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6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
How to achieve affordable health care

56  Ask Jackie:
Squishy zucchini, onion sets, canning Swiss chard, grinding corn, chickens, etc.

74  Ayoob on Firearms:
Consider the 20-gauge shotgun

96  Lenie in the kitchen
All the trimmings

84  Building basics
Replacing windows

70  Irreverent joke page

116  Letters

114  The last word:
Who are the libertarians? Can they save the Constitution?

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Cover 120
This issue’s cover is a watercolor by Don Childers, BHM’s artist for 20 years who turned 79 this issue. It is a rendition of the photo on page 8, which shows Dave Duffy, BHM’s publisher, sitting on an old bathtub beside his pickup truck while taking a break from building his Spring Creek cabin in Oregon in 1987. The photo is part of Dave’s recounting of the 20-year history of Backwoods Home Magazine.

Special 20th Anniversary feature

8  Looking back on 20 years of BHM   By Dave Duffy


22  The All-American 1911 Pistol   By Massad Ayoob

61  An adventure in hypothermia   By Len McDougall

80  Learning to love the high desert   By Claire Wolfe

99  Chainsaw basics   By Steven Gregersen

106  Intake and exhaust upgrades for better mileage and performance   By Len Torney

Food and recipes

43  Take the chill out of winter with a hot meal from India   By Linda Gabris


66  Before you build in snow country, think about your roof   By Sandra Coates

89  Building an addition onto our log cabin   By Jackie Clay

Farm and garden

32  Extending the harvest   By A.J. Reissig

49  Bottle-raise a calf   By Jackie Clay

Making a living

36  Cash in on your household junk   By Linda Gabris

42  Sara Bauer: Chocolatier   By Sylvia Gist

Hobbies and Crafts

71  Sew a safety vest for your dog   By Fred Aydelotte

110  How to begin taking wildlife photographs   By H. Bumper Bauer

113  Build this simple feeder to attract a photo opportunity   By H. Bumper Bauer