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Your classified ad will appear in Backwoods Home Magazine AND on our website classifieds page. You get double the exposure for one low price!



Ads submitted prior to the closing dates, below, will appear in that issue. Any submitted after a closing date appear in the following issue. Ads are posted on the website at approximately the same time the print issue arrives on the newsstands.


Issue Closing Date
Issue #157 (Jan/Feb, 2016) Nov. 17, 2015
Issue #158 (Mar/Apr, 2016) Jan. 18, 2016
Issue #159 (May/June, 2016) Mar. 14, 2016
Issue #160 (July/Aug, 2016) May 16, 2016
Issue #161 (Sept/Oct, 2016) July 18, 2016
Issue #162 (Nov/Dec, 2016) Sept. 19, 2016

All classified ads must be prepaid.

Type of Ad Cost per word
Ads to run in 1 or 2 consecutive issues $3.00 per word
Prepaid ads to run in 3 or more issues $2.70 per word
To encourage those seeking mates or jobs, individuals (as opposed to companies) who are seeking a mate or a job will be charged half-price. (Select "Personal - Mate/Job" category, below) All other Personals are at regular rates. $1.50 per word
We will print up to the first 4 words in BOLD CAPITAL letters free. Additional leading BOLD CAPITAL words: $3.50 per word

Note: Minimum charge is for 20 words.

Classified Ad Submission Forms

To FAX or MAIL in your ad

Click Here for a printable Order Form in Adobe PDF format that you can use to mail-in your order.

To order BY PHONE

Please call 1-800-835-2418 weekdays between 8:15 AM and 4:45 PM Pacific Time.

To order ONLINE

Type your ad in the space below exactly as you want it to appear. CAPITALIZE as many words as you want us to print in BOLD CAPITALS. Remember — each one over 4 costs an additional $3.50. Make sure you double check all spelling and numbers, especially of names, addresses and phone numbers.

After you have typed the ad copy, enter the # of consecutive issues you want to run the ad and verify the number of words you want us to print in BOLD CAPITALS. Then press the "Calculate" button to find out how much your ad will cost.

You may go back and edit your ad copy as many times as you wish. Just be sure to click on "Calculate" each time to see the correct cost.

NOTE: When you have the ad the way you want it, do not change the numbers or text or your order will be transmitted incorrectly.

When you are done, type any special instructions in the "Comments / Special Instructions" area, then click on "Add" to put your ad in your shopping cart. You may then either continue shopping, if you desire, or view the contents of your cart and "check out."

IMPORTANT: Please be sure all words are separated by a space, including lists of items where each is followed by a comma, so that the cost of your ad will be figured correctly. Otherwise your order will be delayed while we figure the proper cost and then contact you for permission to charge the correct amount. This could result in the ad missing deadline and not being included in the next issue.

CORRECT: FOR SALE COUNTRY HOUSE, 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, all solar, pool

WRONG: FORSALE COUNTRYHOUSE, 3-bedrooms,2-baths,all solar,pool

Thank you for advertising in Backwoods Home Magazine.

REMEMBER TO CAPITALIZE THE the number of leading words you want us to print in bold capitals and to separate each word and list item with a space.

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