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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixteenth Year
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Tsunamis and “the experts”

66  Ask Jackie:
Sourdough bread, breeding ducks, potatoes in containers, butchering pigs, keeping homemade pickles crispy, buy a big enough canner, canning milk. searching for Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds, canning milk, preserving bread, growing lentils, plastic eating squirrels, low maintenance edible landscaping, smelly coffee grounds, pressure canning stock, loosening up clay soil, Brussel sprouts and radish greens, canning dry mixes and breads, etc.

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Cover 94
This issue’s cover was rendered by our artist, Don Childers, for our first Self-reliance for women special issue.

The painting was composed on illustration board. A watercolor called gouache was used for the background, and Genesis, a paint that sets when heat is applied, was used for the figure.

Inspiration for the painting came from a photograph furnished by one of our longtime writers, Dorothy Ainsworth. It was a photo taken of her when she was building her own log house in Ashland, Oregon.


Special section — Self-reliance for women

41  Starting over again without a many    By Jackie Clay

Despite the recent death of her husband Jackie Clay has not given up her dream of a self-reliant lifestyle with her parents and teen-aged son.

49  Self-reliance for women — surviving a biochemical attack    By Kelly McCarthy

52  Self-reliance is a mindset — A woman’s opinion    By Dorothy Ainsworth

54  A view of self-reliance from a more timid perspective — A woman’s opinion   By Claire Wolfe

56  Girls growing up — movie reviews   By Claire Wolfe

59  Females and firearms   By Massad Ayoob

Building and tools

8  Make shade when the sun shines    By Dorothy Ainsworth

Sunlight and heat will oxidize, vaporize, and brutalize everything it glares down on. So Dorothy Ainsworth shows us how she put awnings on her log buildings to both protect and enhance their value.

Alternative energy

37  Grid-tie solar powered farm    By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

A “grid-tie” system refers to a solar power system that transfers all of the electrical power generated directly back into the local utility grid and does not have a battery bank. It can significantly reduce your monthly utility costs and, since there are no batteries, there is almost no maintenance.


20  Subduction zone tsunami    By John Silveira

Mac, Dave, and John are back with their favorite subject — doom and gloom. This time it’s tsunamis.

31  PVC pipe in the home, garden, farm, and workshop    By Charles Sanders

75  Lifestyle and cancer    By Gary F. Arnet

Food and recipes

16  Cool dishes for formal summer dining    By Linda Gabris

80  Middle Eastern vegetarian delights or summer days    By Habeeb Salloum

84  Banquet in a basket    By Linda Gabris