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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Money’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
  • The more powerful people are, the more time they perceive they have. Interesting. And an insight into why some of us always feel as if we’re scrambling just to keep up!
  • And here’s the schedule those successful people follow.
  • This came up at Joel’s place the other day. I think it was MJR who linked it. In any case, it’s cool in more ways than one — poor man’s air conditioning.
  • Hm. Jeffrey Snider also goes on (as I recently did) about how seventeenth century England made such a difference to Americans. Then he goes on. And on. About modern-day political thievery. Long but interesting.*
  • Jury frees man who shot at cops who were too stupid and lazy to bother checking an address.
  • And things continue to look up! Woman wins big settlement after cop steals her money and arrests her on false charges. (H/T Say Uncle)

* He screws up saying that Locke fled England under James I. It was James II. But that’s just being technical. Locke was a pretty amazing person and one to whom we also owe much.

Claire Wolfe

Big sale on at JPFO through July 31

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Everything — everything! (except memberships) — is 25 percent off at the JPFO store through Thursday. And even with memberships, there’s an ongoing 25th-anniversary special.

Much good stuff. Prices low enough to enable you to share many items with friends. Books. DVDs. Targets. Bumper Stickers. Those wonderful, EZ-read Gran’pa Jack booklets. Tee shirts & hats. More Izula knives!

I wish I’d thought of this line myself, but I’ll steal it from David Codrea, who headlined his post about the big sale at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership with, “Have we got a deal for you!” :-)


And speaking of David, his latest article at JPFO is a real headshaker.

“What Would Happen if ‘Battle of Athens’ Round Two Ever Becomes Necessary?”

Darned good question on general princples. But especially pertinent for the people of McMinn County, Tennessee, whose fathers and grandfathers won the original Battle of Athens. So, folks, why are you now sitting back as your local government gears up to wage war on you?

Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, July 21st, 2014
Claire Wolfe

Midweek links

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
Claire Wolfe

Midweek links

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
  • Dog just hanging out in its own backyard. Cops canvassing neighborhood for a lost toddler (who turns out to be snoozing in his own family basement). Guess what cop does? Yeah. Again. But once again, the dog’s dad is on a take-no-prisoners quest for justice. (H/T furrydoc)
  • Okay, let’s have some better dog stories. Including this happy cop and “vicious” pit bull story via naturegirl.
  • And how about … dog returns wedding ring missing for five years.
  • New study warns against trying to cheer some folks up. Yeah, I can see that, for sure. Sometimes you just need validation and sometimes those cheery platitudes are just plain grating. Still … where comes the point where you just tell Debbie Downer to quit whining and fix her own life?
  • So former shooting hotshot and alleged historian Dick Metcalf. still hasn’t bothered to learn the meaning of the term “well-regulated.” And now the left is loving on him. (H/T RC) Bob Owens gives the useful idiot a touch of what he deserves.

Forget that. Cartoon time. Here’s one for Joel (via Never Yet Melted):


And one for all us makin’-a-livin’ arty types lost out here in Cyberland:

doonesburyartists-digital revolution_140629

(H/T Jim Bovard)

Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, June 30th, 2014
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
  • The federal no-fly list is unconstitutional. So says a judge. Not (apparently) because the fedgov is arbitrarily and secretly denying people their right to travel, but because it’s not offering a good enough appeals process for arguing our way off. Don’t expect much to change.
  • Gadzooks, it appears that the pampered darling Chelsea Clinton is even more out-of-touch than Mommy C. (Via Never Yet Melted)
  • Church knowingly hires registered sex offender (pedophile) as pastor. The predictable happens. But I suppose you could say this dude was a step above their previous pastor. Or … um, maybe not.
  • The security state as a bumbling giant. Gads, I love you, Borepatch. Love that bit of coding you blogged about, too.
  • Happiness is being a loser. Well, maybe not exactly. But this 2012 article nails how I perceive matters. I know positive thinking works for natural-born positive thinkers. But those of us who were born to see the glass as half empty have reasons — and a certain wisdom. Trying to force optimism has never done anything but make me grumpy from disappointment.

If you’re wondering when part II of my “observations on being obsolete” piece might be coming along — fear not. I’m working on it. it’s just that I’m also deadlining on three articles, too. So a little more patience.

In the meantime, always remember: We Our Lords and Masters Shall Overcome.”

And if that isn’t the most inspiring embarassing thing you’ve seen all year, I’d like to know what is.

Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Okay, cat people. Enjoy. It’s a commercial, but another good one:

If the voice and approach sound familiar, it’s because you remember Sad Dog Diary and Sad Cat Diary.

Claire Wolfe

I’m not really mechanically inclined …

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

… but sometimes being stubborn and a tad OCD makes up for that.

My “genuine” Amish electric fireplace (and I’m hardly the first to notice how ridiculous that claim is) heats just fine and looks pretty with its red glow and nice oak cabinet. But something is missing; “genuine” faux flame effects.


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Claire Wolfe

Meet the Clampetts

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

This weekend was the one moment of the year when a certain island full of millionaires “allows” garage sales. Once “allowed,” they do it up right.

If I were a millionaire I think I’d just give all my excess stuff to Goodwill rather than sit out in the hot sun (or rain; but this weekend it was sun) and peddle stuff for a few bux. Nevertheless, 147 households held “official” sales (there’s a map and everything, not to mention an entry fee just to get on the island) and dozens set up unofficial ones.

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Claire Wolfe

So what exactly do “negative interest rates” mean?

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

S answers that question in a message originally sent to the Infamous Mogambo Guru (IMG):

I thought I must have misunderstood the radio announcer, but I checked the ECB webpage.

The banksters at the European Central Bank have set a negative interest rate on deposits. The rate was zero, as of June 11 is -0.1%. If a bank leaves money on deposit at the ECB, they will steal some of it every day. This is on top of what is stolen invisibly by creating ever more money; here they actually reduce the balance of the account.

The intention is to force banks to lend their reserves rather than keeping them on deposit with the ECB. Since fractional-reserve bank lending creates money from nothing (this is on top of the new money created from nothing by the central bank) an increase in lending means even more rapid increases in the money supply. More money is available to bid against a shrinking supply of goods and services, causing even higher prices down the road.

Which is exactly what these criminals are conspiring to do. They see a rapidly contracting economy (crippled in no small part by ruinous “green” energy legislation and pricing) with falling demand for goods and services.

In a free market, falling demand causes downward pressure on prices, which is good for consumers. But anything that is good for consumers is bad for criminal banksters, as it interferes with the process of stealing from the poor and transferring wealth to the ultra-rich. So falling prices cannot be tolerated.

Falling prices also means that debts are repaid in money that may be more valuable than when the loan was created. This is good for creditors and bad for debtors. Governments are the largest debtors in human history, and central banks are nothing more than instantiations of government violence, so the interests of debtors will always triumph at central banks.

Consumers be damned. The ECB wants price inflation. Perhaps the precedent of setting negative interest rates will give it to them, good and hard.

Gold jumped $8 an ounce within minutes of the news, and we’ll see where that goes.

Which makes me so very happy that I took the Mogambo Guru’s advice and bought lots of lovely gold and silver coins back when they were so cheap even I could afford to buy them. Wheee! This investing stuff is easy!

Given where gold and silver have been lately, they could use quite a boost. Heck of a way to get one, though.

I post this with the sneaking suspicion (nay, the hard-won knowledge) that the average reader of the Living Freedom blog wouldn’t care if all of Europe fell into a giant volcano crater or was sawed off the planet and transported away by aliens. But trust me, folks, when I say, “Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.”

Well, maybe not soon. But inevitably.

Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
  • If you held out some tiny hope that Obama might not be as complete an economic moron as you thought him to be, read this and Lasciate ogni speranza. Yes, a raft of new federal controls will make energy cheaper!
  • Speaking of economic moronism: Under the inspiration of a Socialist city council member and waves and waves of trendy blueness, Seattle gone went and done it — raised the city’s minimum wage to $15/hour. For a while they may be saved by all the ifs, ands, and butts they included.
  • And on the other side of governmental asininity: Court official in Virginia refuses to perform a marriage because the couple aren’t Christians and therefore have no right to get married.
  • But wait! Governments have no monopoly on idiocy. Seems that hurricanes with female names kill more people, and it may be because people don’t think “girly” hurricanes are as dangerous, and therefore don’t flee or take as many precautions against them. (Oh, human beings, you are so very strange!)
  • Oh man. I didn’t realize that the latest baby-burning cops were also the preacher-killing cops from a few years back. I just love how the sheriff dismisses all this with, “Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in.” A fine statement from the guy who’s making the bad things happen. Tear ‘em a new one, Mr. Grigg.
  • “Things I Learned from My Father.” A moving tribute (and good gun talk) from Jerry the Geek. (And Jerry, with a dad like that, I think you might be exaggerating slightly about your lack of DIY skills.)
  • This one’s already gotten around a lot, but what the heck. It deserves all the attention. Bloomberg’s “Moms” demand action at a Tulsa Chipotle — and they get it. :-)


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