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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Arrfy Thanksgiving (redux)

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Lest anyone think that last year’s Thanksgiving picture of dogs faithfully (if not patiently) awaiting their share of the people food was a fluke, here they are again today:

Of course, any impression that I have amazingly well-behaved dogs is a misapprehension. They just happen to be really good at a couple of things.

“Good dogs! Now … okay!”

“Green beans?” says Nadja. “Green beans??? Ewwwww!

But they ate everything (ham first) and licked their plates clean.

15 Responses to “Arrfy Thanksgiving (redux)”

  1. Karen Says:

    That truly amazes me, considering the bloodbath that would ensue if I tried that with our 4. How’s Nadja doing by the way?

  2. Water Lily Says:

    Good dogs! :-)

    Oh boy, I thought you had two!

    Caeli ate turkey, mashed potatoes and broccol. She loved it, of course

  3. Ellendra Says:

    My cat got a dish of turkey broth with a little meat and mashed carrot in it. She was happy all night.

    (She’s on a diet, and will usually fight us for our dinner if we aren’t careful, so this was a treat.)

  4. Joel Says:

    No turkey for Little Bear, alas, but a friend did send some special treats.

    Ghost, who has special neighborhood friends, made out like a glutton. In fact I had a hard time getting him home.

  5. Claire Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ellendra and Water Lily. And glad your furkids got to share.

    Ellendra, I’ve got a fat cat, too. She’s been on a diet for a year and I dunno … she must be raiding the fridge in the middle of the night ’cause she’s as chubby as ever. No Thanksgiving for her!

    WL — Pats to Caeli the cutie.

  6. Colliewise Says:

    We had a grand old dog that was given a plate of meat, potatoes, and green beans. She ate the meat and potatoes, but when it came time for the green beans she pushed the plate down the stairs into the basement and went and laid down.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs with personality.

  7. Woody Says:

    Fergus, Otis, Fionna and the puppy, Iris all think they should have smoked turkey every day. They even offered to wash all the dishes. Imagine that!

  8. R.L. Wurdack Says:

    We had a Basenji once who would eat about anything except peas. Given a bowl of vegetable soup he would leave the bowl licked clean with a small pile of (licked clean) peas in the bottom.


  9. Pat Says:

    Did they get any Decadent Potatoes this year?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, belatedly!

  10. Claire Says:

    No Decadent Potatoes this year. Not for them, not for anybody. Maybe because I decided to lean more primal even on the holiday; maybe because I got lazy and didn’t make them. Sure did miss ’em, though.

  11. naturegirl Says:

    I’m with Nadja on passing up the green beans….

    But they all DO look like angels in the first picture LOL…..what is it with animals and their adorable “feed me” expressions!?! – genetically programmed to make us humans go “awww” hehe…..

  12. Ken K Says:

    Ava is the one in the middle right?

  13. sagebrush dog walker Says:

    That looked like our kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Claire Says:

    Ken K — Yep, that’s Her Royal Highness Princess Ava Prettypaws, center of attention as usual.

    Glad hear so many furchildren got to enjoy their share of Thanksgiving bounty.

  15. just waiting Says:

    It seems green beans are not a favorite amongst the Commentariat’s 4 leggers. Guess I got a strange one, because mine loves ’em. Loves ’em so much she’ll “guide” us to the bean patch in the garden and wait for us to pick her some fresh.
    She got called “Chubby” by the free rabies shot guy a few years back, and its been a veggie diet for her ever since. She gets rice, carrots and string beans, with chicken broth every day (plus various and numerous treats and snacks).
    Now she’s not chubby, she’s svelte.

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