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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for January 7th, 2013

Claire Wolfe

Ironies from North Carolina;
new gun-rights link on the blogroll

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Two from North Carolina:

Vehemently anti-gun state senator (they have those even down south, apparently) shoots an intruder. How many times can these self-righteous hypocrites get away with this kind of thing before slinking away into the murk from which they’ve barely emerged? (H/T G for the link.) (NOTE: LarryA caught that this is actually an old story. But the follow-up (link in the comments) is quite interesting.)

Gun center gets overwhelmed after it offers free training to teachers.


Thanks to jed, I’ve added Bob Owens’ blog to the blogroll under Self-Defense Rights.

That’s one powerful voice. I fear he’s a little too optimistic about Americans’ willingness to take a stand. But boy, does he say what he says with a wallop.

Claire Wolfe

Time’s Up!

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Want to see something pretty amazing?



The emblem, of course, is the DullHawk flag, made by a man very familiar hereabouts. I’m the proud possessor of a full-size version. You can get various sizes of the flag and a pretty cool tee shirt from Kent “DullHawk” McManigal himself. NFI on my part, but wouldn’t it be great really to see it everywhere? And hear that buzzing?

I’m going to add links to it to today’s earlier post where I talk about time. Should have thought to do that in the first place.

Claire Wolfe

Raising the black flag and …

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Okay, she says, speaking metaphorically but with steely determination, dagger between teeth. That was a nice, long break. But now it’s time to raise the black flag and commence to slitting throats.


I see discouragement all ’round. Certainty of economic doom. Fear that we’re about to lose our gun rights. Rumors of Obama preparing to grab a third term (rumors not eased by sudden cawing from the chattering classes that we should just dump that old Constitution thingie because it keeps the gummint from doing everything on its wish list*). Dread of the looming Obamacare regime. And on and on.

The kleptocrats are taking their share now. Whatever happens, we’re going to have to work with their leavings. And clearly, however they have to achieve it, they do not intend to leave We the Peasants armed.

In the days I haven’t been blogging (thanks for your patience), I’ve been running a few scenarios through my head.

One involves me and a bunch of other silver hairs — along with young mothers, persons of color, and vulnerable children — standing up to the DiFis of the world and shouting en masse, Molon labe!. You white, middle-aged guys can stay home for this one because if you show up, you’re the only ones they’ll focus the cameras on. You know that’s true, don’t you?

The other scenario … involves getting the hell out. Just walking away and leaving what’s left of this country to those who are running it into the ground. No fuss, no muss, no drama.

I know. That’s “unpatriotic.” Somebody is sure to say so. And others always say (and this I do understand), “I’m not giving up my country!

And I do understand, I really do. Because I’ve felt the same. But is this your country any more? Do you recognize it? Can you claim allegiance to a land whose rulers slaughter at will, spy on anyone, lock people up without trial, try incessantly to take your firearms, and believe that “freedom” is slavery, “peace” is war, and a centrally managed economy is a “free market”?

Recently a friend wrote, “America is over. All we can do now is to look out for ourselves and hope it doesn’t get really bad until after we die.”

Though I “shrugged” long ago, I still can’t go as far as he has. Not yet. And frankly I don’t believe he really means it. He’s got a brand new grandson and another grandbaby on the way; he’s not going to stand quietly by and watch the world around them turn to centrally managed, broke, subservient, disarmed sh*t. He’s not going to have his grandbabies grow up to humbly tug their forelocks any time Authority parades by.

But what is he going to do? What’s he going to do to prevent that?


I will say this: If DiFi’s proposed gun ban or anything even remotely like it passes — for instance if private sales are banned or we’re ordered to get government permission to own firearms … well, it will be time.

And you know exactly what time I mean.


But no time is just one time.

It will also be time to make our rulers’ lives miserable in more mundane ways. They should never have a moment’s peace until they get out of our way and freedom’s way.

It will also be time to step up every possible form of resistance.


In fact, with or without a new gun ban, we face stark choices. For anyone who loves freedom and stays in the U.S., life becomes a continuous act of resistance.

Some of us have chosen, and will continue to choose, to avoid “them.” To go around the stupid laws and restrictions. To treat Authority and its works with the scorn they deserve.

But they’re making quiet resistance — creative disregard — harder every day.

Oh, there will always, always be room for Outlaws. In fact, in the world they’re creating, there will be more Outlaws (and small-o outlaws) than good citizens. Heck, what am I saying? There already are.

But Outlawry in the future will have to become a more active occupation. It will be more dangerous and require more toughness and determination.

The years ahead ain’t gonna be a time for sissies.

The years ahead are going to be time for hard choices.

You say you want to stay and take your country back? Okay. But face what that’s going to mean. Face exactly what that’s going to mean.


It’s funny; we Americans look back at the ancestors who came here and we’re so proud of them. We boast of their conviction, their gumption, their initiative.

Nobody looks back and says, “My dissenter ancestors should have stayed in England and fought for their freedom of religion.” Nobody says, “My Irish ancestors should have figured out how to keep the Brits from starving them out of their own country.” Nobody says, “My Jewish ancestors were cowards for leaving Russia during the pogroms. They should have stayed and fought back!”

No, we’re all glad they left.

Not only that, we condemn those who failed to leave their countries when things got dangerous for them. One of the chief similes of our time for freedomistas is that we’re like Jews in Germany circa 1938.

But of course, we’re equally proud of our ancestors who did fight back — when they won. Or when they died noble and notable deaths.

We don’t much care about the sad sacks who just stayed and took whatever tyrants dished out, no matter how boldly they may have talked.


*I’m sure it’s news to most of us if the Constitution still prevents government from doing anything it wants. But that ban on third terms does appear to be one of the few remaining scraps left of that old document, doesn’t it? FWIW, I don’t see any evidence Obama plans a third-term grab. That claim’s been made before, about other presidents. Still … The Bill of Rights is gone. Habeas corpus is gone. There’s not much left to get rid of.

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