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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore


Oliver Del Signore has been designing and maintaining small business websites, proofreading articles and stories, and providing creative input to authors since the mid-90s.

His first website, The Thinker, constructed in his spare time when the Internet was young and he was still designing and building custom tables and cabinets, attracted the attention of the publisher of Backwoods Home magazine, who offered him a job redesigning and maintaining the company website. That led to other clients and, finally, the realization he could earn a living on the Internet with no heavy lifting involved!

As to his skills at proofreading and providing creative input, author Claire Wolfe had this to say:

“Oliver Del Signore is an invaluable aid to any writer’s creativity. His skills are awesomely varied, from the technical to the Xtreme edges of creativity. He can spot a typo a mile away. He can gently point out an inconsistency of logic. But he’s also the guy to go to when you need to bounce ideas off creative partner or fix a scene that just isn’t working. Once Oliver gets his teeth into a creative problem, he hangs on and doesn’t let go until it’s solved. And he does it all with good humor and diplomacy.”

When not in front of the computer, he enjoys woodworking, good humor, heated discussions, cold pizza, and the occasional glass of red wine. His hobbies include finding a quiet place to relax for five minutes and thinking up new ways to say no when his kids ask for money.

Oliver and his wife Martha have two grown children and the gray hair to prove it. They currently reside in a suburb of Boston where, daily, he tries to convince her to move to a warmer climate.



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