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Letters To The Editor from Issue #157

Letters To The Editor

From Issue #157

I put into practice what I read in BHM

I love the format of your magazine as I have many interests. I was reading Issue #155 (Sept/Oct 2015) on the plane the other day and wondered what the lady next to me thought. I went from salvaging a home to feed boxes to recipes for puffball mushrooms. I saw her glancing my way as I read.

Like many others, I have carefully saved every issue. Off the top of my head, here are the top three things I put into practice from your magazine:

Hobo cabbage (a favorite)

Handgun shooters’ stance (correct)

Trimming oil lamp wicks to burn correctly

Lois Craven
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

People are the same

… I was fortunate that a friend lent me an issue of your wonderful magazine many years ago. After I finally decided to settle down, I started my subscription and have never looked back, although I did move once more so far …

I was what you would call a nomad or gypsy for a total of 20 years while in the U.S. Navy. And I consider those times to have been some of the finest of my life. I may not have reached the rank I wanted but I did have fun, maybe too much fun. Plus, I got paid to live in places that other people spend thousands of dollars to visit …

Do you know what I found out in these different places? People are pretty much the same with the same desires, wants, and needs everywhere. And most of us folks still have some of the best times without a bunch of money on the simpler but busy lifestyles we live. I may not have everything I want yet, don’t know that I will ever get it all, but I am working on it. And the journey is probably a lot more fun.

Thanks for everything you do and for helping me to have a grand life. I hope we can be saved from "Stupid People" …

Lisa Raudenbush
Live Oak, Florida

Loved Claire’s house story

Boy, oh boy, could I relate to Claire Wolfe’s house stories. We bought a fairly remote mountain cabin about nine years ago. It is off the grid with no water source or septic. When we bought it, it was in grave disrepair, one roof had fallen in and snow was in the room, there was a terrible infestation of vermin (mice and chipmunks), mold on floors and walls, and the previous owners had left it in a state of trash and waste (both animal and human).

The first summer, we spent every weekend just getting rid of trash and taking it back to town to our dumpster. We wore hazardous waste gear to protect against hantavirus or any thing else, for that matter. Over the early years, we have dealt with carpenter ants, leaking roofs, and a nonfunctional composting toilet.

But, it is such a joy to be up there; peace, quiet, and beautiful views, and we feel like it’s been worth the sweat equity we’ve put into the place.

What I had to laugh at was Claire’s mention of "scrounge magic" or the magical gift to find needed materials, once you put it in your head. I have that too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a certain building supply or some decor, and I’ve gone to Craigslist or Habitat for Humanity and found something that will work! It’s really just the most amazing thing.

Thanks, Claire, for your articles which keep me motivated …

Denver, Colorado

We need some inspiration!

My husband and I have been reading this magazine for eight years but have never had a subscription. We just lost our homestead and 60 acres of timber to the Washington wildfires. We need some inspiration! With our scriptures and BHM, our family of seven will rebuild. Hopefully before WWIII.

Johnna Sutton
Tonasket, Washington

Lenie’s pumpkin soup

I just made the Creamy Pumpkin Soup on page 44 of Issue #156 (Nov/Dec 2015) … WOW! I made a few modifications but the basic recipe is amazing! Thanks Lenie for the great recipe. I love this magazine!

Heather Campbell Vessey
Joshua, Texas