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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

In the last week, instead of posting miscellany here at the blog, I’ve been taking it to Twitter.

Matt suggested that in a comment and it’s definitely a good way to go. Contrary to some folks’ fears, you don’t have to join Twitter to read those tweets (100 and counting, including re-tweets). Just click the link in the stickied post up above.

I don’t think that gives you the full picture, as following me (gods forbid, they really need a better term — flocking; flying; singing; migrating) on Twitter would do. But it’s a good way to get your miscellany fix.

But for those who won’t so much as set eyeballs on Twitter, here’s a few links for you …

19 Responses to “Thursday links”

  1. EN Says:

    Not much use in Liberty’s Torch for me right now as it’s still very “local”. However, my DNT+, which I’m starting to trust, gives it no tracking attempts at all. I get the green button and “0” tracking cookies. That’s a first. They may actually be legitimate Freedomistas!

  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    Just one little correction, Claire. Liberty’s Torch will go statewide gradually, starting now. They will go to bi-weekly by the end of this year, likely, and do a weekly as soon after that as possible. As popular as this thing already is, the timetable may be a lot shorter than planned.

    Challenging the two liberal daily fishwraps will take considerably longer. :) Ultimate goal is to publish a daily, but who knows how this will evolve?

    And yes, you all KNEW I had to have my grubby little hands into this deal. LOL

  3. MamaLiberty Says:

    EN, try to get the print copy. Right now, the web site is more liability than anything else – far as I’m concerned… but Brad is working hard to change that as fast as he can. The paper product is gorgeous and so much better. They will put out 20 pages for the March issue. :)

  4. EN Says:

    I will look into it. Thanks

  5. R.L. Wurdack Says:

    The Twitter thing cobbels up the “reply” string.

  6. Ken K Says:

    In re Peter Orzag’s economic depression = longevity thesis/ I hope that apparatchik for the oligarchs bucks this trend.

  7. Claire Says:

    R.L. Wurdack — Yeah, that link lets you see the basics of the tweet, but (depending on browser and settings, I think), definitely messes with some things. It’s better than nothing, but you’d have to join, follow, allow scripts, etc. to get everything.

    I’m having fun using Twitter, but it’s also an experiment. I’ll continue long-term only if I see positive results from it (and I haven’t quite quantified what those might be).

    The original idea, suggested by my friend, was to use a Twitter account to post “101 Things” — useful suggestions for freedomistas. But Twitter seems so much to fit its name; it’s chatter-chatter-chatter. Might be a terrific way to spread quick news, but I’m not seeing it as a beneficial way to get out anything that people might reflect on or build on.

  8. Gus S. Calabrese Says:

    I see no stickied up post -up

  9. Claire Says:

    No Feb. 16 post at the top of the main page, just about Twitter and Amazon?

  10. Tom Says:

    Please keep posting stuff here. While I have a twitter account, I check it only once in a blue moon. Much better being able to get everything from you in one place instead of having to visit 2 or more sites.

  11. Claire Says:

    Tom — Oh, I’ll definitely keep posting here. I’ll just post a little less miscellany while I’m doing the Twitter experiment. Anyhow, most of what I post to Twitter can still be read right from the blog.

    Thanks for caring. :-)

  12. Hanza Says:

    I’m also one for you posting here instead of on Twitter.

  13. naturegirl Says:

    I read both places….and thanks Claire, you have some links on Twitter that are now new places to go to!…..

    Plus I found out that I can’t use the excuse of being old when it comes to running out of ideas/creativity anymore – – darn…LOL..

  14. JS Says:

    I found a lot to like about Liberty’s Torch. I lived in Cheyenne for a couple of years and still visit friends there. I do plan to keep reading, but I didn’t care for this statement:

    “by securing U.S. borders by every means necessary, and by capturing and deporting all illegal aliens. If their nations of origin are not cooperative, the United States are obligated to declare war and embark upon “regime change” and “nation building” there.”

    I cannot stomach anymore calls for war or “nation building”.

  15. Claire Says:

    Yikes! That statement came from Liberty’s Torch? OMG, that’s even worse than the already horrific neocon playbook! I admit I didn’t spend much time on their site, but I had a pretty good recommendation for it as a freedomista publication.

    If that statement appeared in a letter to the editor or something random like that, that would be one thing. If it represents the views of the publishers … well, yikes!

    Bad enough the statement represents the usual ignorance (if the fedgov can keep everybody out, they can also keep us all in). But sheesh, enough of perpetual war with the whole, wide world! Thanks for the head-up, JS. I’ll look into this further.

  16. MamaLiberty Says:

    Indeed, JS…. I’d like to know where you found that and who wrote it. That is not in character with what I know of Brad, the publisher.

  17. MamaLiberty Says:

    As I thought, that was not written by the publisher. The author was Harlan Edmonds, husband of a Wyoming state representative.

    Brad Harrington, the paper’s editor, wrote a full editorial rebutting Edmonds’ comments in great detail. It’s right next to the first article on the same page.

    Now, Brad isn’t an anarchist… yet… but he’s getting the idea. :)

  18. MamaLiberty Says:

    Actually, Brad is the owner and publisher. His wife is the editor.

    I’ll bet they have some interesting conversations. LOL

  19. Claire Says:

    Thanks, MamaLiberty. Oh, it was a printed debate! That makes sense and seems like a great, fair way of contrasting the viewpoints. Glad you found it and clarified that. I tried briefly to track down the quote and couldn’t. Really appreciate you finding it.

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