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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Why I sometimes post about politics, and other things

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Recently, some readers have expressed various levels of dismay that your humble blogger posts about political and social and economic issues in a blog hosted on a website that’s all about self-reliance. Here is why:

What is going on in America and in the world, politically, socially, and economically is of vital importance to self-reliance and homesteading. The ability to homestead depends on government leaving you alone. Were Congress, in their collective idiocy, to decide every morsel of food that passes your lips must be USDA inspected and approved, that new “law” or “regulation” would effectively end the ability of homesteaders and self-reliant gardeners to grow their own food unless they are willing and able to jump through and over whatever hoops and hurdles the bureaucrats put in place.

Granted, that is an extreme example, but in light of past bureaucratic performance, maybe not so far-fetched. Anyone remember NAIS which, despite everything that was done to kill it, still has not gone away for good? In a truly free nation, schemes like that would never even be proposed. They can only happen in  nation with a climate of dependence where “elites” know best what is good for everyone else. Which is why that climate and those who create it are often the subjects of my posts.

Some of those who commented or emailed made the point that there are many political (and social and economics) websites and blogs out there and that’s where they prefer to get their news and commentary. All well and good for them, but many folks do not have the time or inclination to visit such sites. If my posts can reach someone who might otherwise have be unaware, isn’t that a good thing?

I am not an expert on self-reliance and homesteading, but Jackie Clay is. That’s why she is consistently the magazine’s and the website’s most popular author. That’s why folks send her questions which she answers in her blog along with posting about her homestead. She feeds herself and her family from what she raises. I have time to grow some tomatoes and hot peppers in pots. Honestly, who would you really rather hear from on the subjects of self-reliance and homesteading, her or me?

Some have complained — nicely or not — that I don’t like all liberals. With the exception of certain politicians, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t dislike liberals, I just think their world-view is misguided and unrealistic given what we know about human nature and the world in which we live. Liberalism, socialism, communism — they are all based on the notion that someone else has a right to what you work for. I reject that idea. So yes, my opinions will come from a conservative/libertarian/independent perspective, one that has developed over may years of trying to apply logic and reason and common sense to the world in which we live. The way I look at it, if I can get just one person per post to stop and say, “Hmm. I never thought of it that way,” then the time I devoted to writing it was time well spent.

And for those who still think politics has no place on the Backwoods Home website, consider that

1. We currently have a president who thinks the concept of self-reliance is appalling and uses the idea as a scare tactic, and

2. The US Supreme Court is taking on the Obamacare insurance mandate. Five citizens out of 300+ million could decide that government can, indeed, force all of us to buy anything it decides we should buy, whether we want it or not. Hopefully, they will not.

I appreciate each and every person who takes valuable time from their day to read what I have to say. And I value every comment they make even more because they took the additional time to write. But I am who I am and will believe what I believe until someone changes my mind with facts, and I have to keep posting the things I find interesting and sometimes important. And I will not be at all hurt if, on some days, folks simply give my post a pass.

There’s always tomorrow.








17 Responses to “Why I sometimes post about politics, and other things”

  1. September Says:

    You just keep on doin’ what you do! No matter who you are or what you write or where it is published, there will always be those who have something to say about it. I think there is no way to separate politics and world affairs from our daily lives, although there are lots of folks who would just rather not think about it.

  2. Gina Jackson Says:

    Keep up the good work. If some readers don’t understand that politics and the idiots in charge have a huge impact on every citizen’s life, they need to educate themselves.

  3. Lorie Says:

    You are right on! Keep it up. If they don’t like what you post, they don’t need to read it, simple as that. It’s politics that are ruining this country. The politicians all have an entitlement mindset and it’s rubbing off on the nation!

  4. David Says:

    If the politicians weren’t robbing your liberties, there would be no reason to talk about politics.

  5. Joyce Zandri Says:

    Some people want to bury their heads in the sand in hope of being left alone. Nobody will be left alone! Our only hope is for people to get informed, get involved and work to return the country to what the Founding Fathers made it. That includes not only voting but attending county council meetings, school board meetings (even if you homeschool), etc. When you find out what is happening to our country it will scare you to death but it will also motivate you to do something about it.

    The day may come, and soon, that we will not be allowed to live where we want, grow what we want, drive what we want, or have any say over our own children. The ostriches will ask why THEY let it happen. Don’t you understand? We are the ‘They’ who are allowing it to happen because we have forgotten that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  6. Liz Gavaza Says:

    Life is a whole and can not be separated. Everything affects everything else. When people decided how you are in your private life does not affect your public life we started down that proverbial slippery slope. The myth of separation of church and state, that parents have no right what their children are taught in a public school,so on and so forth. I personally appreciate what you have to say because of the fact your blog is on Backwoods Home we have a good idea of where you are coming from in your beliefs. Thank you and keep on doing what you do.

  7. Robin Says:

    Do you know the phrase, “politics is personal?” Most of the laws our legislators are passing have an impact on us. The idea of “land of the free” is myth. From local elected officials controlling our sustainability (Can I raise chickens or put in a wind turbine if I live in city limits?) to policy makers at the national level have a huge impact on our lives. I think you’re correct – mentioning politics within the context of our day-to-day efforts to live off the grid, reduce our carbon footprint – or whatever you call it – makes total sense to me.

  8. Matthew Jenne Says:

    Don’t worry about the nay say-ers. Political and social topics relate closely to self reliance. Like you mentioned the NAIS system and potential No Non-USDA inspected food regulations would directly affect self reliance.

    I also echo David statement that “If the politicians weren’t robbing your liberties, there would be no reason to talk about politics.”. Though you could also say that If the politicians weren’t robbing your liberties, there would be no reason to talk about self-reliance, as we already would be self-reliant!

  9. Mike Says:

    If everyone agreed with what you wrote all of the time, why would you take the time to post?

    And by the way, I don’t agree with you everytime, sometimes most times. I read other’s opinions to learn and attempt to develop rational (for me at least) thoughts concerning the world in which we play.

    To me, it would be rather useless to read only that with which we agree.

    As another poster commented, if someone does not like what you post, they don’t have to read the post.


  10. Tawnya Says:

    I believe that the knowledge about politics is VERY important to us homesteaders. We need to be aware, to fight back and preserve our liberties if we want to continue to be self reliant. Keep the info coming Oliver, I appreciate the knowledge, as do the people I share it with.

  11. Gary Says:


    People that are complaining about you writting regarding these issues don’t understand current reality. They have their heads stuck in the sand and their rumps are sticking in the air where they are perfect targets for the government Gestapo agents.

  12. Shelly Says:

    Your articles are always well-reasoned and thoughtful and very much appreciated. Some of us clearly see the link between self-reliance and politics so please continue to comment about both!

  13. Oliver Says:

    Thank you all for the kind and encouraging comments!

  14. Dave Says:

    This afternoon the national debt will pass the $15 trillion level. That calls for $9 billion in interest for just this one week. Seems crystal clear to me how the politics involved with a sinking nation has everything to do with the future of self-reliance and how such a path will directly affect your children, their children, and most likely ‘their’ children too.

  15. kevin m Says:

    I subscribe to Backwoods Home for not only the self-reliance articles but also the libertarian viewpoint.

  16. Robert Says:

    Please keep up the work! It’s great to have something on the web that actually makes you use your brain!

  17. Adam Says:

    As a back woods Canadian reader, my only comment is about our universal healthcare coverage, this is basically the one thing the government does well, the care is generally excellent, totally free and available to all. Never have to worry about cost, going bankrupt or insurance coverage of any kind, I have trouble understanding why this is such a sore spot for you folks down there ? How can a profit based system be really looking out for your best interests?



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