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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Is it me, or has the Obama campaign moved from fishy to scary to downright menacing? Also, funny kids video.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Is it me, or has the Obama campaign moved from fishy to scary to downright menacing?

Some of you may recall “,” the Obama cabal’s first attempt to get Americans to spy on their neighbors and friends by encouraging them to “report” anti-Obama email and websites.

Then they decided to go after folks who publicly criticize or say unkind things about Our Dear Leader with their #AttackWatch on Twitter campaign.

Now, The Smartest President Ever® and his water-carriers want you to help them re-educate all the nasty Republicans and, presumably, other wrong-thinking folks who oppose him by sending him their email addresses.

Obama Campaign Collecting GOP Emails

The Obama presidential campaign is launching an effort to collect Republican email addresses by inviting its supporters to submit information about their Republican associates to the Obama 2012 website.

The effort could help the Obama campaign build a database that would enable it to target Republican voters during the general election campaign. But, more perniciously, it could also become part of an Democratic effort to influence Republican primary voters to select a candidate Democrats think Obama could most easily defeat.

The Democratic National Committee last month released a video that seemed designed to damage Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate feared most by the Obama campaign.

The Obama information collection effort is cast under the mischievous guise of asking Obama supporters to “have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life” by signing them up to get an email from the Obama campaign ribbing them for having “inspired” the Obama supporter to donate.

The result, however, is that the Obama campaign gets a new trove of Republican email addresses that it could never have collected through voluntary submissions.

Click Here to read the rest of the story.

Has there ever before been an American President with the unmitigated effrontery to do anything like this? Even Richard Nixon, with his famous “Enemies List” would not have dreamed of asking Americans to rat out their neighbors the way Obama and his henchmen have been doing, and getting away with, thanks to their lapdogs in the media.

Isn’t this “report your neighbor” stuff the kind of thing that used to happen in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and may still happen today in places like North Korea?

Is this really the kind of government, and the kinds of people running it, that America wants?

Is it what you want?


On the lighter side, a friend sent me the link to this video.

I have to admit, I thought it funny even as I cringed at what some parents would put their kids through for a joke. You’ll know the ones I mean.


14 Responses to “Is it me, or has the Obama campaign moved from fishy to scary to downright menacing? Also, funny kids video.”

  1. Speedy Says:

    Regarding the Obama campaign collecting the addresses of Republicans, I can only wonder…..If this concerns you are you taking counter measures? How many disposable email addresses to you maintain from yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc? Very few people should have your “real” address. If you have friends who would share your address with political spammers perhaps you should reassess your “friendship” with these folks. I have seen others say it here but it bears repeating, “You have no privacy on the internet unless you create it for yourself.” Whining about how nasty and unfair that is accomplishes very little. Like everything else worth having, your privacy is your responsibility. Get used to it and go out and have a nice day.

  2. Dan Says:

    Personally, I think it’s funny. It’s a way of saying “Your ignorant dinner-table rants have convinced me to donate to your political opponent.” Nothing wrong with that. The site itself says that their details will not be kept.

    And, aside from Nixon, don’t forget the Bush TIPS program.

  3. Mic Says:

    don’t like this idea at all but not surprising in this day of high tech everything, why not use it to your advantage, everyone else does…

  4. Jeffrey C. Anthony Says:

    I can say I definitely agree with many points here, except the idea that this is new or that noone has had the effrontery…

    2008 election I was getting 5-6 unsolicited calls a day from volunteers representing various organizations on both sides of the aisle (yes, Republicans included) as well ranting as many half truths as anyone could imagine. I do not give my phone number out, and it IS on the official do not call list.

    I’m sure that offal from any political party stinks the same. Just that in this case, they went high tech.

  5. JG Says:

    This not the regime, oops leadership, I want. Fishy, yes… scary, yes…menacing, always have been??? Only now it’s really showing. His redness (commie-ness) is showing through, but probably has always been there.

  6. April Says:

    Should we be proactive in protecting our identity?…Yeah. Should we feel it necessary to hide every detail and keep our e-mail adresses private form our friends because of their differing political views?…Hell NO! The president would have A LOT of explaining to do if he managed to buy the contact list from the GOP donations folks. So would the GOP donations folks.
    No president should be soliciting information in this way. It is cheap, it makes Democrats look stupid for falling for it, and it makes anyone who opposes it look like a nut-job conspiracy theorist
    “Hahaha, it’s all in good fun.” Who’s fun?

  7. Tawnya Says:

    I think just about everything Obama does at this point is scary!

  8. Art Says:

    I keep a list you call no vote. Spam no vote. simple Pass legislation that will allow the military to lock up us citizens. Get fired, impeached and tried for treason.

  9. Don Says:

    Be afraid. Very afraid.

  10. Leonard Barnes Says:

    If this scares you, and it should, be sure to educate yourself and go to the polls! Voting is all we have short of revolution and we know we don’t want that. Get yourself armed with education and take that information with you when you vote. Think, vote and be heard.

    I wonder what Santa will be bringing Jimmy.

  11. Woody Says:

    “If this scares you, and it should, be sure to educate yourself and go to the polls!”

    How’s that been working out for you so far?

  12. charles scamman Says:

    Perhaps the scariest part is people believing that it is JUST one side doing this. Or perhaps it is that “voting” will solve the problem.

    Ten years ago, “conspiracy theorists” were warning of the coming police state, today even the corporate controlled MSM interjects warnings. Government “lists”, unwarranted stops and searches, school programs telling children to turn in parents who drink or own guns. The last school item there has been going on for at least two decades in some areas. This is NOT the Constitutional America most of us were born in.

    The Republic begins at the local level and goes up from there. Each tier above the local level should have fewer responsibilities and less authority over the individual (IMHO). This however, would necessitate the removal of federal charity programs (any program not specifically authorized by the Constitution) and make the states and local governments responsible for filling in any gaps in need.

    Is “banana-bana-bobama” scary? Yup. But so are nearly all the major candidates on both sides of the ticket. (there may be a couple I respect – but won’t state names here). We really do need to learn to become critical thinkers in order to strengthen our selves and our country.

  13. Art Says:

    Mr Scamman you are correct. That is just how I make my first cut. Right now I have a focus on one politician. I think I can be effective on one but not many. Not sure how to fix the bigger problem but I need to start somewhere.

    So I am doing that and teaching my boys how to do it. Best I can with what Ive got. If they will not follow the rules in the small things they will not in the large.

  14. Terry Says:

    Remember, he is just the stroke of a pen away from being Dictator for Life…



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