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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Fifth Year
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Cover 30

Note from the publisher


Politics, self reliance and Bill Clinton

Book Reviews
Uprisings, The Whole Grain Bakers’ Book
The Modern Homestead Manual

Just for kids:
Some pioneer recipes

Original poems:
John Silveira




  • American food — it’s as varied as the melting pot
  • Try traditional early American fried squirrel
  • Barbecue a whole goat (and more) in an imu
  • Your throw-away fish can be keepers if you know how to prepare them right
  • Homemade hunter’s soup
  • Poor man’s shrimp cocktail on perch, and…
  • Sourdough with substance
  • Venison recipes
  • Pemmican — the all-purpose food


  • Building an expensive log house — the cheap way

Independent energy

Country living

  • David and the D-4…a short story about growing up
  • Preventing and surviving stove and chimney fires
  • Some thoughts about my wood cookstove
  • Learning in the pickle patch


  • How to keep those excess eggs
  • Turkeys — fun and profitable and not as dumb as you think


  • Make a “slit shirt”