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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for December 5th, 2012

Claire Wolfe

Let’s have a freedomista, blog-supporter, Christmas, other times, and all-round business directory

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

I should have thought of this earlier. I really should have.

But however belatedly, I think it would be great to create a sort of directory here at the blog for the businesses of supporters of Living Freedom. And other freedomistas.

In particular I was thinking about businesses that do national or international shipping and might be good places to go Christmas shopping. But it goes beyond that.

NFI on my part for any of these; I just think having a directory of businesses within our Living Freedom community is a good idea.

Two come to mind immediately:

  • Hi Mountain Seasonings makes those wonderful jerky- and sausage-making kits and ships them all over the world. The Hummels, who own the company, have been staunch supporters of this blog (and of canine rescue efforts) as long as I can remember.
  • The Fudge Factory may be the best-loved chocolate shop in Arkansas. While they don’t have their own website and are primarily a local/tourist business, they will take phone orders (501-624-2190) and ship across the U.S. I can attest to the scrumptiousness of 10 varieties of their handmade fudges (not primal; so sue me). And once again, the owners of this business are supporters of the blog and have helped big-time in dog rescue.

Another long-time reader and supporter has a farm-supply store. But I don’t know whether he does, or wants to do, business beyond his local area. (If you do, R, just speak up!)

And of course there is no bigger supporter of this blog than Backwoods Home magazine. Which has, among other things, a general store. Without BHM, this blog wouldn’t exist, so lordy me, BHM deserves our support and business.

Although old friend of liberty Katherine Albrecht doesn’t own the privacy-enhancing StartPage search engine, she represents the company. Aside from the huge privacy benefits, using StartPage or its European affiliate gives a vote of confidence to Katherine.

I don’t want to leave anybody out! So if you’re a reader and/or supporter of this blog and you have a business (big or small) that could serve a national or international clientele, drop a comment with links or other info.

(Comments with links sometimes don’t get automatically approved, even from regular commentors. So be patient and I’ll keep an eye out for them.)

Claire Wolfe

And another big round of applause to …

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

… the Santas, secret and otherwise, who are making my Christmas (and Ava’s, Robbie’s, and Nadja’s) so merry:

  • To SR for the mmmmm-delicious “flossies” (aka water buffalo penises). And I hasten to add that it’s the furkids’ opinion of “deliciousness” I’m quoting here. Ain’t catchin’ me anywhere near one o’ them things.
  • To WH for the Aqua Blox — which will not only give me an extra-convenient five-year water storage method, but will enable some experimentation with carrying them in vehicles and such.
  • To MH for the delightfully offbeat film Off the Map — the story of an IRS agent who comes to audit an eccentric New Mexico family and who changes and is changed by them. Been wanting that one for quite a while. Also to MH for the very handy Dolphin drinking water pump, which will make those heavy five-gallon jugs easier to deal with.
  • And although these came without a note, I believe Ava, Robbie, and Nadja have MJR to thank for the giant bag of rawhide chips and veddy fawncy EzyDog “Cujo” shock absorbing leash and extension.
  • And — belatedly! — Ardmore gets thanks from the pups and me for even more bag of one of their favorite treats, those great Green Cow rawhide chips.

Once more with wow. And more is on the way.

In fact … two large items haven’t arrived and I’m a little concerned about them. Maybe they’re just slower because of size and weight. But if you are the amazing person who ordered either the Bainbridge stove or the Energizer jump-starter, air-compressor, power-inverter and you know what’s happening with these (or it turns out you need a street address, rather than a P.O. box for delivery), you might get in touch with me.

Or just doublecheck to make sure all is okay with your order. Then you could go ahead and leave me in suspense. Suspense is good this time of year. :-) I just don’t want anybody to think I’ve received some wonderful thing and am neglecting my thank yous.

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