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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Monday miscellany

Monday, February 13th, 2012
  • Shy? Grieving? You sicko, you. (Tip o’ hat to P.)
  • This came from D. with the disgruntled comment, “Most of the people I know who got medals got shot.” It’s so much tidier being in the elite.
  • Too bad hackers had to do this. Should be standard procedure. (Tip o’ hat to M.)
  • Remember the cop who got fired for hanging and kicking his K9 partner? Well, it seems that the firing was a problem; the hanging and pummeling were just as the trooper always claimed — yes, standard procedure. (H/T to Fred.)
  • A 12-year-old boy saves his grandma’s house — using an online charity he established years earlier. How’s that for individual initiative?
  • And speaking of initiative: Iran bans a filmmaker from creating a documentary. So he makes a film about his plight. On a smart phone.
  • The media reports that Romney won the Maine caucuses 39% to Ron Paul’s 36%. Nothing to see here; just move on. That “win” hinges on a very fishy postponement of one caucus. As with Iowa, we may see a reversal. Even as things stand, RealClearPolitics reports the Maine delegate count: Romney, 8; Paul, 7. Not bad for a “fringoid nutjob,” eh?
  • Ummm … Both?
  • Dogs in the workplace? Well of course! (H/T PT.)
  • Now, cats, on the other hand … (Stolen from Joel.)
  • Sure sign the current depression is going to get waaaaaay deeper.
  • But in the good news department, the revolt of the sheriffs continues to grow. (Thank you, JS, for the day-brightener.)

10 Responses to “Monday miscellany”

  1. Pat Says:

    Following the trail of the article about sheriffs’ revolt, I found this article, a letter written by Aaron Zelman to Diane Sawyer. (Didn’t know he wrote it till I got to the end of the letter.) I found the picture of the revolver particularly appealing.

  2. R.L. Wurdack Says:

    I find the BusinessInsider site the most annoying site on the planet.


  3. R.L. Wurdack Says:

    What I mean by that (since my last comment is farbelminded) is that the mechanics of the site are bad – not necessarily the info.

  4. Claire Says:

    R.L. Wurdack — Some of the info has to be taken with large doses of salt, too (particularly much of the “analysis” by their in-house commentators). But I find it a super-useful site for getting quick bits of economic news and leads to better sources.

    So what do you find wrong with the mechanics?

  5. Matt, another Says:

    The worlds tallest building, but on artificial islands, on an inland sea prone to violent storms in a part of the worl that also has earthquakes. What could possibly go wrong? I wonder if the Russian Gvt will recruit someone to fly an airplane or two into it?

    I like those Sheriffs. It is about time that they woke up and realized that the Feds have limited, if any, jurisdiction over individuals. The states, and their counties, and their citizens are not subordinate to the federal government, that was never the intent of the U.S. Constitution. I recall reading about one of the New Mexico Sheriffs, let the feds know that the local militia could assemble and deploy anywhere in the county in about 30 minutes. We need more of that.

  6. Claire Says:

    Matt, another — “The worlds tallest building, but on artificial islands, on an inland sea prone to violent storms in a part of the worl that also has earthquakes. What could possibly go wrong?”

    Yup. You said it. Every time I read about a new “world’s tallest building” I feel apprehensive (think “wretched excess”). But this building is planned to be so extraordinarily “world’s largest.” And anybody with earthquake experience who sees it’s going to be built (assuming it actually does get built) on artificial land … well, that’s just cringe inducing.

    I’m picturing things normally only pictured in Hollywood disaster films.

  7. Mic Says:

    The new expanded definition of “mental illnesses” will be a boon for the anti-gun industry as they work to declare that anyone suffering from any of these “disorders” should not be allowed to own a gun based on the mental deficiency part of the law. Imagine grieving over your lost wife, brother, son, daughter, etc. and suddenly losing your 2nd Amendment rights. Coming to a government office near you.

    The Sheriffs that are standing up to the rampaging Federal machine is a breath of fresh air, but please note not all Sheriffs are the good guys. My Sheriff in my county is somewhere left of Lenin (Vlad) and welcome Federal thugs into his county and probably go help them get the “bad guy” to boot.

  8. Scott Says:

    I have a cat-a big, goofy, extremely loyal and friendly one. Guess I’m doomed.
    Really tall building on artificial island. I’m picturing something very 3 Stooges grade here.
    Completely unrelated, but, Claire, this is kinda sorta near you.
    I want the space travel variety pack.

  9. Claire Says:

    LOL, that’s pretty good, Scott. But for Seattle-based wierdness, nothing will ever beat Archie McPhee:

  10. Hanza Says:

    I believe that one of the reasons for Obamacare and all medical records online is so that the feds can troll through the records looking for things that they can use to disqualify someone from owning firearms.

    This ties in with what Mic said.

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