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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #152

Easier way to do laundry

Concerning the laundry article in Issue 151 (Jan/Feb 2015) by David Olsen. If he wants another recipe for washing compound, go to Lehman’s ( They have a bucket and all ingredients plus it’s easier to wring clothes with their wringer, plus hang clothes on a drying rack. Lehman’s also has laundry tubs (one or doubles).

Keep up the good, cheaper laundry day, David.

K. Burkhart
Kernville, California

Buying from US companies this Christmas

I have been a subscriber for several years. This year I decided that all my holiday gifts would be purchased from small US companies with the thought that everything was made in USA as well. Thanks for providing such great choices.

T. Michael Salter
Georgetown, New York

More articles about using common plants and trees

Thank you so much for your magazine! It would be great to see more articles about using common plants and trees for medicine and substitutes for everyday remedies.

I was gonna pay with silver but the price went down a bunch and I think I’ll save it for hard times. I want you to know that your magazine reaches many folks down here in TN. Mine gets passed around to a bunch of folks at work. Keep up the good work!

Jay Satterwhite
Rock Island, Tennessee

Keep up the good work

Over the years I have subscribed to several magazines on homesteading. The majority were never renewed. I don’t need articles that tell me I need to register my animals with the government, the government has jurisdiction over me and mine, or the promotion of communalism (another word for communism). Your magazine will be the only one I will keep. My other favorite magazine has recently changed not only their paper to a slick format, but the slant of their articles changed. It used to have a lot of good information by other homesteaders. Now it is more an info-commercial for different businesses. I may not read all your articles like the ones on guns, however that is the first article my husband reads. You have enough of a variety to cater to a large readership. I always look forward to Backwoods Home’s arrival; I do not have a television or radio.

I would like to see some articles on different items. Maybe one on dragon heaters, methane production, or Edison batteries for alternative energy. I live five miles to the nearest telephone pole & electrical line. I have no desire to go back onto the grid. I have no trees to speak of where I live, mostly creosote and mesquite so a conventional fireplace or wood stove is out. My ex-favorite magazine recently featured an article on solar. It promoted a large solar array and conventional 120 appliances. I take umbrage with putting all your eggs in one basket. No mentioning of what would happen if a CME or EMF hit that solar array. The article violated the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) and the rule of three (one primary and two backups). Keep up the good work!

Mette Baker
Dryden, Texas

An ounce of prevention?

Get a kick out of your magazine, we live in interesting times (what next?). Those that make no preparation for tough times will indeed see some tough times. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Hubert Vest
Peace Valley, Missouri

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