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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Miscellaneous’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
  • The feds have broken the Oregon standoff with arrests and one killing. A remnant remains. Leaders were apparently lured out on the pretext of attending a community meeting and trapped at a roadblock. Why? Why not wait them out? (H/T db)
  • David Codrea exposes and righteously blasts the latest junk-science study op-ed from “prestigious” anti-gun medical sources.
  • “Does stupidity cause gun control, or does gun control cause stupidity?” Bear Bussjaeger speculates.
  • I’ve never understood the mentality that official (or family) wrongdoing is fine as long as no one exposes it and that any person exposing the wrongdoing is somehow the problem. I’ve experienced that mentality, God knows (haven’t we all?), but I’ll never understand it as long as I live. Anyhow … sometimes justice eventually prevails. (H/T jed in comments)
  • Speaking of exposing wrongdoing … Are we witnessing the fall of the House of Clinton? We can only hope.
  • Kinda funny. Not surprising, though. The most overconfident students (in one study, at least) are in political science. (Even more interesting where the least confident are — the fields that require hard evidence.)
  • Another drawback of license plate readers. Ugh. Ick. Ptooey!
  • The most fascinating thing about this grid-down survivalist book is that it’s written by respected, ultra-establishment newsman Ted Koppel.
Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
  • In the schadenfreude department: Melissa Click, the social-justice pecksniff who shoved one reporter and called for “muscle” to remove another from a public demonstration, has been charged with assault.
  • Despite using annoying “gun violence” language, this CNN article brings the good news that mental health professionals aren’t likely to sit still for Obama administration attempts to label every mentally ill person as too dangerous to own a firearm. With statistics, even!
  • From Microsoft: useful, creepy, or both?
  • If this is accurate in describing how classified material “escapes” from secure servers and ends up on private ones, then Hillary and several of her staffers should already be sitting in jail awaiting trial.
  • Everybody was so busy panicking over the recent snowpocalypse that they forgot what billions of little kids have known since prehistory: snow can be fun. (Tip o’ hat to PT)
  • In your cheery dog news for the day: Alabama bloodhound decides on her own to enter a half-marathon; wins ribbon. (H/T ML)
  • And Brigid writes a dogtionary.
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, January 25th, 2016
  • Cool story from shooting-sports star Vera Koo. I had no idea she was so old or that she learned to shoot only in middle age because she was terrified of guns.
  • Amazing and discouraging that cops continue to get away with being highwaymen despite these tactics being repeatedly exposed. Picked the wrong victim this time, though. (H/T MJR)
  • Why is there no Uber for healthcare? You already know the answer, but this article finally asks some of the obvious questions.
  • Much sweat has been sweated over China’s holdings of U.S. debt. This is the first time I’ve seen anybody get exercised over what Saudi Arabia could do to us. (H/T The Shy One)
  • And speaking of Saudi Arabia, while I wouldn’t take this opinion piece as gospel, we should forever keep in mind that these tyrannical thugs are not our friends.
  • I wanna know who those 62 people are.
  • Do not get between a mama bear — or a mama human — and her cubs.
  • “The Day the Mesozoic Died.” Great account of a scientific detective story.
  • Fairytales are much older than we know.
Claire Wolfe

Addendum for easties and others

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

It’s looking as if this is one “snowpocalypse” that isn’t going to fizzle out and embarrass the media.

So, just in time, or maybe only slightly late, a friend sends along these tips for what to pack if you have to travel in the mess and what to do if you get stuck.

We here in the NorthWET just got another punch from an atmospheric river. Coincidentally the amount of liquid we received in 24 hours was roughly equivalent to the amount of liquid in the snow y’all back there are about to be clobbered with. Say, roughly the level Mordor’s expecting.

All in all, I prefer things our way. No shoveling. Much easier to drive in.

Claire Wolfe

Good luck, east coast

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Best to you all from Virginia to New England. Stay safe, warm, electrified, and avoid hysterical politicians.

ADDED: And same to you all up and down the coast. Sounds like major nastiness is getting spread around.

Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, January 21st, 2016
  • At The Zelman Partisans, Nicki lauds the young Pakistani professor who used his firearm to protect his students from a terrorist attack.
  • Killing the golden goose of capitalism.
  • And speaking (as we were earlier this week and above) about the way bad law and regulation ultimagely discourage everyone and everything, NHTSA regulators are trying to destroy the Elio before it even goes into production. (H/T jed)
  • Okay. I’m sure this is humorous.
  • Now, this, on the other hand I’m not so certain about. (Both links courtesy of Y.B.)
  • No wonder college students are so eager to destroy free speech and create segregated “safe spaces.” They’re taught beans about history or civics. Be sure to check out the stats beginning on page 4, if you do nothing else.
  • Gun buyers have broken NICS. The FBI is responding by refusing to consider appeals of wrongful denials. Since 90-some percent of denials are wrongful, this is a big deal. (It would be a big constitutional deal even if one denial was wrongful and could not be appealed; but since NICS itself is anti-constitutional, that’s a nitpick.) There will be lawsuits. But this just goes to show you (not that anyone here needed showing) how easy it is for the fedgov, having pushed “law-abiding” people into getting its prior permission, to forbid exercise of an individual right.
  • The headline proclaims a big-deal “new” feature on an upcoming washing machine from Samsung. Which turns out to be a feature that has actually existed on the vast majority of washing machines since Great-Granny’s day. Until “new, improved!” washers with government-mandated energy features and mega-electronic controls broke it. Bet the “new” machine from Samsung will be a heck of a lot more pricy than Granny’s washer, too. And thanks to fedgov rules, It won’t wash as well as Granny’s did, either.
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
  • Wow. But not surprising. The ATF and the Obama administration, via Fast & Furious, supplied drug lord El Chapo with .50 cal weaponry.
  • Zombie ships ply the ocean in hopes of paying just the interest, not the principle, on shipowners’ debt. One more place all that central bank bubble capital has been going for the last eight years.
  • Right analysis? But completely crazy proposed solution to global bubbles.
  • With state legislatures in session, it’s become political silly season. Most of the goofy new bills will never pass, so you can stop sending me alarming emails about junk that might not even make it out of committee, okay? But politicians are getting their jollies with bills enabling random acquaintances to deprive you of your gun rights, create new gun bans even in southern states, and requiring “journalists” to register with the state. Yeah, that one’ll really meet the First Amendment test, for sure.
  • Good news, however! Although politics clearly rots your brain, you may be pleased to know that, contrary to recent reports, cannabis probably doesn’t.
  • Being the grey man in a surveillance society. (Jim Bovard, who led me to this link, gets called out for one of his notable failures in the grey-man department. OTOH, I don’t think Jim has ever aimed to be grey.)
  • Or you could become the opposite of the grey man. Like this first guy in the world to travel with a passport chip in his hand. (Via David Codrea.)
  • RIP, Bitcoin? Despite this week’s developments, I don’t know whether Bitcoin is dead or not. I’m outside the Bitcoin universe. I do know, however, that there has always been good reason to watch from the sidelines before jumping in. The volatility. The out-of-thin-air nature of the currency. The ability of small groups to control it. And — above all — the fact that true believers have promoted Bitcoin at me as though it were the second coming of Jesus. Never a good sign, that.
  • She got jilted at the altar, sold all her stuff and became a world traveling writer.
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, January 18th, 2016
  • Brad, over at, says, “Adios, Forbes.” I’ll follow that with my own “Sayonara.” I used to check Forbes often; now it won’t let me in even when I try to accommodate its demands. Seems that’s just as well, really.
  • You might not favor this guy’s environmental stance, but the way he went about saving a patch of old-grown forest is an inspiration.
  • Yikes! Village endures “biblical” rains. (Commentariat member Roger: I hope you don’t live anywhere near this place!) (H/T jed)
  • David Codrea reminds us of a few more things Mike Vanderboegh has done for freedom.
  • Google’s (unsurprisingly) creep plan to replace passwords with 24-hour behavior monitoring. Eeeeew.
Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, January 16th, 2016
Claire Wolfe

Thursday news

Thursday, January 14th, 2016
  • Will people now have to start watching their “threat scores” the way they have to watch their credit scores? Given the notoriously bad and biased information that goes into marking us as “threats,” that could be a real challenge.
  • Mental Floss tells the story of German teens who rebelled against Hitler. Another fascinating, little-known bit of history.
  • To call it the gun issue even the NRA won’t touch might be an exaggeration. But the problem of non-violent ex-felons being denied gun rights does hit blacks harder than the rest of us. (Thank you, War on Drugs.)
  • Funny timing. Last evening I started reading a 30-year-old tome by a naturalist/environmentalist. He mentioned the then-dire ozone hole; you may remember the OH as the terror that was going to make livestock go blind and give us humans shocking rates of skin cancer. I’d forgotten all about it. Bet you had, too. Then I check my morning news and up pops a Smithsonian piece asking whatever happened to the ozone hole.
  • Ouch. Even if Ammon Bundy manages not to get himself Wacoed, he faces financial oblivion for the Oregon standoff (H/T MJR). Meanwhile, Oath Keepers and III Percenters pay a call on the FBI.
  • Too much suffering and struggle for freedomistas lately. Michael Werecat Dean details how he faces life-threatening health problems while giving his all to Freedom Feens. The Feens audience is generally younger and hipper than most here at BHM, but the show is a wonderful outreach vehicle and MWD has always been a passionate supporter of other freedomistas, including me.
  • For people who complained that her The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever was more about humans than the dog, Brigid writes a brief “book” about her dog Abby’s thoughts. Hilarious. Because it’s so right.
Claire Wolfe

Alan Rickman, RIP

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Oh no. Professor Snape is gone. Alan Rickman was a great actor and a very private person. As with David Bowie, few even knew he was suffering from cancer.

Bowie’s death made me feel old. Ziggy Stardust dead? How can it be? Rickman’s death feels only as if the world’s supply of great acting talent is that much lower, so suddenly.

UPDATE: His best roles according to People. I’ve been trying to get my hands on Truly, Madly, Deeply with no luck. And I’ve never seen Die Hard though I will now that I know he was in it. Galaxy Quest and the eight Harry Potters of course. Could watch those all day.

Claire Wolfe

Sunday ramble

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

I was debating whether to write more about Obama’s recent (though ancient in Internet Time) fiats against gun “dealers” and gun owners. Can’t bring myself to. Our Glorious Leader is all about “gun control theater,” signifying very darned little. Bans and confiscations clearly dance through Obama’s dreams, but he hasn’t got the guts to face strong people. He strikes at the weak and vulnerable.

Then this morning I was reminded of the bottom line truth:




Well, I finished watching The Man in the High Castle. Yep, as you who got there before me said, that was certainly a “twisty” ending in more ways than one.

Excellent show all the way through. Moody, suspenseful, intelligent, brilliantly crafted.

Funny, though. When a show is that excellent, every minor slip stands out. In one episode the writer confused geography with geology, and both the actors in the scene obediently recited the goof. You’d think somebody, somewhere on the crew would have said, “Hey, wait a minute.” I wanted to knock them all silly — only because they suddenly yanked so hard on my suspension of disbelief.


Related to both High Castle and real resistance movements: Without any spoilers, I’ll say that there’s a major character who is maddeningly ambiguous. He’s someone you want to like, or at least give the benefit of the doubt to. Maybe you’d see him as a bad guy trying to be good. Or a good guy who behaves badly because he’s under duress. If you’ve seen the show, you know who I mean. He’s positioned so that he could either be very valuable, or deadly, to the resistance.

By the final episode I was rooting for the good guys to kill him and be done with it.

In a resistance, you must know how to hide, evade, and deceive. You have to know when not to say something. You have to be able to look an enemy in the face and be innocently honest when you’re a guilty liar. But you also have to be trustworthy to each other.

The defining trait of this character is that, given the choice between truth and lies, he always lies. Even when he’s “confessing” to something, he lies. Even with those closest to him, he’s always sure to shade the truth or omit vital details.

Guy like that in a resistance movement? In a time of deadly totalitarianism? When freedom depends on trust for your fellows? I say blow his brains out. Or if you can’t do that, give him some false trail to follow and send him off in pointless circles. (But in the context of High Castle, this character is too well-connected for the latter method. Brains, I say.)


I mentioned in my New Years resolutions post that I needed to economize in 2016.

This was a hard one, but the next step is canceling my Internet service. That will happen in early February.

You may not notice a lot of difference because there’s wifi at the library. I won’t make as many blog posts, but I won’t disappear, either. The posts I do make will be the product of a brain that has more time to think while being less distracted by news, politics, email, and cute cat pictures.

Though I’m doing this so I can devote more resources toward paying down last fall’s bills, I admit that another enforced absence from the ‘Net will be welcome, too. No idea how long it’ll last. But stick around. I won’t disappoint you.



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