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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Resistance’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, February 5th, 2016
  • Big court victory for the Second Amendment this week. Like all court victories, flawed. But still big.
  • Why antigunners own stocks in gun and ammo companies.
  • I wasn’t sure they’d ever do it: The Free State Project now has the 20,000 pledgers it said it needed for critical political mass. I wonder whether they’ve checked to see if all those pledges are current and good. I know I withdrew mine around the time they started the move prematurely. The FSP is an intriguing effort that’s made waves. More power to it and all its people. How well they can stand against the rising tide of “socialism” is anyone’s guess.
  • Resist the VAT or any other national sales tax. Always and forever. (I’ll never understand those for whom “tax reform” means “more taxes.” Or those who believe that the income tax will magically go away when some new tax is imposed. Do they not know how government works?)
  • Yet another American Muslim cries for reform of a decrepit faith. Not Obama-style pandering.
  • F*c*b**k removes the pages of medical marijuana dispensaries and legal recreational pot shops. This had just happened to one of my interviewees on the morning I met with him.
Claire Wolfe

I’m busy writing an article, but …

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

I might not have a lot to say for the next few days, so I thought I’d drop by now with a handful of questions and a few mostly feelgood links.

The questions are for car guys and computer geeks. If your eyes glaze over at the very thought, feel free to skip to the linkage.

« Read the rest of this entry »

Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, January 30th, 2016
  • Well. Now we know why the “service economy” keeps growing even as everything else falls into the Dumpster. The whole story in one graph.
  • Here’s another big story in one graph. This one’s about gold.
  • Are MSM outlets Photoshopping pix of Hillary (or using Photoshopped pix provided by her campaign) to make her look as much as 30 years younger than she really is?
  • This is precisely why we should be using email encryption even for sharing our chocolate chip cookie recipes. Smack that snotty, crowing NSA right in its face. (Tip o’ hat to S.)
  • Will Switzerland end fractional reserve banking?
  • Down with the tyranny of the Fitbit.
  • I know some will object that this little “flash story” is too optimistic. Okay. Still a beautiful, hopeful piece, though. (H/T MJR)
  • And this, dropped into comments by TSO, really is too optimistic. Or swimming too hopelessly against the tide. It also uses technology (provided by industrialization) to decry industrialization. Nevertheless, some truth there.
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
  • The feds have broken the Oregon standoff with arrests and one killing. A remnant remains. Leaders were apparently lured out on the pretext of attending a community meeting and trapped at a roadblock. Why? Why not wait them out? (H/T db)
  • David Codrea exposes and righteously blasts the latest junk-science study op-ed from “prestigious” anti-gun medical sources.
  • “Does stupidity cause gun control, or does gun control cause stupidity?” Bear Bussjaeger speculates.
  • I’ve never understood the mentality that official (or family) wrongdoing is fine as long as no one exposes it and that any person exposing the wrongdoing is somehow the problem. I’ve experienced that mentality, God knows (haven’t we all?), but I’ll never understand it as long as I live. Anyhow … sometimes justice eventually prevails. (H/T jed in comments)
  • Speaking of exposing wrongdoing … Are we witnessing the fall of the House of Clinton? We can only hope.
  • Kinda funny. Not surprising, though. The most overconfident students (in one study, at least) are in political science. (Even more interesting where the least confident are — the fields that require hard evidence.)
  • Another drawback of license plate readers. Ugh. Ick. Ptooey!
  • The most fascinating thing about this grid-down survivalist book is that it’s written by respected, ultra-establishment newsman Ted Koppel.
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
  • Wow. But not surprising. The ATF and the Obama administration, via Fast & Furious, supplied drug lord El Chapo with .50 cal weaponry.
  • Zombie ships ply the ocean in hopes of paying just the interest, not the principle, on shipowners’ debt. One more place all that central bank bubble capital has been going for the last eight years.
  • Right analysis? But completely crazy proposed solution to global bubbles.
  • With state legislatures in session, it’s become political silly season. Most of the goofy new bills will never pass, so you can stop sending me alarming emails about junk that might not even make it out of committee, okay? But politicians are getting their jollies with bills enabling random acquaintances to deprive you of your gun rights, create new gun bans even in southern states, and requiring “journalists” to register with the state. Yeah, that one’ll really meet the First Amendment test, for sure.
  • Good news, however! Although politics clearly rots your brain, you may be pleased to know that, contrary to recent reports, cannabis probably doesn’t.
  • Being the grey man in a surveillance society. (Jim Bovard, who led me to this link, gets called out for one of his notable failures in the grey-man department. OTOH, I don’t think Jim has ever aimed to be grey.)
  • Or you could become the opposite of the grey man. Like this first guy in the world to travel with a passport chip in his hand. (Via David Codrea.)
  • RIP, Bitcoin? Despite this week’s developments, I don’t know whether Bitcoin is dead or not. I’m outside the Bitcoin universe. I do know, however, that there has always been good reason to watch from the sidelines before jumping in. The volatility. The out-of-thin-air nature of the currency. The ability of small groups to control it. And — above all — the fact that true believers have promoted Bitcoin at me as though it were the second coming of Jesus. Never a good sign, that.
  • She got jilted at the altar, sold all her stuff and became a world traveling writer.
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, January 18th, 2016
  • Brad, over at, says, “Adios, Forbes.” I’ll follow that with my own “Sayonara.” I used to check Forbes often; now it won’t let me in even when I try to accommodate its demands. Seems that’s just as well, really.
  • You might not favor this guy’s environmental stance, but the way he went about saving a patch of old-grown forest is an inspiration.
  • Yikes! Village endures “biblical” rains. (Commentariat member Roger: I hope you don’t live anywhere near this place!) (H/T jed)
  • David Codrea reminds us of a few more things Mike Vanderboegh has done for freedom.
  • Google’s (unsurprisingly) creep plan to replace passwords with 24-hour behavior monitoring. Eeeeew.
Claire Wolfe

Thursday news

Thursday, January 14th, 2016
  • Will people now have to start watching their “threat scores” the way they have to watch their credit scores? Given the notoriously bad and biased information that goes into marking us as “threats,” that could be a real challenge.
  • Mental Floss tells the story of German teens who rebelled against Hitler. Another fascinating, little-known bit of history.
  • To call it the gun issue even the NRA won’t touch might be an exaggeration. But the problem of non-violent ex-felons being denied gun rights does hit blacks harder than the rest of us. (Thank you, War on Drugs.)
  • Funny timing. Last evening I started reading a 30-year-old tome by a naturalist/environmentalist. He mentioned the then-dire ozone hole; you may remember the OH as the terror that was going to make livestock go blind and give us humans shocking rates of skin cancer. I’d forgotten all about it. Bet you had, too. Then I check my morning news and up pops a Smithsonian piece asking whatever happened to the ozone hole.
  • Ouch. Even if Ammon Bundy manages not to get himself Wacoed, he faces financial oblivion for the Oregon standoff (H/T MJR). Meanwhile, Oath Keepers and III Percenters pay a call on the FBI.
  • Too much suffering and struggle for freedomistas lately. Michael Werecat Dean details how he faces life-threatening health problems while giving his all to Freedom Feens. The Feens audience is generally younger and hipper than most here at BHM, but the show is a wonderful outreach vehicle and MWD has always been a passionate supporter of other freedomistas, including me.
  • For people who complained that her The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever was more about humans than the dog, Brigid writes a brief “book” about her dog Abby’s thoughts. Hilarious. Because it’s so right.
Claire Wolfe

Sunday ramble

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

I was debating whether to write more about Obama’s recent (though ancient in Internet Time) fiats against gun “dealers” and gun owners. Can’t bring myself to. Our Glorious Leader is all about “gun control theater,” signifying very darned little. Bans and confiscations clearly dance through Obama’s dreams, but he hasn’t got the guts to face strong people. He strikes at the weak and vulnerable.

Then this morning I was reminded of the bottom line truth:




Well, I finished watching The Man in the High Castle. Yep, as you who got there before me said, that was certainly a “twisty” ending in more ways than one.

Excellent show all the way through. Moody, suspenseful, intelligent, brilliantly crafted.

Funny, though. When a show is that excellent, every minor slip stands out. In one episode the writer confused geography with geology, and both the actors in the scene obediently recited the goof. You’d think somebody, somewhere on the crew would have said, “Hey, wait a minute.” I wanted to knock them all silly — only because they suddenly yanked so hard on my suspension of disbelief.


Related to both High Castle and real resistance movements: Without any spoilers, I’ll say that there’s a major character who is maddeningly ambiguous. He’s someone you want to like, or at least give the benefit of the doubt to. Maybe you’d see him as a bad guy trying to be good. Or a good guy who behaves badly because he’s under duress. If you’ve seen the show, you know who I mean. He’s positioned so that he could either be very valuable, or deadly, to the resistance.

By the final episode I was rooting for the good guys to kill him and be done with it.

In a resistance, you must know how to hide, evade, and deceive. You have to know when not to say something. You have to be able to look an enemy in the face and be innocently honest when you’re a guilty liar. But you also have to be trustworthy to each other.

The defining trait of this character is that, given the choice between truth and lies, he always lies. Even when he’s “confessing” to something, he lies. Even with those closest to him, he’s always sure to shade the truth or omit vital details.

Guy like that in a resistance movement? In a time of deadly totalitarianism? When freedom depends on trust for your fellows? I say blow his brains out. Or if you can’t do that, give him some false trail to follow and send him off in pointless circles. (But in the context of High Castle, this character is too well-connected for the latter method. Brains, I say.)


I mentioned in my New Years resolutions post that I needed to economize in 2016.

This was a hard one, but the next step is canceling my Internet service. That will happen in early February.

You may not notice a lot of difference because there’s wifi at the library. I won’t make as many blog posts, but I won’t disappear, either. The posts I do make will be the product of a brain that has more time to think while being less distracted by news, politics, email, and cute cat pictures.

Though I’m doing this so I can devote more resources toward paying down last fall’s bills, I admit that another enforced absence from the ‘Net will be welcome, too. No idea how long it’ll last. But stick around. I won’t disappoint you.

Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
  • Heh. Carl-Bear Bussjaeger has an idea for those who are likely to be reclassified as “gun dealers” by Obama fiat: comply, comply, comply, comply … and comply some more.
  • Very good one from Mas Ayoob: Five myths of gun fighting.
  • Until recently, the common assumption was that carefree, laid-back people lived longer, healthier lives and that anxiety and worry were bad for you. Lots of research these days points away from that belief. Here’s one more datapoint. Anxious people process threats in a part of the brain devoted to action.
  • The Bill Clinton effect or why liberals may be more sexually abusive to women. (I’m not sure author Carrie Lucas really makes her case, but it’s interesting.)
  • Could you be a libertarian existentialist?
  • Fascinating even at the same time you really hope this study wasn’t funded by tax dollars: do dogs, despite their diversity of size and appearance (the most diversity of any species), recognize that other dogs are dogs on sight?
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
  • Smart women shoppers have known this for years and years: if there’s a men’s and women’s version of a product, you should nearly always buy the men’s version. They’re not only cheaper; they’re often better made.
  • Salutes to them! Brave Muslims in Kenya risk their lives to shield Christians from an Al-Shabaab attack.
  • Laird found this and posted it in comments days before the media discovered it. Colton Harris Moore, The Barefoot Bandit, has a blog.
  • While Clinton clones in Virginia destroy ccw reciprocity (and Nicki rants), Texas teachers increasingly go armed. (H/T LA)
  • We knew this was coming. The IRS gets the authority to effectively deny citizenship rights to people who owe substantial taxes. The authority to sic private tax collectors on us, too, who aren’t bound by some of the rules that restrict the IRS. Just like in the days before the Revolution, you know?
  • Hm. Not sure this video Christmas card from a Google affiliate is quite as creepy as the article writer finds it. But … um, I won’t be sending it to my friends anytime soon.
Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, December 17th, 2015
  • Whatever you think (or whether you think) of Caitlyn Jenner, this is good. Seems Caitlyn refuses to toe the politically correct line on victimology.
  • Meet the lobbyists who represent the world’s worst dictators to Your Representatives in Washington.
  • I failed to acknowledge two very big historic dates earlier this week. First, the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Second, the Boston Tea Party. Here’s an interesting retrospective on the tea party. (Amusing how the Brahmins downplayed it.) And here’s an eyewitness account.
  • You, too can evade the no-fly list. (Well, maybe. I’m sure this wouldn’t work for international flights where you have to book using your full passport name. But it certainly shows yet one more folly of using such capricious lists for “national security.”)
  • The FBI has saved the nation from an Eeeevil Plot (which of course it enabled) to build an anti-Muslim death ray. Srsly. This is not precisely new news. The story has been trickling out over time. But I missed it first time around and it’s clearly too bizarre to go unnoted.
  • Cop who previously made the news for wanting a creepily pornographic photo of a teen sexter commits suicide rather than be arrested for an unrelated case of … of course … pedophilia.
  • These are among the coolest tiny houses/huts/studios I’ve seen. One or two have appeared here in links before, but this collection is awesome in its Scandinavian and Japanese styling. Me want. (H/T MJR)
  • Armed individuals capture thug, save old man from knife attack.
  • And in China, a man uses his money and his passion to save 2,000 dogs from becoming dinner (after, sadly, his own dog may have ended up on a plate).



This holiday season, please use my Amazon links for your shopping.

Or drop a little something in the tip jar.

Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
  • Yes! We must ban guns. So that gangs of robbers will have to use alternatives. (H/T MJR)
  • Obama cynically decries cynicism.
  • ISIS judge says kill all the “defective” children. I guess Middle Eastern mommies and daddies should be glad it’s being done by “humane” methods rather than public beheadings or burning the infants alive in cages.
  • Patrick Buchanan asks whether elites will blow up the GOP. He then proceeds to chronicle how the GOP has already been blown up. Interesting glimpse at history and (these days non) smoke-filled rooms, though.
  • It’s always hard to tell a real crisis from one that’s merely concocted to sell newspapers get clicks. But between the continuing crackup of the commodities markets and the more sudden collapse of junk bonds there’s talk of 2008 all over again. Amid new worries about Europe. This time it’s Italian banks and bad bailouts. A “Bear Stearnes moment” or a “Lehman moment”? Or just clickbait? I don’t know. But this financial house of cards is going to go sometime.
  • More on moderate Muslims reclaiming their religion from murdering fundamentalist theocratic a-holes. And this.
  • “Freeing Your Inner Outlaw.” Somebody dug up this old piece the other day and posted it at Rumor Mill News. Jim Bovard found it for me and I thought it might be a good cheerer-upper.
  • While I generally try to avoid a whole bunch of ego-linking to my own writings, I do have a new one up at TZP on the loserhood of hoplophobic executive orders and how a bunch of pols manage to be confused about exactly who they want to ban from what.
  • Just in case you need a little canine heart warming.


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