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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Humor’ Category

Claire Wolfe

In the “don’t try this at home” department

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

This is refreshing in this day and age: The joy of blowing up your lab partner.

And …

U.S. Capitol cops have to abandon their shooting range after “safety” improvements caused unsafe conditions. (And what’s that about getting a little nick at the corner of your eye, fella? Not wearing your goggles, were you???) (H/T Jim Bovard)

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, January 29th, 2016
  • “Ayn Rand Made Me a Communist.” Um … you’d probably have to be a regular New Republic reader and already know how Jacob Bacharach is one; he doesn’t actually explain, except in a vague-ish indirect way. It’s still an interesting essay, though.
  • Question not asked: If this homeless guy can do all this, then why is he homeless?
  • Not a bad analysis of how the R-Party is coming apart at the seams. Leaves out factors you and I know well, but seems right in its basics.
  • Georgia state representative commits civil disobedience to get medical marijuana to sick kids.
  • Yeah, it’s a Communist hellhole. So we’ll open and close today’s news with Commies. But Cuba is beautiful, as these aerial photos show. And ohhhh, those empty white-sand beaches! This link was sent to me by a Panamanian taxista who helped make my couple of days in Panama City six years ago a pleasure. I’m pretty sure he’s been to Cuba.

And a bonus: Canada for President, courtesy of MJR, who knows a thing or two about all that. NB: Brief NSFW language.

Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, January 21st, 2016
  • At The Zelman Partisans, Nicki lauds the young Pakistani professor who used his firearm to protect his students from a terrorist attack.
  • Killing the golden goose of capitalism.
  • And speaking (as we were earlier this week and above) about the way bad law and regulation ultimagely discourage everyone and everything, NHTSA regulators are trying to destroy the Elio before it even goes into production. (H/T jed)
  • Okay. I’m sure this is humorous.
  • Now, this, on the other hand I’m not so certain about. (Both links courtesy of Y.B.)
  • No wonder college students are so eager to destroy free speech and create segregated “safe spaces.” They’re taught beans about history or civics. Be sure to check out the stats beginning on page 4, if you do nothing else.
  • Gun buyers have broken NICS. The FBI is responding by refusing to consider appeals of wrongful denials. Since 90-some percent of denials are wrongful, this is a big deal. (It would be a big constitutional deal even if one denial was wrongful and could not be appealed; but since NICS itself is anti-constitutional, that’s a nitpick.) There will be lawsuits. But this just goes to show you (not that anyone here needed showing) how easy it is for the fedgov, having pushed “law-abiding” people into getting its prior permission, to forbid exercise of an individual right.
  • The headline proclaims a big-deal “new” feature on an upcoming washing machine from Samsung. Which turns out to be a feature that has actually existed on the vast majority of washing machines since Great-Granny’s day. Until “new, improved!” washers with government-mandated energy features and mega-electronic controls broke it. Bet the “new” machine from Samsung will be a heck of a lot more pricy than Granny’s washer, too. And thanks to fedgov rules, It won’t wash as well as Granny’s did, either.
Claire Wolfe

Thursday news

Thursday, January 14th, 2016
  • Will people now have to start watching their “threat scores” the way they have to watch their credit scores? Given the notoriously bad and biased information that goes into marking us as “threats,” that could be a real challenge.
  • Mental Floss tells the story of German teens who rebelled against Hitler. Another fascinating, little-known bit of history.
  • To call it the gun issue even the NRA won’t touch might be an exaggeration. But the problem of non-violent ex-felons being denied gun rights does hit blacks harder than the rest of us. (Thank you, War on Drugs.)
  • Funny timing. Last evening I started reading a 30-year-old tome by a naturalist/environmentalist. He mentioned the then-dire ozone hole; you may remember the OH as the terror that was going to make livestock go blind and give us humans shocking rates of skin cancer. I’d forgotten all about it. Bet you had, too. Then I check my morning news and up pops a Smithsonian piece asking whatever happened to the ozone hole.
  • Ouch. Even if Ammon Bundy manages not to get himself Wacoed, he faces financial oblivion for the Oregon standoff (H/T MJR). Meanwhile, Oath Keepers and III Percenters pay a call on the FBI.
  • Too much suffering and struggle for freedomistas lately. Michael Werecat Dean details how he faces life-threatening health problems while giving his all to Freedom Feens. The Feens audience is generally younger and hipper than most here at BHM, but the show is a wonderful outreach vehicle and MWD has always been a passionate supporter of other freedomistas, including me.
  • For people who complained that her The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever was more about humans than the dog, Brigid writes a brief “book” about her dog Abby’s thoughts. Hilarious. Because it’s so right.
Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, December 26th, 2015
  • Father gets into a stand-off with police to prevent a hospital from taking his “brain dead” son off life support. Happened earlier this year but the follow-up is what’s making this a Christmas-season story.
  • Pot for the homeless. (H/T jed)
  • Also from jed: all the SF books to binge read over the holidays. (Can’t vouch for them myself ’cause I haven’t read any of them. If you’re buying, you know where to purchase them.)
  • Dave Barry’s year in review. (I’ve lost track of the people who’ve sent this one to me; it’s definitely been making the rounds.)
  • Jim Bovard’s Raging Bitch Christmas. Little hard to picture it, but liberty’s professional curmudgeon did a stint as Santa.
  • I don’t always agree with Jonah Goldberg. But when it comes to picking the perfect presidential candidate for these times he might just be onto something.
  • Heaven knows why they’ve tagged this article as “gun violence.” There’s no violence involved — just more Americans wanting and getting guns. I know a lucky lady (not me) who got a brand new Glock from Santa.
  • Speaking of which, don’t forget to take the TZP poll on gun gifting. Even if you already took it once you can answer again with your post-Christmas results.
  • Awww, that’s wonderful. “Fospice” care for dying homeless dogs.
Claire Wolfe

Not exactly traditional, but …

Friday, December 25th, 2015

I wasn’t going to post today, but Jim Bovard tempted me with his Christmas musical finds. And those led me into the darkest depths of YouTubery.

If you want more traditional carols, check out the comment thread on yesterday’s post, where Christmas helpers have been posting links to sublime stuff.

Warning: what follows here may not exactly fall into the “sublime” category.

Jeff Foxworthy’s “12 Redneck Days of Christmas”:

Next up is “Santa Claus is Tapping Your Phone” sung by what appears to be a bunch of drunken members of the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce:

In case you can’t make our the slurred and mumbled lyrics, here they are (along with other Christmas parodies, some of dubious taste). Thanks, Jim.

This next song has graced the pages of this blog before, but it’s clearly an undying classic and especially apropos in light of the latest TSA news

“Grandma Got Molested at the Airport”:

Finally I’ll leave you with a fave of another generation, Walt Kelly’s, “Deck Us All With Boston Charlie” (which, BTW, I can sing on demand, without any form of chemical encouragement. Be very glad I’m merely typing and not recording audio). Lyrics here in case you want to sing along:

Merry Christmas One And All!

Claire Wolfe

N-O-N database hack attempt; NSA suspected

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Santa Claus confirms that the National Security Agency was behind the recent attempted hack on the Naughty Or Nice (NON) Database.

(LOL to MJR)



Claire Wolfe

Lite stuff

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

With Christmas cheer warming up and possibly even some chestnuts roasting over open fires, it seems like time for a little lite stuff.

(Cheerfully stolen from furrydoc)

A song for politicians and v*ters everywhere

(Source; per Laird in comments)

And a modern freedomista Christmas classic from Neema Vedadi and FreedomFeens (with Ben Stone aka Bad Quaker as Santa).


And finally …

Decorating with Canine from Brigid at Home on the Range.

Claire Wolfe

Marco Rubio for president! (Wait, wait …)

Sunday, December 13th, 2015
Claire Wolfe

Shocking ;-)

Monday, December 7th, 2015

The deadly truth about climate change

You’ve heard Glorious Leader say it. And you probably didn’t believe that climate change was the greatest threat to our liberty and security. But now actual, unretouched photos reveal the shocking truth about the deadly peril we face from climate change.

Tell it to the terrorists

Last night Glorious Leader also equated gun ownership with terrorists and terrorism. Clearly he should send that message directly to the terrorists:


Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, December 5th, 2015
  • In the wake of the foul jihadist murders in San Bernardino, we now have two new categories of weapons, according to politicians and the media. First comes “assault clothing” (H/T DB). Deadly outerwear is followed by “multi-automatic round weapons.” No word yet on what a M-ARW may be. Or on how clothing can kill. But be on the lookout for these new dangers. These are truly perilous times.
  • “When ‘suspected’ is close enough.” Scott H. Greenfield is a little behind the curve in some of his information here. But his heart and head are certainly in the right place (Tip o’ hat to S)
  • Is Gollum evil? A Turkish doctor’s freedom depends on the answer
  • I don’t agree with everything Ilana Mercer writes in this column. Doubt most of you will, either. But she does make some good points about the ineffectiveness of law enforcement in this age where spouting something politically incorrect may be “worse” than being a terrorist.
  • “Why Walking Helps Us Think.” While the article never really answers the “why” question, every ardent walker — particularly any who are also writers — will appreciate its sentiments. (H/T PT)
  • Finally, courtesy of jb, here’s a Christmas gift list as only Dave Barry could create it.
Claire Wolfe

Little Red Riding Hood: The Politically Correct Version

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Enjoy. As long as you can do so without oppressing anyone, creating an unsafe space, or generally behaving in a racist, sexist, or speciesist manner.

(H/T ML)



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