actions by saying to yourself (they are only criminals), but don’t worry you will all be “criminals” soon and then who will you turn to in order to take a stand, weak spineless publishers such as yourself. Good Luck!!!

Jonathan Levesque
Ray Brook, NY

You are right, of course. I’ll reinstate your subscription, at my expense, and in the future we’ll not use such a broad brush when dealing with prisoners.

But a word of explanation is in order so we don’t look as mean and nasty as you portray us. We stopped accepting subscriptions from prisoners several months ago only after getting several threatening letters from prisoners who were angry that they were not getting their issues. One said he will sue us, others hinted at violence. We had to write letters to various agencies the prisoners complained to, and the time to handle these complaints was far more costly than the price we earned from the subscriptions. Not to mention that my staff was worried that some angry prisoners might come by the shop and kill them after they got out.

The reason some prisoners were not getting their issues was because BHM is banned in some prisons and we are clipped (of gun, booze, even political articles) in others. But that fact does not placate some angry prisoners. We simply tried to save ourselves some hassle and possible future trouble. We did not cave into pressure from anyone.

All of us in the freedom movement are well aware that America imprisons a higher percentage of its population than any other country, and that most of those incarcerated are not there for having committed violent crimes. And as editors producing a magazine that often criticizes our Government, we understand we too are at risk, especially since the events of September 11 have led to far broader Government powers to seek out people they decide are “conspiring” against it.

We’ll reverse our short-lived and ill-conceived subscription policy regarding prisoners, and I’d like to thank you for reminding me that freedom involves inconvenience and risk, as well as sticking up for the rights of those whose freedom has been taken away by an out of control Government.


A Constitution for everyone

I was afraid I would have to let my subscription lapse as I am (was) unemployed. I’m a professional boat captain (license etcetera 19 years experience) but the marine trades have all been reduced to practically nil since WWII. Lots of reasons most of which work out to corporate greed and/or government interference.

I first became interested in “survival skills” while in the boy scouts in the early 60s (Eagle Award 1963).

I have been a subscriber since ’98 and was depressed to think that I might have to give up eating or BHM. But…I found a job painting house interiors for a local realtor. Minimum wage but tons better than the other choice. Starvation is so uncomfortable, at least for the first week or ten days I’m told.

When I get back to making better money I’d like to buy several of the magazines in your bookstore and the Outlaw Special if it’s still on…

Currently living in a small town (12,000) and looking at moving to the south Texas “woods” SW of San Antonio…

Do you folks know of any Libertarian type ladies in that area looking for a fairly self-sufficient, handy around the homestead, not-quite-used-up boat captain?

Ok, ok, I plan on an ad in your personals column as soon as money allows.

Boy, would I like to sit down with John Silveira, Dave and O.E. MacDougal and talk about possibilities for finding a way to wake up Americans. No, not armed insurrection, I’m thinking…boy, would I like to be rich enough to pay for printing up a copy of “Dictatorship” and “Constitution & Declaration of Independence” for every American over the age of 5. Probably wouldn’t work…

I sure hope O.E. & John are wrong about there being “nothing” left available as positive action. Ya see I’m allergic to jail and execution so I’d like to find a way to work this out without having to deal with either of those options. (Use the media? Infomercials? Video game?) Use the “mind drug” (TV) against the Fascism? Fire to fight fire?

I like the video game thing. If it would work it would hit right at the “youth” (next generation of voters/citizens).

What do you think? (I’m a survivor, I really don’t like giving up…)

Gregory Gooch
Beeville, TX

ASG subscriber

As for me ASG (or whatever they called themselves) was already losing it. It was some time before I discovered why I was receiving BHM. I was going to get a subscription anyway. This makes it easier all around. Thank you.

I’m called Shadow here, and I’m buying 41 acres here in O’Brien. My backyard fence holds back forest circus land, the beautiful Kalmiopsis, and the coast (nobody behind me.) I’ve been a design-guy for many people in southern Oregon for alternative energy houses for several decades now, as well as being a peace-keeper for nearly 3 decades.) I know what works and what doesn’t.

My land will be a healing center and spiritual retreat with Native American medicine. The land is basically bare now, but my inheritance is forth-coming and then things will happen.

My home will be all solar with hydro from my back mountain. A shop will be included with a generator (diesel) as a main power source.

You see, the power company says $10-12,000 for grid power to be put in. Well, for that kind of $ I can build a nice solar system, and I won’t have to keep paying for it. (Yah!) I figure 24V (easier converting) with the shop generator 10-12 Kw for back-up charging in the winter.

You guys have a dynamite publication. Keep it up.

Shadow Nicholas
O’Brien, OR

Professional military

I greatly enjoy your (John Silveira’s) writing. I find your explanations help clarify an otherwise murky mess of seemingly unrelated events. I agree with much of what you say. But not all.

You have stated that a professional military is replacing the citizen soldier and that this is bad news for personal freedoms. If I understand you correctly you are saying that a professional military will do to citizens what the citizen soldier will not. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t MacArthur use citizen soldiers to shoot the WWI vets in D.C. when they demanded their bonus. Hasn’t the Gov. used citizen soldiers to break up, sometimes kill, railroad and coal miners strikes? Wasn’t it National Guard that shot those kids at Kent State? The reverse is also true. Wasn’t it National Guard who let the Los Angeles looters run wild and kill people because the politicians didn’t want to alienate their constituency? More significant still is that in all the above cases the citizen soldiers used were local men. It wasn’t necessary to draw men from, say Wisconsin, to do dirty work. The locals obliged.

The French Foreign Legion gladly took foreigners, soundly reasoning that the death of a foreigner did not diminish the nation whose Gaulic blood has been considerably thinned by almost incessant war. America is the new Rome, or, considering geographical extent the British Empire. There are no worthy adversaries and so military heroism and honor is void.

Robert Takos
Attica, NY


I would like you to know what a huge difference your magazine has made in my life. I placed a personal ad in the magazine recently for one issue. I received two responses. One from the Phillippines. The other from Ohio. Sometime this fall, no date yet, the girl from Ohio and myself plan to get married. This is a match up I only dreamed of.

Neil Uher
Anchorage, AK


I recently purchased all of the magazine anthologies & CDs as it fits my lifestyle and personal persuasion. I jokingly tell people I am a redneck but most likely was born to the independence mode of life.

By whatever means necessary keep your excellent articles coming.

Jelaine Zastrow
Two Rivers, WI

Your magazine is the BEST! The articles are insightful, informative and very timely.

Denis Oliver
Bath, NY

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