Issue #169 cover


In this cover, BHM artist Don Childers depicts Managing Editor Jessie Denning’s close encounter with a cougar. In Don’s rendition, her cat cowers behind her, while her dog barks ferociously at the snarling cougar. Go to page 6 to read the full story.

6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Welcome to the other side!

43 Ayoob on Firearms:
Spring fatigue in firearms: Myth or menace

56 The gee-whiz page!

64  Ask Jackie:
Canning with nuts, garlic scapes, chicken soup, Squash identification, jars bubbling in canner, etc.

70  The Irreverent Joke Page

74 Letters

75 The Last Word

76  Classified ads

77-82  BHM anthologies & books

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8  Keeping homestead animals healthy
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

48  A beginner’s guide to pressure canning
By Kristina Seleshanko

55  Make elderberry syrup for flu season
By Karen M. House

59  How to maintain your chimney
By Charles Sanders

62  Homemade lotion bars
By Paige Thompson



18  Building a $3,000 barn
By Robert VanPutten

29  Build a split rail fence
By R.E. Rawlinson


Food and recipes

25  Eating tree tips
By Kristina Seleshanko



15  Can we make a Tyrannosaurus rex from a chicken?
By John Silveira


Farm and garden

34  Luxurious pumpkins
By Lisa Nourse

38  Getting the jump on spring in the garden
By Charles Sanders

52  Solutions for common cherry tree problems
By Sylvia Gist

67  Start a community seed swap
By Pamela Gilsenan

71  Grow healthy peach and apricot trees
By Sylvia Gist

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