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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Things to do instead of (or after) getting mad

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

After John Roberts’ Obamanable decision on Obamacare, Joel guessed that I would be holed up somewhere, fondling serious weaponry.

Not unless you consider a hammer to be weaponry. I’ve spent the days since my last blog banging on the back of the house. Not in destruct-o-mode. But putting up trim and cedar singles. I love cedar shingles. Not only are they the most beautiful of all house sidings. But they smell sublime. And shingling is something I can do entirely by my lonesome. Great sense of personal power in that. So I’ve had three days of pure satisfaction broken by only enough cussing to remind me I’m still short of heaven.

You’ll have to take my word that the shingling looks fabulous. My camera broke so I can’t show you. (Anyone wishing to make up my camera deficit need only check out the Coolpix on my Amazon wish list. Or I’ll happily take the version without all the accoutrements. Or face it, let’s not be too brazen, shall we? if anybody has a not-too-old digital camera they just want to get rid of, I’m suddenly in the market.)


Anyhow, it’s time once again to visit the “things to do until the revolution, which may never happen but I’m going to be free anyhow, damnit” department.

Yes, it’s nuts to live in a country where one compromising, authoritarian weasel with a brain only a law school could love can decree the fate of millions. (And not for one second do I believe all the happy spin about how Roberts secretly sabotaged the Dems. Ha ha! They won’t be able to use the commerce clause to make us eat broccoli now! They have to tax us for not eating broccoli instead! We won!!!)

Yes, we’re going to hell in a handbasket. Or without the handbasket.

Yes, the Obamanable decision joins the NDAA, the USA-UnPatriot Act, secret surveillance, drone-murders, and all the other paving stones on that road to hell.

Yes, I feel for you guys who are a lot younger than I who are going to have to pay and pay and pay and pay for a soon-to-be third-world medical system when any moron (that is, any person above the mental capacity of the average politician) can see that real reforms and real health lie in the opposite direction.

But there it is.

So, if you have no cedar shingles waiting to be hammered, no rocks that need removing from the garden or moving into the garden, no punching bags to thwack away at, what next?

In no particular order, some thoughts:

1. Go shoot something. Something inert, of course. But you can use your imagination.

1A. Your television remains a good choice of target.

2. It’s the first day of the second half of the year; time to check your grab & go kit.

3. Play Scrooge McDuck and go revel in your little stash of gold and silver coins. Then make sure they’re well stashed and blessedly there for you afterwards.

4. Re-read “And Then There Were None.” Or Atlas Shrugged. Or The Hunger Games trilogy. Or The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Or whatever else lifts your spirit.

4A. Re-watch Firefly. Or The Matrix. Or V for Vendetta. Or just something goofy that makes you feel good. Like GalaxyQuest. Or Danny Deckchair. Or The Incredibles.

5. Go have wild sex with someone you love. Extra points if it involves edible underwear.

6. Say to heck with some mere old budget. Buy a new gun. Or 500 rounds of ammo for one of your favorites.

7. Go monkeywrench something. Don’t leave such an excellent tool only to the left.

8. Talk to a friendly doctor about a potentially Obamacareless future. Check out medical tourism — U.S.-trained doctors and a tropical vacation for less than the cost of the hospital stay here in the Land of the Free. Get cozy with your veterinarian; you may need him or her someday for more than pet care.

9. Shrug. Or if you’ve already shrugged, pat yourself on the back, then ask how you can do it deeper, harder, better.

10. Pledge to learn a new skill this week. Or take on one of the preparedness projects in M.D. Creekmore’s 31 Days to Survival: A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness.

11. Kick ass. Take names. Take no prisoners.

11A. Sing! (H/T. Jim B.)

11B. Act with Attitude. Be the smart doggie.

12. Live with insouciance.

12A. Not to mention panache and savoir faire. And as much laissez faire as you can muster.

18 Responses to “Things to do instead of (or after) getting mad”

  1. Shane Says:

    Hell uv a post for my birthday! Thanks Claire!

  2. Claire Says:

    And I wrote it just for you, Shane! ;-) Celebrate your birthday in STYLE.

  3. Kent McManigal Says:

    Seeking volunteers for #5. I have only done this a few thousand times. Must bring your own edible underwear. Safety not guaranteed. Respond to my email.

  4. Pat Says:

    Obama might want to change his name in the near future; I’ve never heard so many perversions of a word from one name as has been thrown around since he came into office. And the best is “Obamanable” – it sums up the name, and what he stands for, absolutely!

    When shooting something inert, do those who are “brain-dead” (stupid, foolish and hopelessly PC) count?

  5. bumperwack Says:

    Now Claire, you know a hammer is a fearsome weapon (the right kind of hammer)….course, you gotta get a little closer to the pukes than I like….nonetheless …

  6. Jim B. Says:

    One thing not to do is use Google for your shopping… ever.


    Jim B.

  7. Ellendra Says:

    It’s too hot to work in the garden, so I’m shovelling out my sewing table again (why is it that every time I turn around, it’s being used as a storage table?) and trying to get my sewing business going again. Found some patterned imitation leather on the clearence rack, so I’m making bodices. It’s almost time for the ren faire.

    When it cools down I’ll be working on my house. Don’t have the permits yet, but I can build a shed that size without permits, and add the interior walls and plumbing after I get the permits in order.

  8. MamaLiberty Says:

    I’m buying a gun… again. [grin]

  9. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit Says:

    Small correction – READ “V For Vendetta,” don’t mess with the horrific movie that shares nothing but a title with the original book.

  10. jed Says:

    Do a mashup of #5 and #9! :P

    Uh … well, I’d need a volunteer too. :(

    Guess I’ll have to settle for pulling the lever on the Rockchucker for a while.

  11. Mary Lou Says:


  12. RegT Says:

    When I was living on our sailboat in the Bahamas a few years back, I heard good things about medical care in the DR – Dominican Republic. Cheap and reputedly good quality. I don’t know if that is still the case, however.

    For us in the Northwest in our “advanced” years, it is going to be bleak. Rationed care – as it will have to be rationed, due to insufficient funds and too few doctors and staff – will mean seniors are going to be deprived of care in the same fashion as in England’s National Health (Ha!) System. Where you cannot get dialysis if you are over fifty.

    I think euthanasia is going to become the treatment of the government’s choice for us older folks. As an RN at the VA for over eight years (quit back in 2008), I’ve already seen that trend starting in the Federal medical system.

    I just hope I can manage to use up most of the ammo I’ve been socking away over the last ten years before I check out.

  13. naturegirl Says:

    After the Roberts decision I actually understand the whole ex-pat thought process much better…..maybe I mistakenly thought oh, well, there’s always this or that (check & balance) to consider – now I see there really isn’t much left to protect the people from the monsters, after all…….I wonder if all the best intentions of the preppers in the US will eventually become the confiscated property of the “monarchy,” and no matter how much a person tries to protect themselves, they will be outnumbered – – since the sheeple far outnumber the sensible people, to the point of where they may also fight against the sensible ones (in favor of the “monarchy”)…..

    Actually, I (also) have decided it’s probably a good thing that I’ve lived the majority of my life already and have no qualms about not sticking around to be told what I can or can’t eat, drink, do, where to live – whatever…..

    (It’s not as morbid as that reads, LOL; more of a party hard cuz the end isn’t far down the road)

  14. Terry Says:

    Hi Claire

    After recently settling my 9+ year roadblock civil rights lawsuit:

    …I’m upgrading some of the video equipment in my vehicle. This will free up one of my cameras, a Canon PowerShot A480, I’ve been using on the passenger side window to videotape Border Patrol agents every time I have to go through one of their internal suspicionless checkpoints while doing nothing more than traveling solely within the country to go to and from work.

    What’s nice about the camera is that it will record video for as long as the memory card has room to store the data. As such, it serves as a nice compact video recorder as well as a camera. The only problem I have with it is that the lens doesn’t like to close all the way when the camera is turned off and often times needs a little bit of manual assistance.

    If you’re interested in it, let me know where to send it. I can probably get it out to you in a few weeks time.

  15. Claire Says:

    Terry, thank you for the offer (email sent) and CONGRATULATIONS on settling (and it looks to me like winning) your case against the bastards. I’m sorry, though not surprised, that you weren’t able to get a behavior change out of “the system.” But I understand the odds on that. You sure fought the good fight and fought it well.

  16. Leo Autodidact Says:


    I’m updating the “They go First” list I made when diagnosed with Cancer a couple years ago.

    Turned out NOT to be the terminal version (Myeloma) and a short course of Radiation fried the little bastards.

    However, I’ve still got the list of “those who should predecease me” that I compiled in an “altruistic” moment while awaiting “confirmation” of the diagnosis. I figured I’d leave the world a little better than I found it. And even if you don’t actually apply it, this exercise focuses the mind wonderfully and gives one a clear sense of the possibilities of individual action. After all, if I’m ALREADY under a death sentence, what can they do to me?

  17. Claire Says:

    Hooray for frying the little bastards, Leo Autodidact! Good to have you around for a while longer. Too damn bad it would be so very NOT GOOD to ask you to post a few details of your list. But we can all use our imaginations, I’m sure.

  18. Leo Autodidact Says:

    Agreed, and thanks.

    I’ll just say that the “National” figures are probably too distant and/or well-guarded (on YOUR Nickle, of course) but there are usually plenty of local “Control Freaks” who’s absence would leave things a bit “looser.”

    What’s that slogan tree-huggers used to use, ah yes –

    “Think Globally, ACT Locally”

    After if the little tyrants are “pruned” they won’t become BIG Tyrants.

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