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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for December 18th, 2012

Claire Wolfe

Cathedral of Light

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

And here’s some beauty for you … just because.

(Thank you, A, for the find.)

Claire Wolfe

Free Kindle books from BHM all this week

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I’m a day late discovering this, but as a Christmas present to readers, BHM is giving away “Ask Jackie” Kindle books all this week. A different title each day.

Today it’s Water Bath Canning. Tomorrow Pressure Canning. Thursday Food Storage. Friday Homestead Cooking.

Claire Wolfe

Practical preparedness essential; everybody should have this

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

The first entry in our “Two Weeks of Sanity” was inspirational. Now for the practical. Not just the practical — the essential.

You already know about the DIY Knoppix Thumb Drive Preparedness Project dreamed up by Mark/Greylocke. It puts 600+ preparedness documents at your fingertips — bootable on nearly any USB-capable computer. Carryable in an emergency. Great for a bug-out bag or any prepper stash. The only catch: it’s been a do-it-yourself project (and I confess, beyond the likes of me).

Reader Scott said he’d like to set up a mini-business supplying ready-made KTD drives. And with Greylocke’s cooperation, he’s done it.

Now, for just $10 above the cost of the thumb drive itself, you can get a ready-made bootable drive with vast amounts of preparedness/survival information on it. Just $30. Postpaid. For all that.

Scott’s making one for me right now.

For the few dollars extra, I hope you’ll send some business to Scott. Who went through a lot to set this up. Who has cancer. And who’s a dedicated reader of this blog. Besides, the DIY version is WERK!

Everybody should have one — or two or three — KTDs stashed various places. And how about telling prepper friends and neighbors about them, also?

NFI on my part. And frankly, not all that much FI on Scott’s, considering the amount of work involved.

You want an effective way to fight the bastards? Be ready not to need the bastards.

Claire Wolfe

The real “And Then There Were None”

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Okay, for the first entry in our two weeks of good cheer and pro-freedom usefulness — an oldie but a very goodie.


First, some background. You can skip this if you don’t care and go right to the links at the bottom.

If you were on The Claire Files Forums (now the Mental Militia Forums) seven or eight years ago, you’ll probably still remember the poster known as Shevek.

Shevek was well-liked, widely considered one of the “wise men” of the forums, and is the only person I know with both a noun and a verb created in his honor: to Shevek and Fussitarian. Both have to do with extreme attention to detail.

Shevek eventually took the very sane step of dropping even further out and is rarely heard from these days. However, I tracked him down recently and he’s doing very well.

Among the quiet, detail-oriented projects Shevek’s been working on lo these many years is an accurate online reconstruction of the original Eric Frank Russell story “And Then There Were None.” He says that the copy I’ve linked to before isn’t The One. (The story was originally published in the June 1951 edition of Astounding Science Fiction and later included, revised, as an episode in Russell’s novel, The Great Explosion.)

That’s the background.


Shevek now offers the one, the only, the original “And Then There Were None.” With considerable attention to getting it right, you can be sure.

It’s a great story — and great inspiration for freedomistas and tyranny-resisters everywhere. Sure, it’s “only” fiction. Sure, our government is much more savage than the bunch of galactic tax collectors who land on the planet of the peaceful, anarchist Gands in Russell’s tale. Still. When spirits are down, here’s something to lift them. Hallelujah for how things could be done.

I have no idea of the copyright status of the story (though versions have been online quite a while and if there’s an Eric Frank Russell estate, they don’t seem anxious to kill ATTWN’s free Netly presence). Though I’m pro-author as everybody knows, I don’t think anything written in 1951 by a man now long-dead should be protected from copying. And Shevek urges anybody who wants it to download his .pdf. Feel free to mirror it, also, with credit and a link back.

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