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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for January 2nd, 2013

Claire Wolfe

And now for the bad news

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

I pledged two weeks of good news. Are the two weeks up yet? Because I’ve been trying to resist saying something about the real crap that’s going on.

Joel called it “Feinstein’s … Intolerable Act.” (The originals via Wikipedia.)

Just two days ago, Mas Ayoob frothed about it. He made excellent points about the “unintended” intended consequences of Feinstein’s proposal.

Even Pravda, freavensake, knows we shouldn’t put up with such.

And while it’s too early to panic (it’s always too early to panic; in any case, Feinstein’s evil dream isn’t likely to see daylight unless Rs and Ds connive in Brady-type chicanery), obviously we all need to brace for pushing back against this.

And we will.

The two most obviously to-be-feared moves right now are our innocent semi-auto firearms being turned into NFA weapons and (not in Feinstein’s description of her bill, but wait) making private firearm transfers illegal.

And yes, other things they’ll do via surprise. U.N. treaties, reloading bans, ammo restrictions.

All of which we will ignore or go around or overtly defy.

Did you read J.D. Tuccille’s superb article on worldwide resistance to gun laws? I linked to it on a slow day. I expect quite a few people missed it. Read it please. Or read it again.

Of course, even before politicians squeeze new laws out of their smelliest orifices, Americans are already resisting — just as Australians and Canadians and canny Brits have already resisted their own recent anti-gun laws. Every report says gun stores are emptied of anything that politicians might consider an “assault weapon.” Ammo, scarce for years, just got scarcer. And soon hundreds of thousands of guns will be going into the ground — and millions more won’t go anywhere.

I’m not implying I think a shooting war will start over this. I half wish it, entirely doubt it. I expect, if they pass some major portion of these proposed laws, the main immediate result will be that millions of us will just go from committing Harvey Silverglate’s “three felonies a day” to committing five or six. Or who knows? maybe 10 or 13. And most won’t even know they’re doing it. (“What? You mean it’s a felony to have a 13-round magazine, but okay to have a 10? And you’ll put me in prison for years for the difference? Are you nuts?”)

It all feels wearying. But necessary. My momma didn’t raise me to be a “gun gangster.” Did yours? No, I didn’t think so. We were born and raised to be classic “good citizens.” But there it is.

No more freedom gets surrendered.

During the time of the Clinton gun bans, you sometimes heard people saying they wished DiFi, Schumer, and their ilk would be strangled with seatbelts or meet other poetic, anything-but-a-gun fates. Wonder how long before we’ll be hearing it again.

I wonder so many things about these professional law spewers. Surely they’re not so deluded that they actually believe that making something illegal makes it go away. Surely they know what would happen if they tell millions of us we have to pay a $200 tax on our own property, get the government’s permission to own it, and allow ATF goons to enter and inspect our homes any time they wish.

Someone seriously needs to examine the brains of people who live in such terror of We the People that they surround themselves with armed bodyguards — then spew laws guaranteed to create chaos and provoke our hatred.

I have lots more thoughts on this (as I’m sure you do, too). But right now, I can only think them, not say them. So sorry. This is raw and rough and unfinished and less than brilliant. But we all know there’s much to do.

Either this liberty-grabbing nonsense must be ended — or things won’t end well.

And I think, no matter how events unfold, that this time the bad ending should fall on somebody other than us.

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