Issue #171 cover


This cover by Don Childers depicts a self-reliant couple living out in the woods. They have a small home with a garden out front, a woodshed behind the house, and an outhouse off in the distance (but not too far away). On every trip back from the outhouse, they can snag a couple pieces of wood to fill up the wood box in the house.

6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Why we need the Second Amendment

39 Ayoob on Firearms:
Perspectives on spare guns

52  Ask Jackie:
Coffee grounds as compost, adding meat to the pantry, canning goat milk, etc.

66  The Irreverent Joke Page

68 The gee-whiz page!

76  Classified ads

77-82  BHM anthologies & books

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13  Fairy-tale homesteading
By Patrice Lewis

19  Dry-stack stone construction
By Dan Hilliard

30  The wonderful world of axes
By R.E. Rawlinson

46  How to line dry your clothes
By Gail Butler

50  Collecting forest products
By Iris Chinook

55  In defense of he outhouse
By Robert Van Putten

59  Finding, seasoning, and burning firewood
By Charles Sanders

71  Cold-process goat milk soap
By Michele Cooper


Farm and garden

8  Build your own hoop house
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

44  Growing and using chamomile
By Kristina Seleshanko


Food and recipes

22  Preserving plums
By Kristina Seleshanko

27  Homemade milk products
By Michele Cooper

36  Black caps — the wild black raspberries of the backwoods
By John Murray

63  9 canning myths busted!
By Kristina Seleshanko



67  A tale of a real country kitchen
By Millie Baker Ragosta


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