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Is it time for an education revolution?

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Storing flour and sugar, canning butter, fruits and veggies for cold climates, solving “mushy” canning problems, buying a pressure canner, and more

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Reflections on the Second Amendment

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The Coming American Dictatorship revisited

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Cover 77
his issue’s cover photo, of a cock ringneck pheasant, is from Jackie Clay. It also graces her article on upland birds which begins on page 60.

She said she took the photo in the Ruby Valley of Montana one morning about 10 years ago as she drove her son, Javid, to school in Sheridan. Pheasants like the agricultural land with its water, grain, and open ground that is found in the valley.

Jackie says she always carries a camera in anticipation of gorgeous shots such as this.



15  Avoiding heat illness   By Dr. Gary F. Arnet

Heat can incapacitate and even kill you. Dr. Arnet tells you what the warning signs of heat illness are, how to treat it, and, more important, how to avoid it in the first place

60  Harvesting the wild: upland game birds   By Jackie Clay

Jackie Clay looks at upland game birds, such as grouse, ptarmigan, quail and turkey, as wild “chickens and turkeys.” In her continuing “harvesting the wild” series she talks about how to hunt ’em, clean ’em, and cook ’em.


26  A river rock shower   By Dorothy Ainsworth

With a set of instructions, a pile of “cultured stones,” and six bags of cement Dorothy Ainsworth set out and built herself her own beautiful river rock shower. In this article she tells us how she did it.

29  Build a graceful footbridge   By Harrison Stone

If you’re lucky enough to have a year-round stream running through your property, or even if you just have a pond on you land, you can’t go wrong if you build a decorative footbridge, as Harrison Stone has. Harrison provides the plans for the bridge which he designed and built himself.

67  Fencing for livestock and poultry   By Jackie Clay

Fencing is required to keep your animals in and keep predators out. There are several kinds of fencing in use including barbed wire, electric wires, and wooden fencing. Jackie explains that what you choose will depend on your needs, including what kind of animals you’re trying to contain.

Farm and garden

37  The fall garden   By Alice Brantley Yeager

Fall may be the best time of the year to be in the garden. The heavy heat of the summer is gone, fall showers relieve you of much of the watering you have to do, and best of all, of course, the crops begin to come in.

50  Two livestock feeders and an insulated water bucket   By Clay Sawyer

Country living

8  Can she bake an apple pie, Billy Boy?   By Jackie Clay

Jackie Clay can teach us how to make an apple pie whether it’s baked, fried, made from dehydrated apples, or even made from green tomatoes.That’s right, an apple pie made from tomatoes. And, before she begins, first she even tells us how to make the perfect crust—easily.

56  Make a quilt out of Levis   By Dorothy Ainsworth

Don’t cart those old Levis britches off to Goodwill quite yet. Dorothy Ainsworth is going to tell you how to get even more mileage out of them by turning them into a quilt—a quilt that will be as tough and as durable as the pants were originally.