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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Weekend links and pix

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Finally, take THAT, DiFi! And all your state-level statist ilk.


Source. And another H/T, this time to Carl-Bear.

15 Responses to “Weekend links and pix”

  1. Mic Says:

    I truly admire Magpul for taking this stand. The first to do it was LaRue Tactical in Texas than Olympic Arms came out and now Magpul taking this very big step. Let’s see if it has the intended effect or if the political idiots in CO would rather have gun control than jobs. I am predicting they will take the former rather than the later.

  2. Jim B. Says:

    Don’t know how good the resourses of this article is, but it is disturbing but not surprising.

  3. jed Says:

    There are many people putting up a good fight in CO, but the state political machine is controlled by the Dems, who seem hell-bent to ‘do something’. CO is getting Californicated. It’s similar to the country as a whole, as the lefty large metro area populations have become politically dominant, leaving the conservatives with a much smaller voice — especially as misrepresented by the media. My friend Publicola is keeping up with this. It’s sounding to me like a pretty much party-line thing, with the Dems determined to not let a good crisis to to waste.

    I take lots of measures to combat web stalking. And I have friends who still give me a ration over not being on Facebook.

    There’s so much free info online. I just ran across, and don’t forget that (famous for the Wayback Machine) has a huge trove of publications. One thing I wish I could get going is for my circle of friends to get more tech savvy, and organize a download effort, with some mechanism for sharing it among ourselves, maybe with a private torrent network. I dunno — can’t get them to even connect to my Wiki yet. Sigh.

    I look forward to a review of that book. I hope it covers using such things as Mountain House / Wise meals. My food prep stuff is all grocery-store canned and dried goods and Mountain House.

    Saw that kittie pic on the Cheezburger network with a different caption. Funny. I like the part about ‘her heirs’.

  4. Paul Bonneau Says:

    Every state has districts that are safe for gun grabbers. Missouri has St. Louis. Just because the legiscritters from those areas decide to demagogue guns, does not mean anything is going to happen. It could all be nothing but posturing.

    Keep in mind that gun prohibitionists need to live somewhere too. There should be a few states with draconian gun laws, just to show the rest how intolerable life gets without RKBA. The pro-gun people, if they have any sense, move out of those states and reinforce the good states.

  5. naturegirl Says:

    “CO is getting Californicated” that is so true, Jed. It’s heartbreaking because it’s such a beautiful place, scenery wise. But yeah, they’re everywhere now, and doing the same things in all of the states they land in.

  6. Kent McManigal Says:

    When I lived in Colorado, no one I knew paid any attention to the “laws” Denver passed. They could have banned everything, but unless Denver was willing to sent its own agents and enforcers all over the state, its edicts were empty vapors. Now, I hated going to Denver and considered it enemy territory, but back at home it was a totally different, mostly free, world.

  7. Jim B. Says:

    Hey Kent,

    Any chance you guys could get Denver to spin itself off as a different country.

    : D

  8. Richard Says:

    Cats being furry libertarians don’t even acknowledge Feinstein’s existence.

  9. Kent McManigal Says:

    Jim B, Denver *is* a whole different country. It isn’t Colorado at all.

  10. jed Says:

    Well, of course Durango, Cortez, Grand Junction, etc., don’t pay much attention to Denver’s laws. There’s no jurisdiction. State law is another matter. And if I had a way to remove the lefty influence from the state, well, that’d sure be nice. But people such as DeGette aren’t going anywhere. 1 know of 2 cities, Ft. Collins and Lakewood, buying into the UN’s Agenda 21 model. The progressive agenda is seeping into lots of places. And I have to admit that it’s not just the progressive types. I know someone who is opposed to the Agenda 21 stuff, but totally fine with more traditional zoning rules. Well, either way, it’s a control thing.

    But more to the point, localized exceptions to the contrary, Colorado is turning into Azul.

  11. Jim B. Says:

    Sounds like you guys need to get the rest of Colorado seceded from those places. Maybe get the mountainous parts of western Colorado separated from the eastern portions.

  12. Pre-press veteran Says:

    Well, if my right to “choice” over my body’s ability to reproduce is so blessed important…

    my right to “choice” in how I keep my body alive TO reproduce oughta matter just as much if not more. And if I feel I need an AR (or 300 blackout) with 30 round magazines that’s my RIGHT and my CHOICE.

    If it’s how I intend to defend my family… ditto. For all the talk of marches on capitols… I think it would make a bigger statement for all the soccer moms and grandmas like me… to do this.

    Ya can’t have it both ways.

  13. Samuel Adams Says:

    Those who thin Colorado is bad don’t know how bad California is. I’ve lived there, and I found this a shock.

  14. Kent McManigal Says:

    Jed- “Well, of course Durango, Cortez, Grand Junction, etc., don’t pay much attention to Denver’s laws. There’s no jurisdiction. State law is another matter.

    “State law” comes from Denver and was considered “Denver’s laws”. It’s just the way we thought of it.

  15. Logan Fyfe Says:

    Hunting and firearms are a pretty big deal in MO. The MO Department of Conservation maintains shooting ranges and publishes a monthly magazine often featuring gun articles. I do not think this idiotic legislation has much chance of passing.
    After affording the demos proper Constitutional “due process”, if their crimes carry the death penalty, the MODOC ranges will come in handy.

    My local gun shop now has .223 and 30 round magazines. I bought another felony count today.

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