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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Money’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, July 30th, 2016
  • “How the white working class lost its patriotism.” (By J.D. Vance, whose hillbilly roots are not too different from my own family’s)
  • Oh wow. Did you know about this? Anybody seen it? Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk have a new series that plays on their roles in the late, much-lamented, still grand-and-gloriously freedomista Firefly.
  • Speaking of rip-roaring, libertarianish fiction, Larry Correia’s latest Monster Hunter book is coming out Tuesday. An unusual amount of buzz around this one. Preorders now accepted on Amazon.
  • The big weapon in the antigunners’ arsenal.
  • Twenty years ago, libertarians were “lunatics” for wanting to end the drug war. Now … mainstream. Twenty years ago, libertarians were “crazy and irresponsible” for wanting to end zoning laws. Now … the idea’s being discussed on
  • Are Bernanke’s (and Milton Friedman’s) helicopters on their way?
  • Could the U.S. have avoided the War Between the States?
  • Every four years, the Olympics cost cities, regions, and countries more than they earn. Every four years, a new athletic supercomplex begins to crumble into ruin. Every four years thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of poor people and small businesses are brutally displaced for the sake of an international show. Why do so few commentarors realize and write about the obvious?
  • Suspicions confirmed: the U.S. has only one native wolf species. The other two “species” are just the result of coyotes and wolves doing some … er, heavy partying.
Claire Wolfe


Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

I was getting a little worried about the blog-foundation fundraiser. Four days and only $105 came in. While I appreciate every penny of that $105, I wondered, once again, if the goal was going to slip away.

Then today … $330 $350 $370. Whew!

Thank you to the very generous donors (who’ll be hearing from me soon). And thanks to MamaLiberty for promoting the fundraiser on her Price of Liberty blog.

I’m still awaiting several snailed donations — a couple that haven’t had time to make it here and one or two I’m beginning to worry about. So we shall see how this goes.

However it goes, bless all you great hearts for keeping this blog alive and helping move it to its new home. FYI, we won’t make the move until after my home wifi is back. But that’s only about three weeks now. Then … we’ll be ready to roll.

Claire Wolfe

On foundations, bitcoin, and whether or not my color sense melts your eyeballs :-)

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Well, dear people, the blog-foundation fundraiser swooped past two milestones yesterday: we passed that halfway point and we made it to the one-year mark.

Thanks to you, Living Freedom blog will move to its own dedicated site. And barring unfortunate incidents with my Lamborghini, it will live for at the very least another year on what you have already donated.

Now, if we can make it all the way to goal, we’ll not only have two assured years of bloglife, but He Who Fakes It Well and I will add interesting new features that take advantage of the very best thing this blog has ever had to offer: you guys.

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Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

* Speaking of Amazon, thanks for the excellent Prime Day!

And thank you for donating to help put the foundation back under this blog.

Claire Wolfe

Put the foundation back under this blog

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

It’s time to put the foundation back under the blog.

I’d hoped to avoid a fundraiser until the end of the year or early next, but the last couple of months have made me regret for the first time not keeping that post office job my mother thought was so wonderful when I was 19. (“It pays well for a woman,” Mom said. “Secure, too,” she said. “You can retire when you’re 50.”)

So here, simply, is the deal:

$3,000 keeps the blog going for another year* and not incidentally lets me tackle the earth-moving and wall-building part of the foundation work on my house.

$5,500 keeps the blog going for two years** and not incidentally lets me begin the foundation work, proper.

Every $300 raised below that keeps the blog going for one month.

A couple of years ago, you guys came through like champs for my “roof raiser.” This time I’m asking you not to think so much about the needs of Ye Olde Wreck (because, really, why should they even be your concern?), but about this blog — which until May 1 had a financial “foundation” provided by BHM, but now has only Amazon links to support it. Think about whatever you get from this blog — information, community, encouragement, laughs, healthy rage, whatever it might be — and “v*te” with your dollars for it to continue.

Late next month, I’ll be back to more regular blogging. If you “v*te” with your dollars to keep the blog going beyond a year, the blog will also move to a dedicated site with interesting new features to be added (still in the thinking stages so far, but they’ll take advantage of the wonderful community spirit that’s grown around this blog).

How you can donate

Either use the PayPal button below to give any amount you choose, or send a check or money order via snail mail. (If you have the PO Box 12– addy, that one’s still good. If you need the snailing addy, contact me at donate-at-hermit-dot-cotse-dot-net.)


* Provided my Tesla’s autopilot doesn’t fail to notice large trucks and kill me.

** Provided my Learjet doesn’t lose cabin pressure and kill me.


I’m starting this off by crediting the generous “ghost” who already sent me an unsolicited donation last month:

This graphic will be manually updated at least once a day to reflect new totals. Thank you!

Claire Wolfe

Amazon Prime Day

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Today is Amazon Prime Day, BTW.

Some huge deals today, including up to 60% off on athletic shoes, 25-40% off on some smartphones and smartwatches, up to 40% off on SanDisk products, and other deals on Roombas, toys, and Doom, and an XBox console.

Try Prime absolutely free today and get gigantic amounts whacked off the Prime Day specials. Today only, my regular Amazon link will take you directly to a Prime Deals page where you can see what they’re offering. Gigantic. Seriously. It’s like Black Friday, but in the middle of Summer.

Claire Wolfe

SMOD forever + cool binocs

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Given the state of U.S. poly-ticks, I urge you not to forget the one truly great candidate. You can get your Sweet Meteor O’ Death bumper stickers here and your SMOD yard signs here.

NFI on my part. Carl-Bear made and is selling these.



Nearer to my heart, but also NFI (except in the sense that it helps The Zelman Partisans grow), are these new binoculars in the TZP store. Compact, slick, and so very useful.

Limited number available. Get ’em while you can.


BTW, thanks to The Amazing Jo Ann, we’ve now made it easier for people who want to pay by check or money order.

Claire Wolfe

“If you’re living a normal life, you have nothing to worry about.”

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

“If you’re living a normal life, you have nothing to worry about.”

That quote, which appears in this Atlantic article, seems on its surface a mere variation on the old untrue truism “If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear.”

Bad, but not news.

But as the headline and theme of the linked article clearly show, data gathering and selling is now truly beginning to affect every aspect of our lives. And is doing so in ways that are used to judge us as “fit” or “unfit” to function in society — ways that permit no appeal. Often it’s done in ways that permit no knowledge of what’s being done to us. Increasingly, the definition of “normal life” is being judged by secret data and proprietary algorithms.

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Claire Wolfe

Things Amazonian. And ghostly.

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Last month, after Dave quit paying me to blog, you guys rose grandly to the occasion via Amazon. May was the best non-Christmas month ever. Not enough to make up for the lost income, but it definitely went a good ways in that direction. For which, many smooches.

This month? Erm … not so much. I believe the word for it is “sucks.”

Amazon has its natural ups and downs, so normally I don’t worry. But nothing’s been normal since that email from BHM.

So I’m just asking once again. Whether you’re at a level where you’re Cookin’ With Beans and Rice (which is a great little Mormon cookbook, BTW) … or a level where you do your cooking in style with an Ecoque portable grill (which over the years has been the most popular item I’ve ever linked) … please do it via my Amazon links.

The drill again for those who don’t know, is that if you use any one of my Amazon links, any time you visit Amazon to purchase anything, then everything you purchase during that visit will earn me a commission.

Or you could just bookmark my main Amazon link and use it as your forever-entry to that great and vast marketplace o’ stuff. That’ll make your life — and mine! — easier.


Amazon may be having a pitsy month, but I did receive a mysteriously uplifting donation. Which came from a ghost. Not a Ghost as in the ranks of Freedom Outlawry (though perhaps that, too). But a ghost as in spectral haunting.

Or so the return address said. Really. A famous regional ghost from one of the most haunted parts of the country. I’ve sent thanks to the live person I’m guessing sent the donation. But just in case I guessed wrong … Thank you, Ms. Ghost.


And again … I’m not soliciting donations right now. Hoping to put that off for a while as I see how I do without. It was wonderful to get that ghostly boost, but if you want to donate, I’m pretty sure I’ll give you an “official” chance later. Perhaps soonish, as later goes. But later.

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, June 10th, 2016
  • Cops have a new machine that lets them grab money off your prepaid cards right at roadside. But it’s not about the money. Really it isn’t. Of course not! It’s about … um … erm, identity theft! Yeah, that’s what it’s really about. The cops aren’t just getting more bold and efficient about stealing from you. They’re protecting you! (H/T Fred in comments)
  • Oopsie. Looks as if that gun “documentary” wasn’t the only one Couric and pals artfully edited to make their opponents look like dumbasses.
  • Great news for people who love both the Web and privacy: WWW creator, Tim Berners-Lee, has joined an effort to reinvent the online world. (H/T JG)
  • What is it that Yellowstone tourists don’t understand about “boiling water will reduce you to bones — real quick”? Not the first young guy who’s died this way.
  • Unions have joined the effort to end mass incarceration and its hope-killing (and employment-killing) after-effects.
  • Speaking of after-effects and just in case anyone needs to be reminded of what a dangerous person and what a whiny, lying, arrogant biotch Hillary has always been
  • Oh no. I knew that fellow gunblogger Northwest Freethinker (aka GayCynic) was very ill. But didn’t know he was gone. He saw to it that he departed in style, though.
  • Speaking of style: Former sportswriter chronicles his own Alzheimers journey.
  • Coming our way courtesy of central bankers: the next Lehman Brothers moment.
  • Why cops shoot dogs. Do we even need to ask? (via Wendy and Brad’s place)
  • And in bittersweet dog news: the last 911 search dog dies — but after a good, long life. (Tip o’ hat to LA)
Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
  • Sigh. It had to happen. One faction in the cannabis legalization movement sics the cops on another faction that it perceives as cutting into its profits. Piggery all around.
  • “But we’re different, right?” asks Y.B. ben Avraham, on the subject of hating Jews.
  • Well, yes, that’s almost exactly how it is being a writer. Except they forgot to add smoking three packs a day* and finding clever strategems (like counting the perforations on the acoustic tiles in the ceiling) to avoid actual, you know, work. (H/T jed in comments)
  • Seventeen movies that bombed at the box office then went on to become big cult hits.
  • While this article leans anti-Peter Thiel and I’m way more inclined to think the world owes Thiel a debt for his creative thinking and his billionairish backing of it, it’s still a decent look at the man.
  • This is so cool! Completely fake, mind you. It’s a conceptual art project, not a real thing. But still … so weirdly, imaginatively, creepily cool: The Merrylin Cryptid Museum. (Best viewed by allowing all three scripts, if you happen to be browsing around with NoScript on.)

* No, the smoking and drinking are NOT ME. I have been known to count holes in ceiling tiles, but that was actually in the fifth grade, when I was trapped in class. These days I have more wide-ranging and interesting ways of work avoidance.

Claire Wolfe

Dear Universe: Please take your “gifts” elsewhere

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

I awoke a few days ago to a project list longer than any I’ve had since before JPFO got sold off to Gottlieb.

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