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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Just who’s the boss here?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

I think I missed this one earlier. The good folks at S.W.A.T put my January 2014 article online: “Just who’s the boss here?”

You already know the answer to that question. This one was aimed at an audience that might not be as cynical fed up disgusted wise informed about current events as you.

5 Responses to “Just who’s the boss here?”

  1. Jim B. Says:

    It has never been us. All this is what “Royalist” Hamilton and his ilk wanted from the start. Someone to truly be in “charge” and Rule over us. He couldn’t get Washington to be King, so he went about it in another way. Remember Hamilton and his “friends” “helped” designed the Constitution. They were the Federalists. What we have today was the result of all that back then.

  2. ENthePeasant Says:

    I posted it to my Facebook page. Thanks for this. Good stuff.

  3. Pat Says:

    A good article.

    The question was asked as to how much influence the JPFO has beyond the “choir”.

    I’d like to know how much influence “Enemy At The Gates” has on SWAT’s readership. Who IS the readership, anyway – is there enough “ordinary” (non-paramilitary) people out there who might be reading the articles who would truly listen and think?

  4. Claire Says:

    Pat — last I heard, about 1/2 the S.W.A.T. readership is either soldiers or cops, the rest is the rest of us. “Enemy” draws surprisingly little hate mail (or maybe they just don’t tell me about all the hate mail; dunno), so I assume much of that audience is either receptive to the message or just ignoring it.

    Really no way to gauge.

  5. Paul Bonneau Says:

    Excellent article, Claire. I suspect a higher percentage of soldiers and cops are aware of the reality than the general population; still it doesn’t hurt to lay the whole thing out there for the rest of them, the ones who aren’t.

    It’s always seemed funny that you write for S.W.A.T. :-)



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